5 Star Aunty (ENG SUBTITLES) | Malhar Thakar | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018

5 Star Aunty (ENG SUBTITLES) | Malhar Thakar | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018

“A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one
who knows the pain of others” “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is..” “A Vaishnava (Hindu)
is the one…” Mom! mom.. Gone, my world cup final is gone. Excuse me sister,
There was one mom with me? Your one mom is in toilet. Thank you. Hey sir.
– What? Don’t go there.
– Why? Ladies toilet.
– So? There would be many moms. Oh thanks she said otherwise
what would happen? Hey mom! Mom! I am here my son. Why are you shouting so much? You know this is a hospital? I have completed all of hospital’s
formalities shall we leave now? Sit here.
– Now what, mom? The person who met an accident
we got him here.. Now doctor has admitted him in ICU. Now whatever will be done
it will be done by the doctor. Mom, this is an accident case. We should leave before
police’s inquiry starts. Listen to me.. I’ve called Inspector Desai
he must be coming. What? You called the police?
– Yes. Mom, you are number one.. ..antique piece? Yes.
– What? What was the need to
involve in this? Gone, my world cup final is gone. Be calm. Have this mouth freshener. So your brain will be cool. I don’t want anything, every time
involvement in others matter. Do you know the fighting case that
injured boy, you got him to hospital? Still the police and
court sessions are going on. But that boy recovered. But we have to face problem
without any reason. What you want to do always? How many times I have told you.. ..that instead of thinking about
ourselves all the time. Sometimes we should think
for others too. Ask yourself. That who are we? And if the answer comes
that we are humans. Humanity is our religion. Right. Our religion is
humanity, lady saint. Enough. I have a suggestion. That you should start addressing
people in your side business. Cool, it’s a great idea. I’ll think.
– What to think? When the Citi scan report is ready,
inform me. Doctor. Doctor, how is he? Ma’am, your son has
got mind stroke. But you bought him
in time, he is safe. I’ll have to give him an injection. But the problem is that
the injection is expensive. It’s alright, doctor
you don’t worry about money. It’s ok.
– Fine. – Mom. One minute come here. Yes. Now stand here. Doctor, you stand over here. The patient inside is
not her son. So it must be a relative. No we don’t know him. What? See? He too got shocked. My mother is very kind-hearted. She can’t see any one’s sadness. We saw the accident,
his car was banged on the divider. From 500 people, no
one came to help him. But my mother helped him. I lifted him, took him in the taxi
and brought him here. Now you have the
responsibility of this man. We don’t know anything.
– But.. Mom come..
– Wait. – What? Doctor, what is the
cost of injection? Up to 20,000
– 20,000! He told 20,000. If with 20,000 someone life can
be saved then it is a big thing. This mother Teresa will sell my
house and send me to terrace. What? Don’t worry my son
is a little talkative. According to you,
do all the treatments. So what if he is not my son? He might be someone’s son. Someone would be caring for him. Someone must be waiting,
worried about him. That he will come now. God forbid. If something happens to him.. What will we answer to his parents? Sister. In today’s world still
there are people like you. I am very happy hearing this. But my hands are coiled. It’s hospital’s rule so you have
to deposit at least 30,000. Yes, understood. Doctor, we don’t have 30,000. But we can arrange 10,000. Arun!
– Bye, mom. Give the money. Money.
Oh no! You lost it? What lost it?
I think I forgot the money at home. Yes you think that but I think.. ..that it is in your back pocket. Remove it now. Mom, there is money,
but it was for your AC. Son, if someone’s life can
be saved by this money. Then without AC my
heart will be cool. A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one.. ..who knows the pain of others. Doctor.
– Yes. Take this 10,000 rupees. I’ll arrange the other money. You won’t have signal
here, go to the passage. She is a very
sweet lady, isn’t it? Thank you, doctor. Thank you. And mister. You’ll have to inform the
police as it is an accident case. No police please.
– But.. Listen to..
– Don’t meddle us in it. You’ll get money at one go. What? You’ll take money
once, but the police.. Are so stupid, idiot and
meddlesome men. – Hey, what are.. They always steal innocent’s money. About whom you are talking?
– Yours. I..I was talking
about my uncle Mr.Khimji. Actually sir, he continuously?
– What? Continuously..?
– Continuous what? Now you know.
– I am gone. Continuously tobacco. Mr.Khimji
uncle has started having tobacco. Alright.
– Arun. See, Mr.Khimji is not
picking up his cellphone. How are you, Saroj aunty? Son, it is good that you came. Yes I am telling that I
came, I will handle everything. You disperse.
– May we leave? Come, let’s go.
– Wait a moment. Tell your uncle to stop
having “Continuous Tobacco”. What? Your which uncle takes
tobacco? Mum, Mr.Khimji uncle haves
tobacco, let’s go. – Hey, but.. See, Mr.Khimji made a call. Hello? Mr. Khimji, when did you
start having tobacco? Who said? Arun said. Who else? No, Mr. Khimji I wanted
to ask you something. Aunty, Aunty listen to me, Aunty. Bring me the medicine
form the shop. I’ll bring, a bit more trouble. Inspector, regular formality.
– Sure. Raju Rakamdar? Doctor, is he the patient? Yes, why? Raju Rakamdar, he
is a leader of the gang. Gang?
– Yes. Police can’t get hold of him because
a politician is supporting him. That’s why he always runs away. But we’ll catch him and.. Doctor, why are you taking tension? But if he is a leader
of the gang.. Don’t worry, police protection
is there with you. Ok? And Saroj aunty also
signed as a guarantor. So, you know sis? Doctor, they won’t have a good fate
those who don’t know 5 star aunty. 5 Star aunty, it’s a strange name. The name is strange,
but she is great. I see.
– Yes. Doctor. Because of 5 star aunty, poor
children in Mumbai’s footpath.. ..always have a lunch
boxes in their hand. And that is free of cost. Is it?
– Yes. Oh that’s great. Your mother is really great. You want to adopt her?
– What? The patient’s report is ready. You get TPA ready I’ll
join you in a second. Thank you sister.
