7 Super CHEAP Things in Mexico! | Living in Mexico

7 Super CHEAP Things in Mexico! | Living in Mexico

I love Mexico me too actually anyway this is Paul an English guy showing you Mexico through my eyes today I’m going to talk about products and services in Mexico that are really cheap now to be clear I’ll be sharing with you some things that are pretty much cheap for most people in Mexico but I’ll also talk about some things that are especially cheap if you are from a country like the United States where your average salary is higher and you come into Mexico looking for a good deal [Music] and the first thing that it’s really cheap to buy in Mexico is over-the-counter and prescribed drugs by the way if you’re wondering that’s dr. sim eBay me he’s a mascot for one of the chain pharmacies here in Mexico pharmacist simulators and he’s a bit of a cheeky one and why semi ladders similar in English well that’s because many pharmacies in Mexico like the one behind me sell generic drugs that are the same as the original brand but a lot cheaper and there are lots of these kind of pharmacies in Mexico or marketing themselves as where you can save money I just chose this pharmacy because well dr. semi he’s a bit of a laugh and as many of you know over-the-counter and prescribed drugs are a lot cheaper in Mexico that in countries like the United States now I’m not going to go in-depth into this because it’s a complicated topic government regulations etc that I don’t claim to know a lot about but what I do know is that loads of people from places like the US take special trips across the border to get their cheap medication and the savings can be massive now like with anything in life there are pros and cons to good deals but if you do your homework over-the-counter and prescribe drugs in Mexico are much cheaper and you can save a lot by the way look what dr. semi gave me some lollipops aren’t ia lucky boy but then he said to me man to man hey you seem like a big boy like me and he slipped me a packet of these doctor semi branded grape flavored candy oh actually dirty doctor semi [Music] and the next thing that is really cheap in Mexico is local public transport within Mexican cities and towns and behind me here is what is called the Metro bus and one journey no matter how far you go costs six pesos which is about 30 cents in US dollars the Mexico City underground the Metro costs five pesos which is about 25 US cents again it’s the same price no matter how far you are going regular buses and micro buses those crazy little buses often with crazy drivers cost between five to nine pesos sometimes more as they change the price based on distance but the point I’m making is that it’s affordable and cheap for anyone but I will say some Mexicans do complain if prices go up by even one peso because many people commute on two maybe even three forms of public transport just to get to work also issues like overcrowding and security is a nuisance so although it’s cheap you do get what you pay for and talking about transport in Mexico if you come from countries like the United States you will love the cheap prices of taxi apps like uber and DD for regular Mexicans ok the price is normal for a taxi whatever but if you’re used to US prices after sitting in an uber for 45 minutes traveling across Mexico City through all the traffic and then you look at your phone and it costs like eight dollars you’ll just feel so good because you feel like you’ve got a great deal [Music] true Mexico subscribers now I love to support these fruit from a car vendors and we are in a season with one of my favorite Mexican fruits this I got myself a bag of two nuts the fruit from the nopal cactus and I’ve heard these things are often known as prickly pears in English what a disgrace they’re nothing like pears they are tunas oh yeah I find it by so refreshing and I just love how juicy these things are love them and the next thing that is really cheap in Mexico is hotels but not normal hotels I’m talking about hotels we’re paying for just four hours is also an option you might just need a power sleep right so in all seriousness let me explain Mexico has an abundance of specialists hotels which are used by couples for birds and the bees action to the max that sometimes called garage hotels or motels or confusingly just hotel but one sure sign is trees and hedges directly outside the entrance for privacy and by the way I know what some of you are thinking that trio didn’t go into the hotel they were just office workers heading for lunch okay and really they didn’t just to be clear anyway what’s interesting about these places is that they are much cheaper than what a regular hotel charges for the same standard of room and of course there are different levels from budget to luxurious but if you compare the same standard of room between both the birds and the bees hotels are a lot cheaper than the normal ones and yes some of these places you’ll definitely want to avoid see the characters prostitution dodgy areas doctor semi getting up to dirty mischief but if you do your research not all are like that in fact many of these hotels also function as a regular hotel they are well managed modern and offer really nice rooms the place behind me here is right by the touristy Condesa area and only costs and ninety pesos per night about nineteen US dollars and look at it nice big bed TV modern fast Wi-Fi it looks okay now you wouldn’t stay here for your weeks holiday in Mexico with your family but if you’re on a budget and traveling around this place is fine for a few nights it’s not for everyone I know but with these birds and the bees action to the max hotels if you do your research have some deep inside local knowledge and you are feeling a bit adventurous you can find yourself some amazing deals [Music] definitely dress to my pleasing my kind of girl anyway I’m just walking past a few fancy dress shops here fancy dress not just for parties I might add anyway as always thank you to anyone who has ever translated a true Mexico video you are all legends and if anyone can translate this video into Spanish the link is below next up let’s talk about two similar things that are really cheap in Mexico compared to countries like the u.s. dentistry and other medical procedures so first dentistry now for your regular person here are an average Mexican salary obviously they aren’t getting too excited about how cheap the dentist is in Mexico it’s just normal for them but for foreigners from countries where a trip to the dentist cost way more Mexico offers fantastic deals and dental tourism to Mexico has become big business with loads of companies offering dental vacations and like you would do visiting health services in your home country do your research do your homework and you’ll be getting top rate dental work at a fraction of the cost according to the data you save between 50 and 70 percent comparing us to Mexican prices next medical procedures like dentistry medical tourism has become big business in Mexico with people from countries like the United States come in here for treatment at private Mexican hospitals to save loads of money and there are a lot of US companies offering medical packages and services to Mexico in a Newsweek article from this year patients Without Borders an organization advocating for medical travel said that as many as 800,000 to 1 million US citizens make the trip from the u.s. to Mexico for affordable treatment each year now I’m pretty sure it’s not all pink and rosy there will be negatives as well as positives to fly into another country for a medical procedure but more so sure there are a lot of people out there who are open-minded did their due diligence did their homework and got world-class medical treatment in Mexico at a fraction of the cost they would have paid in the home country [Music] Mexican Independence Day coming up soon looking forward to that by the way loads of other things are cheap in Mexico like eating amazing dishes cost of housing also if you’re used to us prices but I just picked a few interesting things for today’s video and if you did enjoy it please do give it a like share it and all that good stuff and massive thank you to my patrons on patreon and those of you who donate on PayPal if would like to donate on patreon or PayPal the links are below and if this is your first time here why not click on one of my videos on the screen there and subscribe twine Paul this is true Mexico hasta luego

