6. Индийская еда + Я о Ютьюбе | Indian food + YouTube talk

6. Индийская еда + Я о Ютьюбе | Indian food + YouTube talk

..how things are actually filmed
..let me put you here
..who needs a tripod when you have dishes..correct? correct! I’m going to make myself a rye cake with tomato paste By the way, this is the tomato paste i’ve mentioned. It’s very tasty and great, but also bloody expensive. I’m starting to get more and more bored of the fact that all my clothes is either black, or white, or in some rare cases dark-blue. ..here are the rye cakes if someone is interested. These are the cool ones. And i’ve always been justifying this with myself being a minimalist, but there is a huge difference between minimalism and pure dullness. So if i’m going to have some money left after buying a new camera, which should be the case, i’m in all seriousness going to spend it on adding some color and patterns to my wardrobe, because i’m actually bored, this monophonic, mostly dark clothes doesn’t help my mood or my motivation or anything. I mean, patterns and even more so monophonic things, just of brighter and more vibrant colors, are still minimalistic. This doesn’t mean that i’m suddenly going to go crazy or anything. So yeah, this was the thought for today: you don’t have to be dull to be a minimalist. ..we can also make some tea.. A bit later in the day i’m meeting a gentleman from Barcelona again. It’s like a gentlemen from San Francisco, but a gentlemen from Barcelona (Bunin reference). I’m feeling great in terms of.. i’ve started to leave the house and go out more, and maybe started to live? maybe? And it’s fun! I mean, i do get tired, i come back home late, i edit videos and do work late in the evening, but it’s 100% worth it, because i’m feeling productive and i’m feeling much happier. That’s all i can say. Let me show you this beauty.. Just look at it. It’s perfect..tomatoes.. Okay see you later, when i’m probably going to be eating again. This person..right, first of all he came to the wrong metro station, then he came to the right station, but mixed up the tube lines..didn’t you, Sasha? – ..but then i saw the light at the end of the tunnel
– Sasha, are you good at navigating in Moscow?
– I’m fabulous! – Sasha, does “Lubyanka” sound the same as “Smolenka”? (the names of the metro stations) – we have some rice with..soy goulash, right?
– yeah – I told you i’m going to be eating again. – Alexander, what do you want to tell your many fans across Russia? – *says something is spanish*
– oh yeah, oh yeah. It’s “si” in spanish, isn’t it?
– yes, it’s “si” – coma estas? (how’re you doing)
– it’s comO estas – round two..with bread this time. – and Alexander is also having soy goulash
– absolutely – I’ve actually never tried soy meat before and it turned out to be super good! ..and bread is obviously good like obviously – Which round is it? Round 3? It’s carrot cake. Great! – We now have your jewish friend with us..the camera doesn’t even want to focus on you. – Are you my jewish friends?
– It’s because we are in a vegan cafe..i’m ashamed of being here.. – Well, you know that you’re a disgrace of all the jewish people, right? – There is a Burger King near the metro station
– Heere we go again.. What is she doing? This seems to be something entirely new! Is this food? You’ve never showed anything like this before! You sure haven’t! I’m also watching “Fargo”. (from the livestream) I’ve started to worry much less about what other people think, and as you may have noticed, the style of my videos has changed quite a bit. At the moment i like more raw and real stuff, not the short and easy-to-watch videos with lots of jumpcuts, but the ones that are like a real life conversation. It would probably make sense to film a proper video on this instead of touching on the topic now, but well, before, it here is what i want and there is what i’m requested to film, i’d be somewhere here, meaning that i only took into account what viewers are interested in, now it’s moving closer to here, because yes, i have a certain level of responsibility to my audience, but this is a responsibility for what i am saying. I mean, i have to be responsible for my words in order not to hurt anyone and.. But i don’t owe anyone anything as i can make whatever i want to for as long as i present it correctly and truthfully. It may sound selfish, but If people don’t like what i do, they are going to leave. I’m not holding anyone, right? but new people will come. the ones which are interested in the same thins as me, and it’ll be much more of a symbiosis. The thing is, if i was going to try and please everyone while not enjoying it myself, it’d be very obvious. Even if we take a look at some videos on my first russian channel, it’s not actually sparkling with enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the matter of russian youtube (expect for a few cool pals) is quite..cliche maybe? Like, all the videos are more or less similar. I don’t want to generalize, but it’s also a fact that there’re much less interesting formats and experimental videos on russian youtube than there’re on the western one. At the moment i’m mostly watching smaller british youtubers and what attracts me is the creativity and many different formats, approaches, angles, ideas.. and THAT’S what i want to do, i want to try new stuff. Not that simply sitting in front of the camera is bad, it’s just not the only thing i want to do. *eats a cherry* that was a cherry..she put a cherry in my merries.. That wasn’t nice of her..that was NOT nice.. ..because i mostly surround myself with english..STUFF FFS, NIKA! I’ve been watching a lot of NixelPixel’s videos and she says “stuff” all the time, and it’s such a universal word, that everything in my life is one big STUFF now. Sorry if it’s annoying. Also i’m SO looking forward to the beginning of august, because the first 10 days of august are going to be the best! I’m going to London for a week or so, i’m going to meet people with whom i’ve only been talking online and see them in 3D. I’m going to hug them and give them some russian chocolate.. And i’m coming to SiTC! Summer in the city is the British largest youtube convention. The best thing is that lots of smaller youtubers i watch and communicate online with are going to be there, and them i’ll also be able to hug, and talk to, and see, and it’s very cool! I personally have a question to you: what do you think of the latest video on veganism i did with Sasha. Because i’m very unsure of it and, according to the feedback, you didn’t really like it either. It’s purely because i’m listening to us and i realize that we are talking in those vile cliches, which have been used so many times before that it’s just unbearable. And veganism lies much deeper, it’s connected to many social aspects, so it’s not the problem of everything being already said, but the problem of me having nothing to add. Now i’m going to finish watching Anna’s video and i advise you to do the same. to do. the same. I’ve never had the skill of zooming in at the right time. Wait for it.. ..to do.. ..f***, not there..wait ..to do.. ..the same.. That was cool, wasn’t it! Right, thank you very much for watching aaaaaaand well yeah like that’s it.

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  1. yay! lately, you've been uploading videos that i have been unable to watch as they didn't have the english subtitles. glad to be back! i concur with what you said about minimalism and dullness. i feel like i am same with my wardrobe but i have also been through a massive clean out through all of my belongings. i love how you vlog, it's all beautiful! i love that you show food though, food is important! ERGH SO JEALOUS YOU'RE GOING TO LONDON AND I AM GONNA MISS YOU! Not going to London till like September probably!

  2. verry happy yessss subbbbtittlleess (ofc I understand that it's a lot of work and I don't expect them on every vid, I just rly love your channel so thank you)

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