– Ok. Excuse me, I am going
to the patient. – Doctor. Yes sis.
– Doctor. You start the treatment. Our neighbor, Mr.Khimji is.. Listen he doesn’t eat tobacco. Who spread the rumor? You, who else? He’ll come and deposit 20,000. Sis, the treatment is started. And if it’s about money. I am not worried about your money. Thank you, doctor. Thank you, why you’ll be worried?
You have to take money. We are worried, we have to give.
– Hey. You don’t.. – What happens in
most of cases will happen now. His family won’t
clear the debt to us. And by your money he’ll sleep
in AC in ICU. And you’ll be without AC
in the whole summer. You now eat this mouth freshener. Your mind will be cool. I don’t want to eat it. Ok fine. Mr. Desai. I called you and you came
so thank you for that. No Saroj aunty. No. You tell me thank you when
I complete the main work. That work. I don’t know when that
work will be done. But it is said that people
should always hope. God know when that
work will be done. It will be done. Your work will definitely be done. You agree or not. But that work is in my
top priority list. One minute, I have a question. When you both meet about
which work you talk exactly? Mr. Arun, when that work will be
done then your mom will tell you. So do it fast.
– Why? Because I am tensed because
it’s my mom’s work. Because it is extended
to the pocket. Mr. Arun, you should be
proud of your mother. Oh I remembered by this mother. You have seen Mother India
in Gujarati? Mother India released in Gujarati?
Where? It is going on over
here in hospital. Here is the mother of whole India. Mr. Arun, you agree or not? But by such mothers only
this country is stable. You are right. You are right, it’s good that
this country is stable. But in that her son is troubled,
what about that? Whether you get
troubled or whatever. You have to eat
the mouth freshener. Take this, eat some. So your mind will be cool. Take this.
– I don’t understand. How can our mind be cool by
eating a mouth freshener? If we eat this.. ..then our tongue and
mouth becomes busy. To chew it. Wow Saroj aunty, what a theory! Desai, even you eat it.
– Oh! Now come on, Mr. Khimji would
be coming with the money. Treat of 20,000 rupees. Ok let’s go.
– Saroj aunty. When this hospital formality gets
over, I’ll drop you home. No it’s ok, I’ll go by bus. But why?
– I am habitual. But aunty, sometimes you
listen to me. – No Desai. Bro. Bro. Bro, I have reached
to the hospital. Brother, in what hospital
you are admitted? There is no beautiful
nurse over here. Bro, whom you want dead here,
doctor or nurse? Help, help.
– Bro. Help.
– Stop. Doctor. Don’t talk in English
in front of me. Please put the gun down. Again English? Gun down. Even you down.
– Brother, what happened? First let’s leave from here.
– Ok. Hey mister, look I am your doctor. You go and sleep on the bed inside. Hey doctor.
– Bro. Don’t you understand,
what I am saying? I have to put 2
people on bed today. What do you mean?
– Bro has taken the contract. But in such condition
he can’t do that. OH!
– Should I shoot him? Look, listen to me. We can’t let him go from here.
– Why? He has got a stroke. Bro is not coconut water
that he will have straw. Hey bro.
– Hey doctor. First tell me who is that lady
who saved me? That lady..
Oh yes, 5 star aunty. Does she sell chocolate? No she doesn’t sell chocolate.
She is famous by this name. Are you trying to fool me? No I am not. I am not fooling you,
I said her name only. She is known by this name
among Gujarati people. Why do you show the gun
and scare me? Hey what the name? Vaijanti, sir. That is your name. What was that lady’s name? Saroj. Yes Saroj Parekh. Her address. Register at reception. You again said the address
in English? I don’t know Hindi of register
and reception. Bro, I’ll go to register and
get the reception. Hey. Go and help him. Ok I’ll go.
– Sister, where are you going? Sorry sir.
– What sorry sir? Look bro, what I am saying? You don’t go to trouble that lady,
she is very helpful lady. So am I a gangster? Hey doctor. In the world because of gangster
like us, good people are known. If people like us are not there. Then you good people
won’t be recognized. Bro, I got the address of
5 star aunty. You tore the whole register. Be thankful that I didn’t
tear reception. Get the address here. Tomorrow we’ll ring the bell
of this 5 aunty’s house. By the way I never say thanks to any
one but I’ll say it to 5 star aunty. Hey doctor.
– What? You saved my life so
thanks to you also. Hey bullet will shoot. Ok thank you without the gun. I am coming to your
house, 5 star aunty. God bless you. “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one
who knows the pain of others” Ayush, go fast, you’ll be
late for the school. Hold Khimji uncle’s finger. Khimji bro, get the snacks
mom has asked for it. Ok fine, I’ll get it. Ok. Bye son. Finally he went to school. Sister, mom. What happened?
– It’s your mother-in-law’s call. Don’t pick up her call. You don’t pick up so she called
me. Why don’t you take her call? She calls me for so weird work. Where is dad’s towel?
I don’t find my shampoo bottle. Where is strainer? Yesterday
she called me at 2 at night. She asked me.. ..that why the ketchup
bottle is empty? With morning breakfast,
with lunch.. ..evening snacks
and even in dinner. If she will eat ketchup
4 times a day then think.. ..it’s a ketchup bottle,
it will get over some day. Then at 2 ‘o clock, With
what she wanted to eat ketchup? With desert. What? Your mom-in-law eats
ketchup with desert? Not only with desert but with
cakes, ice-creams and sweets also. Somebody has said our
skin glows if we eat ketchup. Last week she did so strange thing.
– What? She tried to prepare
ketchup milkshake. And she tells me to taste too. I am stressed and fed up. When I came to stay here for few
days still she is troubling me. Do one thing, go stay in
Dubai with your husband. You think she will let me
stay there peacefully. I am Nikhil went to Europe tour. We didn’t took mobile with us. So she wrote on facebook. Where is father-in-law’s ointment? What? Ointment on facebook? It’s too funny, Avni. It’s too..
– Yes mom. Here is your tea. Thank you mom,
as I was getting late. Mom, again you placed the cooker? I have kept it to cook pulses,
I’m going to make sweet for Ayush. Wow mom!
