ABROAD vs JAPAN: WHAT is FAST FOOD really like? Foreigners in Japan on Japanese food

ABROAD vs JAPAN: WHAT is FAST FOOD really like? Foreigners in Japan on Japanese food

I’m a big fan of Matsuya because it’s cheap and it’s so good that’s about the same yeah just I mean what we got to like we got like a Big Mac and that’s this is the same everywhere yeah what doesn’t taste the same as the ketchup and the sauces hey guys and gals it’s cat the cat from Tokyo are not Japanese okay that just happened so how guys fast food in Japan compared to fast food in your country how is it different we went and asked foreigners in Japan the same questions so let’s go and ask foreigners in Japan also don’t forget hit the subscribe button and click on the notifications about let’s go and ask lucky we’re talking about fast food and this time we are gonna ask is Japanese fast through different from back home in France yes or no Japanese fast food is very different tell us and all the things are different in France like fast food on the McDonald’s or Burger King oh this kind of stuff or maybe kebab but here you have like fast food for everything you can go to remain you can have some cuts udon in fast food you can have like traditional McDonald’s Burger King’s but you can also find like fast food for Indian food or for Chinese food like there’s such a large variety and it’s associate chief but what’s one of your favorite Japanese fast food types it’s the Gildan change like I’m a big fan of Matsuya because it’s cheap and it’s so good I’m a big fan of Matsuya because it’s cheap and it’s so good first thought it was a restaurant in time all my friend said no no no Matsuya is fast food I mean obviously it gets like done in what three minutes so what do you like about motsi yeah I think they have the best view done in Japan like I’ve been to Yoshino yeah I’ve been to all other brands but I think Matsui is the best cuter and I love you done so yes and then get get the free miso soup with it yes and it’s so warm like in winter it’s so nice also do you sometimes change the flavors of what kind of things you put on topping like toppings or anything yes my favorite one is like roll egg because I love eggs but I also like putting kimchi because it’s so nice Oh guys it’s something you might want to try when you come to Japan like you can get a ham like a burger from McDonald’s and just leave it on a table it’ll just look you shouldn’t eat it but it will look the same so the preservatives that are pumped into the food in America versus here where everything is fresh and like you can just taste how it’s not too it hasn’t been packaged and sitting there for months so in convenience stores we have great food in America but convenience stores really rely on preservatives fast we go oh I’m sorry fast fast foods the same way same way yeah so like the you know it’s all very prepackaged they you know they don’t there’s not a lot of creativity to it and here everything is so creative so you think the apostrophe and Japan is like fresher and healthier yeah yeah without a doubt but the menu is a lot smaller I feel like in America there’s a million things you can order in a McDonald’s we’re here there’s like five things variety that’s variety but you know McDonald’s in America there’s some good one there’s some good we have in and out burger in the one on the west coast that’s very popular that’s great fast food that’s from America it’s fast food here in Japan different compared to back in New York yes or no depends on the place McDonald’s was the same shrimp for example Arab but otherwise McDonald’s tasted exactly the same when these tasted exactly the same we were actually very surprised I’m surprised so it did taste the same tested about the same yeah just I mean well we got to like we got like a Big Mac and that’s the same everywhere yeah what doesn’t taste the same as the ketchup and the sauces but other than that that mean tastes exactly the same no Japanese people see say that the the burgers are so big in America when they go to America and but is other sizes different those are about the same the exact same burger they get in McDonald’s here or there yeah well that’s the interior any different or this the way the staff treats you cooker was faster here yeah so we got our food very very quickly and I think that some of the mcdonald’s and some of the other places we’ve been to so far some of them have sort of like artwork and num in the interior so that’s a little bit different but the same yeah so i’d like you to compare fast food in italy with fast food in japan what is different it might be the size the staff the restaurant the decoration so kind they’re not kind in italy so you see the price is very different you say how much is fast food on average in italy and compared to the ramen you had yesterday now we have in italy there ramen some place with Japanese food really not real what you mean how different is it to Italian food modify to eat for Italian okay in Japan is very different it’s spice is very bad matter job is better anything different when you go and comparing a Italian restaurant maybe to a Japanese restaurant now that you’ve been here I was more maybe the restaurant here where the very little tables only for for prayer person and it’s quite a different in Italy it’s a more long for more people so everyone can sit together it’s more I am it’s a bigger and stay together we have a lot of people 1015 people it’s very different the culture I think that the people here stay very in a small group maybe near the table alone with the ones seat and you stay and eat alone counter seats yes the country sees and here and it doesn’t exist okay you don’t eat alone much in Italy obviously not very it’s very strange eating in Italy is a social thing like people come together so you’ve been here a couple of times who says Japanese passport is different what exactly is different like you said like the yakitori you mean my late-night ramen you can get ramen at 3:00 a.m. after you finish buddy it’s like the kebab of Australia if you were partying until 3:00 a.m. in Australia you get what do you work would you prefer at 3:00 a.m. would it be the kebab or would it be the ramen ball I usually get a pie in Australia but yeah like that ramen it depends like I like the light not Roman when I’m here no we have the same brains KFC Magoo and also a smaller similar but the food who is proposed inside you have we have some particularities here is the teppanyaki burger for example it’s funny it’s a particular test you have to try and after deepen of your taste Street food and that we don’t have more it’s the same in France is different we have more sandwiches with baguette for example and you can’t found it in the battery and here we don’t have the bread is missing for us miss Brett tip and how about you you’ve been now several times do you think the fast food is different yes oh no no not really just the price the price is very low here it’s cheaper too it’s fast food here than in Europe but for me the taste are the same but when I come to Japan I don’t go often to the for example compare McDonald’s back in France and comparing McDonald’s here is anything different the interior the inside of the restaurant the way the staff treat you is there anything different yes is different the stuff is very organized ate they go faster than us I think and it’s open more time we found the 24 hours opening for fast food we don’t have in France the earlier you can found it maybe one in a district that’s until two three o’clock in the morning and I’ve told you have to wait six or seven o clock here’s 24 hours fast food it’s crazy that’s really crazy I think that the staff is much more polite than in France and its really really cleaner than in friends – yeah really are we good good those were all the questions thank you so much fast food in Japan compared to fast food in Germany in this case would be we have the big chains that usually come over from America and then other types of fast food is we have a lot of very tasty kip-up I spoke with a Turkish kpop plays owner and villain and he said the best came up and the world was actually made in bullet according to him Japanese past what I am enjoying a lot is viewed on which is a bowl of rice that has just beef on top of it and it’s just tasty and it can eat it quickly and it’s cheap and it just are steaming hot sand so good so good guys so what is your favorite type of Japanese fast food let me know in the comments down below if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and if you film with us tick on the notification symbol more stuff from Japan coming out too soon more so from Japan coming out to you soon and I hope you have a great day [Music] you [Music] you

