#9 DIML: Out & About in Nashville! Food, Drinks & Spring Shopping! [CC]

#9 DIML: Out & About in Nashville! Food, Drinks & Spring Shopping! [CC]

So as you know if you’ve seen my recent
videos or you’ve been following me on Instagram, I threw my neck out..actually
twice last month but recently threw it out for about a week and I spent a lot
of time indoors and after about a week. I was going stir-crazy so when I was
invited to go hang out with my sister and my sister’s sister-in-law who I
actually feel like it’s kind of my sister-in-law too and one of my
childhood friends Aubree, I kind of jumped at the chance. I love these girls!
I’m just gonna bring you along for everything in my day, my food, my drinks,
the weather, my outfits, all that jazz. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs
up if you do like it. It lets me know what videos you like and it also helps
to grow our community so with that being said let’s hop right in!! So of course the top of every day starts
with some iced tea. I know I show this all the time but I get so many comments
from you guys like encouraging me I was gonna say egging me on…
that’s not the right terminology..
encouraging me to keep showing all of these little daily tasks
because I think there is something so beautiful in these repetitive daily
tasks that bring you joy and if you approach them with the right eyes you
can really see them as a blessing and something to look forward to each day.
Also side note, I thought it was so funny that the strainer was going like right
over Shayna’s head. So this is when Shayna came to pick me up, I had to make my tea
to bring on our little girls trip so I did that while she patiently waited.
Then we made our way oh I made her film this outfit footage with me yes I’m
moving my head like a robot because my neck is recovering but I told her I’m
like ‘you look so cute! Please be in my video and let me show them your outfit’ Shayna has such a cute little bohemian style and you know I want to be like
Shayna when I grow up so and then on this day I was wearing a beanie I didn’t
want to do makeup on the top half of my face true story and I didn’t want to do
my hair so I wore a beanie I wore my Always More Sherpa that I’ve
been getting so many questions about I will link that and then my comfy
leggings and my Doc Martens which I am obsessed with. I got them last year at
Nordstrom Rack and I love them. There was definitely little mini storms brewing
when we left the house and I made Dan get this footage of us driving away I
feel like I’m probably yelling something rude. I don’t know (laughing) {Music playing} yes I did set my camera down to get this
shot don’t judge me then Shayna and I happily walked in to
our favorite restaurant right now in all of Nashville..Bar Taco! Bar Taco is
actually a chain here in like the south and the East Coast and it is like I call
it bougie Mexican food it is so good Look how cute the girls are! Both of them
are so cute honestly this whole little crew they’re just all like bohemian
princesses. It’s hard to decide my favorite thing at bar taco but their
tacos really are one of them which that says a lot because a lot of Mexican food
I’m mostly a fan of like the dips and sometimes the tacos fall short
especially because I eat vegetarian most of the time the tacos at bar taco are
absolutely incredible mouth-wateringly good then Amanda pulled out her thieves
hand sanitizer and we passed that around to use to get rid of that Mexican smell
that you love when you’re eating but you don’t really want lingering afterwards.
Oh and I purposefully had Amanda lift her arm because I thought that her
floral tattoo was so cool aesthetics yes Amanda and so many of you guys comment
about my roadkill jams necklace and Amanda actually has I was gonna say she
has one too she has like five. Amanda pretty much
started the obsession for everyone and then yes there’s Shayna and I posing on
this fine afternoon. {Music playing} Then we decided to make our way over to
the Green Hills Mall here in Nashville. Just to kind of walk around while it was
raining and I just didn’t want to go home yeah I was so excited to finally be
out of the house! Of course three bohemian princesses have to stop at free people while they’re at the mall. {Music Playing} So we just kind of looked around, tried a
couple of things on. I did end up getting this pair of green cargo pants that I
thought would be so cool for spring summer and even fall and they were like
60% off. So after Free People Shayna wanted to stop by Sephora to pick up
some bronzer so we just kind of hung out in the store, played around with some
makeup and played around with their little I don’t know like digital makeup
applier which you know no offense to all of the makeup tech stuff but it’s pretty
funny (laughter) and then Shayna ended up getting the
hoola bronzer by benefit because it’s both of our favorite bronzers actually-fun fact. Oh and I saw this sign when I was checking out and I actually had it
in my purse. This brands lip balm has been my favorite since I was like 15 and
then we made our way to a store called ‘altered state’. I had never heard of it
and look at how cute the decor was! I thought it was just very whimsical and
sweet and the whole store was just full of like fun kind of bohemian, kind of
preppy and often like faith inspired messages like things on pillows and
signs and I thought that this sign was hilarious. I’m feeling this so deep in my
soul right now and I’m not even a parent yet. Soo.. (laughter) {Music playing} I tried on this top I debated getting it.
Don’t ask me why I rubbed my arm but I decided not to. I actually bought a
couple things online recently and I just said “you know what Nikki? No! Self
restraint” {Music Playing} Bye Shayna Bye! (Laughter) So once I got home, you know I have to do
a little welcome-home stretching and hanging with Bowser and Zoe they always
welcomed me home with so much enthusiasm it just like makes me so happy
and then I made my way upstairs to check on my Tower Gardens. I actually worked on
my Tower Gardens for a little bit this day just kind of like cleaning off the
edges and then after my body was actually pretty sore this was like a big
day out for me considering I had been in bed for like a week so I decided to turn
on the bath while Zoe hung out with me and I took a late afternoon soak before
I crawled into bed to kind of lay down and let my back rest again. Zoe is my little companion. She joins
me everywhere. I decided to turn on my diffuser and I filled it with a couple
of drops of blue tansy, citrus fresh and lavender. and then we pretty much just hung out,
while yes you guessed it, I watched a couple of episodes of Little House on
the Prairie By the way I’ve mentioned CBD so many
times lately but I decided to drink this orange elderflower CBD drink from GTS if
you recognize the name GTS they make a really popular line of kombucha that I
love and then I was also using my CBD Lux inhaler people ask me a lot about
how I manage my pain and this is one of the things that I do day to day. I’m a big believer in higher dose vitamin C in general at least for myself I’m not a
doctor but especially when I’m healing from
things now one nice thing is when I am stuck in
bed or even if I’m not I just I love staying in touch with people via voice
messages. Do any of you guys do that with your friends like send each other long
voice messages in text form? I think it’s like such a fun alternative to actual
conversation if someone’s busy because you can still tell full-on stories and
really like go more into depth than text messaging. Shout-out to you, Emily, for
being one of my favorite voice messaging partners so at this point I actually
wasn’t very hungry because I had so much food at bar taco but I did want some
snacks so I threw in some Alexia onion rings into the oven and then once they
were done cooking I threw a couple things on the side some organic ketchup
with some sriracha kind of dropped in the middle and then some organic yellow
mustard and then I pulled out a couple of Grillo’s pickles to go on the side as
well. Of course gotta round it out with those blueberries. Health goals guys!
Onion rings and blueberries I brought down my CBD orange drink so I recycled
that oh and once again look at that washing my produce. I hope everyone is
giving me a round of applause. And that was my very odd snack dinner situation
so that brings us to the end of this video guys. Thank you so much for coming back to my channel and watching my videos and giving me support it means so
much and like always if you’ve made it to the end of this video be sure to
check out my info box because I do what I lovingly referred to as ‘semi secret
not-so-secret giveaways’ So check that out! Oh and don’t
forget to give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it I appreciate you so
much and I will see you guys hopefully back here soon with another new video

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