Avni, you should come every week. You come..! Should I get coffee for you?
– No mom. I have to go to tailor with
my mom-in-law. But what is your need to
stitching her clothes? Mom, I have to go. Otherwise she’ll tell the tailor to
stitch her clothes like me. Just think. In my sister-in-law’s wedding both
our clothes were same. Sleeveless, backless. By hearing this even cooker
is whistling. Yes! Wow! My whistle is ringing, Arun. I am waiting from so long. That when this society will go
for redevelopment. And instead of this big house,
we get 2 flats. So that I, Nikhil and Ayush shift
here away from my mother-in-law. I want to be away from this
middle class life. What? I am fed up with this construction
company job. Arun. – Avni, I have a dream to
open my own construction company. And to do redevelopment over here. But it’s not easy, Arun.
Can you do it? If there is some strong backing
then it’s 100% possible. I want a person who can.. .. make agree Khimji
and other tenants.. ..who are against this
redevelopment. I wish you get such person. Who support you and
your dream come true. And I am free of my
mother-in-law’s trouble. I can tell you by this ring that
it’s my mom-in-law’s call. Tell her that I have left. How can she come to
know by the ring? She rings like this only. Hello. Yes it’s 5 star aunty’s house. What? But why did you let that happen? What money we have to give? Sir, you may have
called by mistake. Hello. Hello. Money is gone. Mom, mom! What happened? Why are you saying mom, mom? The person whom we admitted
in the hospital. That person escaped
from the hospital. What?
– He ran away. Wow. Why are you so happy? That means his health
would be proper. What are you saying about health? Without paying anything that person
ran away from the hospital. And it was the call from hospital. That come and pay 12,000 rupees. Ok then pay. I’ll give your cheque book. My cheque book? Hey kind women. You want to pay money? But if I have signed as a guarantor
then we have to pay money. You are so much kind
to other people, my mom. Pay money.
– Hey but we have to pay.. Hello Mr. Arun Parekh.
– Hey Mr. Inspector, you are here? Why Mr. Desai, early morning? There is a complain
against your son. Complain? There is complain against him
by Indian penal court sec. 106-107. Complain? For not paying the hospital bill? No. To stop somebody
to come at your house. Arun, whom did you stop?
– Nobody mom. Inspector, there is some
misunderstanding. Not misunderstanding, it’s
Miss. Nanavati, she has complained. That you won’t allow her
to meet your mother. Ms. Nanavati.
That means Mitali? Yes Mitali. Inspector, he is the culprit. He is stopping me to
meet his mother. My God, we are gone.
Mitali, you are here? – Yes. Hello. Yes I am shocked. What is all this Desai?
Who is this girl? Aunty, she is Mitali. Your Arun’s special friend. Oh! No.
– What no? Yes. And Mr. Arun doesn’t let
her to meet you. Ok, ok.
Come on daughter. Thank you mom.
– Mom? If I call her daughter,
then why can’t she call me mother? She can call. Then excuse me.
Over smart! Thank you mom.
– My pleasure. Hey. Now she is touching your feet,
later she’ll trouble you. What do you do? You don’t get scared,
actually I am a crime reporter. Why will I get scared by that? I don’t do any crime. I am kidding.
– Yes. Aunty, she comes to police
many times. To get the information about crime. So I told her if she is
writing about all the criminals. Instead of it write about
5 star aunty. So if it’s your permission
she wants to take your permission. No, I don’t want to
give any interview. Listen, mom doesn’t want to
give interview, bye. Aunty. I think you do a great job. So by this many people
will be encouraged. So many people will join
your scheme. Join my scheme? Yes. So write about scheme. Not about me.
– Ok. Thank you so much. I’ll give you only 10 minutes. By the time I’ll fill the
lunch boxes. It’s ok. Come on aunty, I’ll leave.
I am on duty so can’t wait. Bye.
– Bye Desai. And Mr. Arun.
– Yes. If you disturb Ms. Mitali
to take interview.. Then what will you do? I’ll arrest you. You are laughing so much. You..
– Arun. You are still standing
here saying you..? No I was just going.
– Go and pay the money. Look, don’t come again
by the excuse of interview. And other than interview
don’t ask anything. Meet me after the interview, you.. Arun. I was finding the auto. Oh! He was finding auto in the house. My son is confused. He is confused.
– Yes. So you and Arun are good friends. Yes, we talk on phone
at least 20 times a day. And we go for coffee around
7 times in a week. Yes that means whole week. Yes but we go for movies
2-3 times only in a month. This is not called good friend
but more than that. Mom, we are dating from
last one year. But once he pays the bill
and next time I pay it. Once he buys the movie ticket
and next time I do that. So that one doesn’t suffer alone. And the account is clear. I liked it. I will like your company. To be true. I wanted to meet you. But this Arun was not ready
to get me to meet you. It’s good that my son
is under discipline. That he thought.. ..that I like this girl. But whether my mom will
like Mitali or not? You liked? Start the interview now. Oh yes. – Otherwise
10 minutes will get over. Yes sure. So Mrs. Saroj Parekh. I have done some research on
this lunch box of poor children. Today from at least 10,000
houses in Mumbai. With homemade food, 30-35 thousand
tiffin comes out every morning. On the footpath, on platform. Children from slum area.. ..get to eat tasty, nutritious and
hygienic food by five star aunty. The campaign which you started has
spread up to Maharashtra and Gujarat. And even the cities, right? Right. But this campaign
word is not right. This is not any campaign and
I am not anybody’s leader. I started this activity years ago. People liked it. And they started implementing it. I just send this 10 boxes. But there are 10,000
other ladies like me. From those kitchen such
boxes come out. Interesting. Will you tell me you send food
instead of chocolates in these tiffin. Then how did you get the name
as 5 star aunty? It’s a bit strange. Actually years ago. When I started to send
these lunch box. It’s about that time. Oh! It was the day of Diwali festival. My husband had got a box
of chocolates. It was five star chocolate. So what did I do? I kept 5 star chocolate
in each lunch box. And you know what? When the kids opened the tiffin. That time the surprise and
happiness I saw in their eyes. I can never forget that. From that time I decided. That once a week, there will 5 star
chocolate in each lunch box. Great. – And there are
thousands of ladies like me. Who are sending such lunch box. They are also 5 star aunties. The kids have kept my name only,
hey 5 star aunty. Will you tell me when you
started this.. ..then was there any special
reason or incident behind it? To be true. To be true there was such
an incident. Because of that I thought for this. Can I ask was it sad or happy? In our life there are many
incidents as lesson. It’s on you. That you burn
your life in its fire. Or you find a new way by its light. And I found the way. And to go forward on that way. Till my husband was alive
even he supported me. Good. Do you want to give
any message to our readers? No. Who am I to give message? The message given by soul
is the best message. At the end of life only our
soul will be with us. What it has to do?