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  1. なんだかんだで、日本のファーストフードといえば牛丼なのかな。

  2. 最初の人、日本語が普通に話せるのでは?日本語の発音がかなりはっきりしている。✨😅

  3. I've heard many people who've gone overseas complain about the flavor of ketchup in other countries. Most people in America prefer Heinz ketchup or other kinds that are very similar to it. Also, the American fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King are said to have at least some overlap in menus so that anyone traveling can always find something they like at one of their stores, and can order it easily. I was kind of hoping that someone would mention MOS burger in one of these videos, because someone suggested it to me for an upcoming trip to Japan and I do wonder how other foreigners feel about it.

  4. Myself I really enjoyed steamed buns while in Japan, In Poland I rarely eat fast food, instead going to "milk bars"("home food").
    Prices in Japan(for fast food) were higher than in Poland but it's to be expected considering the wages.

  5. The first girl who was talking is a French YouTuber , she does videos about Japan and is very interesting . Love .

  6. Whenever you come back to USA, try the ramen restaurants.
    I am curious how these compare to Japanese ramen, in terms of flavor and cost.
    My opinion is that American ramen beats that of Japanese. We have more flavors and better ingredients.

  7. 7:40
    バゲットサンド 東京 で検索すると、あるにはあるみたいですね

  8. なんかマンネリかな?街頭インタビューもそろそろネタ切れじゃないですか?

  9. Cathycatむちゃむちゃ可愛い。大好き!

    I like Cathycat!
    She is so cute,Very very Kawaii😊 I envy you.
    ( *˘ ³˘)♡♡♡

  10. very Clear Picture. Your camera is good. We can see the details of each faces, Its fun to check if they are talking (The Real ?) www

  11. To the woman at 2:40: I don't think you understand how preservatives work. (1) Preservatives are not inherently unnatural or dangerous; even salt can be a preservative. They just extend the shelf life of food, most with little to no impact on health besides, you know, letting you not eat moldy food. (2) You cannot leave a burger from McDonald's on the table for very long and expect it to look the same; at least, not moreso than any other burger. That internet meme was just that: a meme. It was totally fake and has been debunked over and over. Please don't believe everything you see online just because you feel like naturalism is superior to technology. And then, after all the bashing of McDonald's for being unhealthy, you praise In-n-Out… you do realize they're equally unhealthy for you, right? And it's not because of the preservatives, it's just because of the sheer amount of calories. THAT is what makes fast food unhealthy, not "artificiality".

  12. ジャパニーズファーストフードの元祖はそば、うどんなんだけどなw

  13. タトゥーをしている人が、保存料は身体に悪いって?身体に墨入れてる方が毒やん!(笑)

  14. 松屋は甘過ぎるし肉の量が少なすぎるね、オイラは吉野家が好き❗。

  15. I had McDonald's in China. American McDonald's is gross as shit and I hate it. Chinese McDonald's was freaking delicious. KFC tasted the same. Chinese Pizza Hut was amazing. I hate American Pizza Hut, but Chinese Pizza Hut was so delicious and it seemed to be a hot spot for dates. There were a lot of couples there. And it was a sit-down restaurant with a big menu and interesting specialty pizzas. I had one that had crab and shrimp as the toppings and it was one of the best pizzas I ever had. I miss it so much.

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