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  1. I'm sorry but Farmacias Similares does not sell generic drugs, they sell SIMILAR drugs, which are two different things (similar drugs are generally worse than generics btw)

  2. In fairness, we did complain when they raised the cost of Metro from 2 pesos to 3 and then to 5 as it was a 150% increase in the span of a year-ish and the wages didn't go up to compensate the fact that $50 could get me anywhere for a a bit over month and now that is just a single week

  3. Dr. Simi's medicine is surprisingly amazing quality for the price you're paying, the doctor I work for has studied some of the formulas and she's always prescribing them.

  4. Alot of pharmaceutical things like (Elecrolytes) are super cheap. We buy bottles of that for a dollar where it would easily cost $4 here in the USA. And it’s the same quality brands. A plus of living in the border.

  5. I'm allergic to grape Tio … On your next trip to Dr Simi could you please ask if he have some of these "candies" in another flavors? (Wink wink)

  6. Hi Paul, that doctor Simi knows to dance jaja, and yes it´s a blessing many things are cheap in Mexico like fruits, vegetables and dentist are some I appreciate the most, thumbs up, hasta luego 😀 and have a happy Mexico independence day!

  7. Public transport is cheaper in CDMX than in other cities. In Tijuana, for example, a microbus (called Calafias here) and a route taxi can average 15 to 18 pesos, depending on the route, buses can average 12 to 15 pesos.

  8. Lots of people I know are making Mexico there new home, specially those near retirement. Higher expat populations live there now because Mexico is a better value for the same services provided in the states.

  9. What a fuck? Stop advertising drugs, gringos love that shit and they're gonna want to come for that shit. Please don't do that to México.