What it wants us to do? It’s enough if we listen to it. I wish as there are kids
in every house. There should be a five star aunty
too in every house. Right. Thank you for
the interview Saroj Parekh. Wow,
you call me Saroj Parekh? Now nobody will stop you
to come in this house. Yes, so you come whenever you like. Arun’s special friend. Thank you.
– Hey careful, you’ll fall down. Thank you mom, I’ll leave. Yes my worship is also left. Yes, and thanks for the
nice interview. Ok, ok. “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one
who knows the pain of others” “Who does good to those
who are in misery..” “..and does not let pride
enter his mind.” “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one..” Hey get away from here. Where is she? Is this the house of that 5 star
aunty who saved my life? Yes.
– Where is she? Why I can’t see aunty? She is in the kitchen. But who are you?
– Khimji. I am her neighbor. But Mr. neighbor stop shivering. By seeing a gangster like you,
I can’t control. Hey. Gun! You should have shown earlier. It’s done. What? Not pee, shivering is done. Ok now go. You..
– Bad word. You..! Not bad word. I asked in my mother tongue Kutchi. That what did you say? Bro, said go to your house. Ok. From where are you going?
– From here it’s the shortcut to my house. In emergency I go and come
from here. Bye bro. Bro, he is giving bad word,
should I shoot him? Hey keep gun that inside. This is gentlemen’s house. Gentlemen means?
– That means good people. Which we are not? Sorry brother. Hey Keshu, aunty should not
know that we are not gentle. That kind lady saved my life. After thanking her we have
leave from here fast. I’ll call aunty,
you stand here properly. Bro, properly means? You people never went to school
and I am facing the problem. Ok. Properly means stand
like this quietly. When aunty comes, touch her feet. Properly! Aunty. Bro. Don’t be so gentle
she will not here. Sorry brother, sorry brother. Sorry.
– Hey. Aunty. Hey aunty. Tell me.
– Hey. Aunty.
Hello. Hey you are the one
who met with an accident? Yes I am the one whom you saved. Bless me.
– Bless me too. Bless me, aunty.
Bless me. – Enough! Let me bless you. Bless, bless, bless. Hey. God bless you and sit there. Thank you aunty. Hey. One minute. Hey.
– Yes bro. I told you to stand properly. Ok brother.
Sorry bro. Sorry brother. Do one thing, go and stand outside. Ok bro. Gentle.
Gentle and kind aunty. Bye gentlemen. Bro. Bye. He broke my pots. Bro, I am ok. He is mad. First tell me, how is your
health now? First class. But it’s your favor. Without any relation,
you saved my life. I don’t know from
where you came to me? But I have become your fan.
– Hey. What are you doing?
– I am thankful. To be true, if you were not there,
I was not alive. Hey don’t say that. That doctor was saying this. Yes. But why did you run away
from hospital? What should I do at hospital? In hospital that doctor and
nurse don’t let me sleep. If I sleep or stand
they give me injection. I got 100 injections and that
too on one side. It’s swollen. I can’t even sit. Look. I said what’s this? Then he said bad word in English. Bad word in English? But how do you know
it was a bad word? Bad words are the thing,
if you give in any language.. ..we come to know by
the facial expression. If anybody gives bad words,
I can’t tolerate that. Then I lose my control.
I said hey doctor. What do you think of yourself?
I’ll give you a slap.. ..then your head will turn around. Get out. Oh my God! So much of anger? So much of anger is not good. That’s why you got this stroke. Aunty, that was not a straw. I just fainted. You know what if I am awake
the whole night.. ..then too I can wake at 5
in the morning. Yes mine too. Really?
Same to same. And after getting up
I want a strong, sweet tea Yes even I want a tea
in the morning. Really?
Again same to same. Aunty gave a high five.
Aunty, you know what? You know what type of tea
was there is hospital. No?
How it was? Like the cow’s urine. You have been brought up
in the village? -Yes. And that is also my village
Kathiyawad. Who is over there? To be true, aunty. My mom and my dad. My mom is used to give work
at home and my dad in farm. He was using me as
bullock in plough. I can sow the land in 2 hours only. But in food. Plain bread with salt in lunch
and in dinner.. ..strokes and punches. I had to sleep between
the cows and bullocks. Whether it is cold or raining. But I have to sleep in cow shed. And if I argue they keep
a burning coal in my hand. Hey like this? To be true, aunty. Even I felt that. Oh my God, why my parents
are like this? When I grew older,
I came to know.. ..that they were not my parents. Oh! But that day I understood. That nobody is mine in this world. Why are saying this? Your other relatives
would be there. Browny, Blacky, Coppery. Browny, Blacky and Coppery? What kind of names are these? These are my cows and buffalos
with whom I used to sleep. It’s their name?
– Yes aunty. But aunty, you know what?
Who is my relative? Who? Goddess Jagdamba. I am a very big devotee. Once I forget to breathe but I can’t
forget to worship her on Tuesday. Very good. Goddess is great and she blesses
everybody in their work. Oh yes, what do you work? I am asking what is your work? I am caught. Aunty, what is your work? I help people. My work is of social service. Yes even my job is the same. Again same to same. To help people, social work. But our method is different. Oh! Aunty, it’s my sir’s call.
– Ok. Yes sir.
I left. I left from the
hospital last night. You don’t worry,
Ismile’s work is done. I have cut his body into 40-45
pieces and settled it. I’ll come to meet
you at the office. Good day. Take this is lime juice for you. No its ok, aunty. Ok. No I mean if you have got
then give it to me. I have made it for you only. I have to complete a
work before going. Hey get that. Coming bro. 5 boxes. But this is just one. Brother. Bye. Bro, that pots broke. Aunty, he is like that only. 5 boxes means it has 500 thousand.
It is there in this for you. 500 thousand for me?
But why? A small token for your favor. No, but I don’t want it. It’s wrong, aunty. I don’t like it if someone’s
debt is on me. Bhagat uncle of my village said.. ..that the person who is with debt
is never happy. Take this, aunty. No chance. I said I don’t want it. Oh yes! You give me the amount of
hospital bill so it’s ok. But aunty, what is the
amount of hospital bill? 42000! We had to pay 42000.. ..and that rascal, stupid,
careless ran away from hospital. Hey bro. I am not rascal,
stupid and careless. You?
– Yes me. You? He is my son Arun. And he is the one who
met with an accident. I only lifted him. Bro, you.. Arun, what are you doing?
Get down from here. Look at his daring. By running from the hospital
he is coming here. Hey. I have not come here
to play with you. I have got this 5 boxes.
– 5 boxes? To give it to you.
– Yes give it. We don’t have any objection. She has objection. Aunty, you have objection? Yes.
– Take it. No.
– Don’t say no to anybody. Bro will feel bad. Bro, you felt bad, right? See he can’t even say. His throat is dry. Bro, I’ll agree my mom
to accept this 500 thousand. Mom, you can’t see
anybody’s pain, right? You are upsetting him for
just 500 thousand rupees? I said no. What is the amount
of hospital bill? 41,995.
– Yes so take that much. And give the rest back. Mom.
– Arun. She is staring.
– Kind will become cruel. Bro, I am talking only 42,000 from
this 500 thousand because of my mom. And the rest 458 thousand,
I am returning back to you. Take it. Take it.
– I’ll take if you leave. Hey. I didn’t ask your name only.
What is your name? My name is Raju, aunty. Yes Raju. Hospital bill was 41,995. So this 5 rupees back. 5 rupees? Account is account. And listen you are hurt on head. Don’t work hard, take rest. And yes. Don’t think.. ..that there is nobody in
this world for you. We are there. Whenever you want,
you can come here. We’ll have tea, we’ll talk. Do come. I’ll come, aunty. Aunty, till today every Tuesday
I used to go to temple. Now I’ll come here also, aunty. God bless you. Praise the lord.
– Take this. This is mouth
freshener, its Goddess’s boon. You are very short tempered, isn’t it?
– Yes. Whenever you are
angry, have 2 spoons of it. Yes. Brain automatically calms down. Arun.
– Yes. I’ll go and give this lunchbox.
You say Avni to make sweet dish. And Raju, don’t forget to
take your bag. Ok, aunty I won’t forget. She is great. Aunty is made of what sand? The research is still going on. Tell me when you get it. Do one thing, take my card. Card is English,
but I am Kathyawadi. Whenever you need me,
you can call me in midnight. I’ll be in front of your eyes. Bye. Praise the Lord.
– Praise the Lord. This idiot is no use for me. This Raju Rakamdar. I see. Raju Rakamdar is..
– The leader of the gang! Hey. He is a gangster. By seeing him anybody
can start shivering. And you.. I didn’t empty the room
so you called Raju to threaten me. Look I’ll give the room. I’ll not ask for a half room also
instead of single room. – What? If I ask for a room, Raju won’t
leave me alive to stay in the room. Bye. Mom, 2 minutes ago we separated. What?
Hairstyle? When that blouse finishes,
we’ll talk about hair style. Put it down. Please save me. You are free from your
mother-in-law we got a lottery. Lottery? We got a lottery named
Raju Rakamdar. It’ll make us rich. Rakamdar is his surname
and Raju is his name. By seeing him,
this Khimji is scared. Raju will help us,
and show his power. A tower will be made here
and money will shower. What are you talking? You will be free of your
mom-in-law, so you be happy. First time this five star
aunty is used. Praise the Lord, Raju. I am Arun, 5 star
aunty’s small 5 star. “He tolerates and praises
the entire world..” “He tolerates & praises the world,
and doesn’t say bad things.” Yes, Yes. The interview and photo in the paper
is of my mother Five star aunty. Do you want to join this scheme? No, then who are you? What are you talking,
you are from Sony? Ok, my mother in KBC? Yes sir, I’ll call you. Mum, Mum. Arun, have you bought tamarind? I have to make a sauce.
– Take this. Why are you making sauce? There was a call from Sony channel. My Aastha channel. What is this Sony Channel,
Aastha channel? You have to sit with Amitabh
Bachchan on the hot seat. I can’t handle it. What you can’t handle,
why are you confused? I am not confused. But if seeing me Amitabh
will get confused. Kidding. I can’t handle it
and I don’t like it. Mom. – Deny them.
– Mom make this all a habit. You are famous. You have an
interview and photo in newspaper. And any moment Minister
will come at our home. Minister? But why will minister
come at our home? To meet you. To meet the five star aunty
who become famous in one night. Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.
– Jai Maharashtra. I am so happy to meet
you Mrs. Parekh. This bouquet.
– Give me. It’s for her.
– Give it to her. Hey Arun, let him sit. I’ll make my sauce and come. Mom wait. Sorry sir. Mom, sauce. Such a big minister
has come home. So is he going to help me
make my sauce? I’ll not make sauce,
but I can congratulate you. The support of thousands
of poor children. Such five star aunty’s photo
is printed in newspaper today. Regarding that I came
to congratulate you. Thank you. But I don’t understand
a big minister like you.. ..comes to my house
just to congratulate me. I don’t know why? You are clever. Actually along with appreciation I
came to give you something else too. What? What? A ticket for election. Vidhan Sabha election is there. Our party wants.. ..that you join election
from this area for our party. Wow mom, you got a promotion. From sauce you went to election. Mom, we all will
go for the campaign. Vote for 5 star aunty. And your mission will be lunch box. If you win, then MLA. And then MP. From now you have become HP. HP?