  10. When it was my last day in Mexico me and my mom bought a lot of medicine like headache reliefs, stomach aches, pain relive, etc. We bought it all at a cheap price the equivalent of $20 bucks, if it was sold here in US it would have been like $200 or $250 (Gracias Doctor Simi :^) )

  11. u need to come to the inner mexico, where the magic, and the beauty are beyond words; no stay only that big sewer called mexico city

  12. Hahahaha, they're also called "Love Motels". We had a funny thing happen to us when we were passing Los Mochis, Sinaloa (we used to live in Puerto Vallarta so we were passing through), it was late, we were tired and just wanted to rest but couldn't find anything like a chain hotel or nice hotel close by, we drove by this very nice looking place, we thought it was a motel since it was by the freeway so we decided to stop. My husband went in and came back to let me know it was "un hotel de paso", I'd never seen one before, but being the only one we found we decided to go ahead and stay (the whole night, guess we were the only ones staying) but they offered room service and were really nice, can't remember how much we paid. So we go to the room and find the parking has a garage right next to the door (weird, huh?) we go into the room and there are windows over the bed and a jacuzzi in the middle of the room, TV, lots of videos not suitable for families (had to tell the kids to not watch most of the channels) and had 2 very big beds (?) but very clean. It also had this really strange "lazy susan" kind of thing in the wall which opened up to the outside, come to find it was where they put food and drink you order (and anything else you ask for), we had some tacos and sodas, ate and went to bed. It was very quiet so we left in the morning to look for a breakfast place and said bye to the people there. I had'nt thought about this in a long time, gave us a chuckle….

  13. Wanted to see if I could translate the video but couldn't find the link you mentioned. If you'd like me to translate, let me know how. Be well

  14. Hello Paul!!! That's true U.S Dentists cost a lot of money a root canal $2,000.00 US dollars with out insurance in Mexico same surgery probably with $300,00 dollars.

  15. 1. the corrupt mexican government 2. The corrupt Mexican army 3. the corrupt mexican police 4. the corrupt Mexican people 5. the corrupt catholic church -6 &7 who cares.

  16. My wife needed a root canal, and I was able to pay flight hotel, food for 15 days plus the treatment and was still cheaper than US

  17. Uncle Paul the medicine in Mexico es cheaper cuz are generic like you say in the USA is like 1000 % expensive and send me those condons 😂🤣😂😂 I’ll used them wisely

  18. Está bien chido tu acento, es una de la razones principales por las que veo tus vídeos jaja, saludos my british fellow.

  19. Tío Paul, you're so naughty. 😂
    Los servicios dentales salen incluso más baratos si los realizan alumnos de la Facultad de Odontología de la UNAM.
    Great vid, as usual. ✨

  20. Bottle water is cheaper, which is interesting since in other countries tap water is basically free, so why is bottle water so expensive there?

  21. An appendix removal in Mexico cost about 2000 us dollars everything included, medication, the nights in the hospital, analysis and everything… When I stayed in the hospital 3 nights under antibiotics without getting my appendix removed it was $30,000 us dollars and no surgery was performed😂😂😂 good thing I qualified for emergency Medicaid…

  22. Its funny and curious the next cheap thing in your list is a hotel, because is after Dr. Simi gives you nice gift. Dr simi see the future and care for anyone.

    Have a nice day.

  23. Do You hace a crónic desease? Just take a plane and come to México. Monterrey city, Guadalajara City, or México City. Eaither has good private hospitals.

  24. Dr simi is new school and is on generics.
    Ol school was farmacia Calderon and had everything.
    Everything was better than xanax.

  25. I'm back ! I saw your last video from L.A. now I'm watching this from chilangolandia. Wages aren't great but, many things are cheaper and I already got a job.

  26. I visiting Mexico City next month for a few days and I will be staying in this hotel. I am travelling on a budget and I read many positive reviews about it. What a coincidence watching this video. Thank you for featuring this. I feel better about staying here.

  27. I have to stop for a sec and give you a BIG THANT YOU for doing these videos True Mexico!, For a non native person to see, appreciate and share the beautiful and positives things that Mexico and it's people have to offer to the world you most certainly do a fantastic job my friend. Thank you and big hug from a true Mexican living abroad ! Cheers! ♥☺♥☺

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