– Happy person. Tell me what do you think? I am sorry,
I won’t be able to do that. If I join for election then your
deposit will also be taken. You are thinking wrong. If you join the election then other
candidate’s deposit will be taken. It’s not Ahmedabad.
Go out and see. In all the streets of Mumbai
people are praising you. And our party needs
a candidate like you. And even this country. And maybe she don’t know.. ..but you understand
what is politics? Yes I understand. Ok then explain your mom. Mom, this politics
is very powerful. Yes and this power makes
people corrupt. Please I don’t want to
listen anything. Go and pay this light bill. Bye. Mom wait. Sorry sir.
My mom went. Even you go.
– What? No, I mean go and put this
cheque in the drop box. And till then I’ll try to convince
your mom for the election. Thank you sir. Look if my mom agrees. Then in the next election
I’ll vote for you. What? That means I give every year,
but this time I’ll give two. He’ll convince my mom. It’s good if mom doesn’t convince
him to leave politics. Hey Arun, you went or not? Your sauce is done? You are here to eat that? No I am here for other reason. So tell me? Today 32 years.. ..3 months.. ..7days and 14 hours passed since
our previous meeting, Saroj. Mrs. Saroj Parekh,
it is my present. And I have forgotten the past. By forgetting the past,
past doesn’t get erased. Do you remember? Do you remember our last meeting? Yes I remember. A VIP son of a big minister
came to my house. To get permission from my dad
to marry me. And the VIP person who was
mad behind you, you rejected him. You had insulted him,
and ignored him. You had made pieces
of his heart, why? Because you dad was
a corrupt minister. But that time you punished him
for his dad’s bad work. That was not good.
– I didn’t give any punishment. I just did my calculation. That the person who has
such corrupted qualities. With him my manner
will never match. By getting married to you I didn’t
want to make my kids corrupted. And today I can see that. By walking on your
dad’s footsteps. The calculation done by me
is proved correct. 10/10 correct. The calculation of nature
and manners. I can prove it wrong. Even if it’s 10/10 correct. But I will make you
fail in life’s exam. The pain you gave me in past, I’ll
return you in future, Mrs. Parekh. Mom. Mom. Hello.
– Hello. – I.. Of course I know you Mr. Vaghela. I am Avni, her daughter. Oh nice meeting you.
– Same here. I’ll leave now.
Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.
– Jai Maharashtra. And I come here once
again to meet you. Mrs. Parekh. Mom, why did this minister
come here? He came to offer me for election
by reading interview in the paper. What are you saying?
Election’s ticket. But you must have denied. Why? You are also
shocked like your brother? Come on, mom. I am proud of you. I have full proud on you. Mom, I remember dad died
when I was small. From that time I have seen
you fighting against life. Till now no greed, crave,
curiosity can disturb my mom. From when you become 5 star aunty
before that you are my 5 star mom. Now stop praising me and listen. I have called Mitali for lunch. We’ll do her and Arun’s engagement. Poor Mitali. Where is Ayush? – Ayush has gone
with mom his exams are nearing. Mom, Nikhil called up from Dubai. He read your interview,
he is very happy. He will be happy,
he is my son-in-law. Mom, in the interview you
mentioned an incident. Because of that you started
with this lunch box. Till now you didn’t tell me.
Which incident? Once..
– Hey. Hey my dear 5 star aunty. Your photo has come
in the newspaper. You have become famous. I have a surprise for you. Hey come in. Coming. Hey. Hey. You don’t like aunty? Oh my God! Oh God, this is very heavy,
remove it. My neck..
– Bro. Bro, aunty is gone. Hey. Bro, aunty remove the garland
loss of 2500. 2500, oh my God! Bro, may be aunty will get an
attack this garland will be used. Hey. Keshu, do one thing
go out and stand. What should I do with this? You wear it. Ok. Ok bro, even I am gone. Play the music. Hey go fast. Bro.
– The pots. Garland is alright.
– I fall down. What is this Raju? This is appreciation. Your photo has come in newspaper. And it’s such a big thing. In our village whoever’s photo
came in newspaper. We all used to go to his house
and appreciate him. Last I appreciated Prema Patel. Yes but what he did? Nothing special. But his big photo was printed
in newspaper. And it was written in big letters. Missing! Missing? But he was found or not? Where he would go?
But not because he was found. His photo came into newspaper,
so appreciation was must. Who is she laughing on me? She is my daughter, Avni.
– Oh. Hello.
– Hi. Hello. I am Raju Rakamdar. Not possible. But I am. Maybe because my brother has told
much about you so I got confused. Raju. I wanted to talk to you. Aunty, me? Tell me what happened? The money that you gave
me for hospital bill.. ..you gave you that? She is asking difficult
question again and again. Why what happened? Bank told that 6 notes
in that were fake. He has returned it back.
– Oh the notes are fake? Then not 6 you take 26 notes. Don’t you show me money
again and again. Take your fake note. And give me real ones. Ok. – And take it from him
who gave you fake notes. Account is account. Yes true, aunty. Mom, who has called
the band outside? Oh Raju bro. You came here today?
– Yes. Mom’s photo came into newspaper. And whatever is written,
I read it 10 times. After that you understood? You are very jolly. But aunty,, even you don’t know
you are doing a great job. To be true I felt you
are Goddess Jagdamba. Don’t say that. Aunty, it’s your good wish
and kind heart. I know. I know you won’t take money. So this time earlier only
I have got.. ..cheque for you. Cheque of 2 million for you. No, what will I do with
so much money? I don’t need money. Arun. But Raju, actually what will mom
do with so much of money? I will say what she’ll do. Aunty, you do one thing.
Take a big place on rent. And then keep 40-50 cooks. And then not only 5-10 but make
5-10 thousand tiffins every day. And I will pay whatever money
is lacking for this work. Your surname is Rakamdar so you
should talk about money all the time? I don’t want all this. We are not interested to serve the
food make in factory to kids. We all cook food and
serve the kids. By that their stomach is full. And even their heart is satisfied. Today even you take
that satisfaction. I am making burger. So eat that fresh burger and go. Ok fine.
– Avni, come inside. – Yes mom. Wait Avni. Raju. I had called you,
we have to do redevelopment. Yes so do it. I’ll support you for that. Thank you Raju.
I’ll be free from my mother-in-law. Mother-in-law?
– Don’t get into it, Raju bro. What am I saying I feel.. ..that we’ll do partnership
in this work. Not partnership tell me
if you want to do half-half. Hey.
It’s same. Yes. Yes half-half is ok. The papers are ready. It’s a good day so
you may sign now, Raju bro. Your brother is great. Till now I just spoke about partnership
and he is ready with papers too. Yes the papers are ready. So give me I’ll sign.
– Take this. No I have it.
– What? – Here. Stamp. Where do I have to stamp? Once check it.
– What is there to check in that? But you have spoken
to aunty, right? No aunty doesn’t know about it. Yes Raju bro, I didn’t know
whether you’ll accept it or not. Once it’s all final and signed. Then I’ll tell aunty about it. Ok then. Otherwise without Aunty’s blessing
no work can be done. It’s your imagination. Oh it’s good imagination. Yes, I have stamped. Now we are partners. What is that called? Best of all. All the best. Best of all. Best of all. All the best. I’ll go and give
this news to aunty. Hey aunty. – Wait Raju bro,
why are you so excited? I told you that 2-3 people
are against it. Let’s convince them and
see the property. Then we’ll tell mom, Raju bro. It is?
– Yes. Ok then we’ll do that work first.
– Come on lets go. No, no.
– What happened? This burger’s smell
won’t let me go. It is gone to brain from nose. Do one thing,
when it’s ready call me. What to do? You just give me a call. You city people don’t understand
my village language. Hey Raju bro, let’s go. Come on let’s go. Come on. He is shocked. Oh my God. Mom, you need any help? Hey Mitali, my future sis-in-law.
Come in. Yes Avni sis. The one with Arun went
out just now.. He is his business partner. Business partner of
construction company. Today only Arun signed a
deal with Raju Rakamdar. Deal?
– Yes. Mom, see who has come? He..
– Mitali. Mom.
– It’s good that you came. I wanted to speak to you. We’ll do your engagement with Arun,
on the day you say. I am sorry, now this engagement
is not possible. Why? Why are you saying like this? I can’t take this relation. What happened all of a
sudden, Mitali? Now I won’t be able
to explain you.. ..so please let me go from here.
– But mom.. Wait. It’s ok if you go. But don’t disturb me and go. Just tell me why you don’t
want to do this relation? Arun must have told you.. ..that my mom and dad
died in an accident. Yes. This is not the truth. My dad sold a place. All the cheque of that
were bounced. So dad made a criminal complaint. That person would about
to be arrested.. ..till then some gangster
came to my house. Gave bad words to my dad. Take the case back.. ..gave such threatening. When dad didn’t agree
they hit my dad. And my mom. ..when she came in middle, gangster
killed my parents with a knife. Oh! I saw everything and when
I complained to police. I got 4 witness saying that the
gangster was in Pune that day. And my parents murder was
proved as accident to the police. That gangster, that
murderer is this Raju. Raju Rakamdar. Oh my God, I don’t even know
that Raju is a gangster. I swear of my mom and dad. That I will expose that criminal. And that why I have become
a crime reporter. And your son Arun has signed partner
ship deal with that Raju Rakamdar. If Arun wants to hold hands of
my parents murderer.. ..and be successful in life. Then how should I make
this relation? Tell me, how should I do that? Please forgive me. I can’t keep this relationship. I am sorry. Arun is Raju’s partner? And Raju is a gangster? Oh God! Avni, all this is truth? Mom. Mom, today only Arun
signed this deal. Oh God, Arun has done all
this without informing me. And you didn’t even tell me. Mom, I didn’t knew that Raju is
gangster otherwise I would stop Arun. Hey. Why are you worried about that?
For that Raju is there. Yes you are there, Raju
so there is no tension. Mom, we are hungry?
Snack is ready? Come on bro, have food. Stand there only. Don’t enter my house. Please go from here. Mom, what is this joke? I am not joking. Tell your partner to go from here. But aunty, what happened?
– I don’t want to talk to you. And you listen. You will not keep any relation
with this person. Look aunty..
– I am talking to my son. And look you don’t have to do
partnership with this Raju. I’ll do.
– Arun. I’ll do the partnership. Arun.
– Why shall I not do partnership? I don’t want your
middle class life. I don’t want the small
mentality like your lunch box. Please stop it.
– I want to grow in life. I want to do the business,
you know it. That this construction company
is my dream. And to fulfill my dream
I’ll do anything I can. So you’ll have to decide
whom do you want? Your middle class mom or this man
who is showing you high class dreams. Listen..
– You have to decide home or tower? Explain her. Mom this.. ..is my dream. I want to fulfill my dream. Look Raju bro. Forgive me. I won’t be able to leave my mother. Did you listen? Arun doesn’t want to do
partnership with you. But any reason for it? You want to know the reason? Then listen. I didn’t knew.. ..that by saving his life
I was happy. That person can take so
many life in a moment. So what are you trying to say? That you are a culprit. You are a murderer and a criminal. Look ma’am.. – No I don’t want
your shadow also in my house. Please go from here. Hey aunty, don’t push me. I am requesting you that
you are not listening. That’s why I am pushing. Go away. I said get out. Hey! Mother! Your son approached
me for a partnership I am not here to mourn. I refuse to suffer his
share of the punishment. I will not leave
this house hereafter. I’d like to see who can throw me out.
-Avni! Avni Call the police. Mother, don’t fight with him.
What’s wrong with you. Why are you scared?
I told you to call the police. I have your police in my pocket! Calling you mother
became a headache for me. You knocked Raju Rakamdar.
I shall knock your entire house. I want to see. I want to
see who in this house can stop me. When Raju is done with you,
you will be nowhere. I shall shatter your entire house. I will smash the
house to smithereens. Tell me. Tell me what
you’re going to do about it. You slapped me?!
I’ll blow your head open! No! Please, no. Shoot. Shoot. What stopped you? I saved your life.. ..that gives you the
right to take my life, right. Shoot! “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one
who knows the pain of others” (Hymn). Did you get startled
or were you scaring me? Brother Khimji, how could
you tap me on the back that way? You thought punk Raju had come,
didn’t you? – Yes. So far you were using
his name to scare me.. ..now you are scared yourself. Brother Khimji,
I’m not afraid of Raju. Brother Raju.
– Sorry, sorry, sorry. What happened?
What happened? Spring a leak? Tell the truth. You’re
intimidated by the punk, right? Intimidated?
I am terrorised, brother Khimji. I leave the door to
the washroom open when I go. Why? Is the latch broken? What if he leaps in from the window?
– Oh you! You didn’t go to the office? I can’t go to the office.
It’s not worth the risk. The punk can’t be trusted.
He could attack anywhere. What? He has attacked. I’m doomed. You’re doomed along with me today.
Hide. Hide. Raju, the punk hasn’t come. Kids are playing cricket outside.. ..and they broke the
neighbour’s window pane. Nonsense! You scare
others along with yourself. How are you?
-Fine. Why have you come? Hello!
– He is shook up, sister. Ever since you lit the
spark he’s all shook up. Now do you intend
to let her stand there.. ..or will you ask her to sit? You two look like the
stars of the “Mute witness”. She is like Billy, the mute
witness and he is like Larsen. Brother Khimji! Go home. Sure. See you. Forget the short cut
and take the long way. Yes. See you.
– See you. Oh! You know Katchhi? I have Katchhi neighbours,
brother Khimji.. ..that’s why I know Katchhi.
– That’s fantastic! Leave!
– Okay. Yes, I’ll see you.
– See you! You spoke Katchhi. And why are you venting
your frustration on him? Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I? When my career vehicle
was going full speed.. ..why did you have
to puncture it like a nail? I simply bared the truth. What would you lose if you’d
kept it clothed a little longer? You think you can build
a career with the help of a punk? I was going to get
redevelopment work done.. ..not plunder, steal or murder. You are aware these
are competitive times. All others are
advancing by doing this. But surely I can expect you to
be different from others, can’t I? You are my mother’s photocopy. Whether or not you
make me your husband.. ..you will surely make
my mother your mother-in-law. Mummy!
– Mummy is inside. Yes, yes. Mummy! Mitali, you’re here? Yes.
-Sit, sit. I came here to see you.
I’m sorry for the events I caused. Why are you sorry?
You must be destined to the glory.. .. of thwarting Arun
from taking that wrong path. I want to thank you as
my life’s good deeds bore fruit.. ..and Arun was saved from
becoming that punk’s partner. I’m glad the truth was disclosed. That’s right, mummy. The truth was disclosed
but my dream was shattered. The shattering of your dream.. ..and you lose your
sleep is one and the same. But if your dream is shattered
and other’s lose their sleep.. ..then it means
your dream is a flop. You shouldn’t race so
fast to fulfil your dreams.. ..they get crushed
under your own two feet. It’s time. It is time for
mother Saroj’s evening sermon. What a fate! If I go out
I’m afraid Raju will shoot me.. ..and if I stay at home
I fear this deluge of wisdom. Why are you afraid though?
We have fennel seed. Eat some.
You will cool down. Here. Eat it. Considering the manner
in which you promote fennel.. ..very soon your fennel
brand will sell in the market. ‘Try some, try some, try some.
Saroj fennel seeds.’ ‘A nobel woman’s soothing fennel.
Saroj Fennel.’ ‘We have no branches.’ You’re being ridiculous, Arun! Let him natter. He’s a blabber.
He’ll get tired and shut up. This isn’t going to subside
as soon as you imagine, mother. Talk to her. Avni will get away because
she’s at her in-laws. He calls you mother,
therefore you will get away. But Raju will end up shooting me. Mummy! Mummy! What’s the matter, my dear?
What happened? You’re upset. Mummy, Ayush! What about Ayush? Ayush is untraceable
for the past three hours. What are you saying? It was his sports day. He went to school. He was
supposed to get home at eleven. I went to school when
he didn’t come home. Everyone over there
was looking for him. I went to all his friends’ homes.
He isn’t at any of the places. So I went to the police station, I met Desai and
filed a report, mummy. So where could he go? Aunty. Aunty, we suspect
Ayush has been kidnapped. Oh God! But please not worry.
We’ve taking steps. We’ve dispatched Ayush’s
photo to each police station. And we’ve even blockaded
all the streets. Don’t cry, my dear.
Don’t cry. Ayush will be back. He will return if he wishes. Whose wish?
– Raju’s wish. He targeted Ayush as payback
because mummy slapped him. I’m telling you
this is Raju’s doing. Then why don’t you arrest him,
Desai? Question him. If I arrest him, aunty, he will
be out. He’ll be out in two hours. He has lots of backing. We’ve received many
complaints against him. But our hands are tied. Shall I call the commissioner? Aunty, even he won’t be
able to accomplish anything. He’s got people
pressurising him from above. Where is a person to go if
senior officers can’t do anything? There’s no point
discussing this now. The important thing
is finding Ayush. We’ll find him, my dear.
We’ll find him. How will we find him, mummy?
How will we find Ayush? I forbid you, didn’t I? I forbid
you to quarrel with that punk. And you even slapped him. Now my Ayush will pay the price. I won’t let that happen, mummy. There’s only one
way to get Ayush back. What?
– Call that punk and apologize. What?! Aunt Saroj
apologize to that punk? Would it be such a big
deal if mummy apologizes to him? And didn’t you just say
the police cannot touch him. Then who will bring my
Ayush back from him, mummy? But, sister Avni,
where’s the proof.. ..that Raju Rakamdar
has kidnapped Ayush? Who else could it be, inspector?
We have no other foes. Nothing happened to
Ayush until he is seven. Mummy slaps him and
Ayush is kidnapped. And yet you want proof? If the truth be told
he won’t calm down.. ..until mummy apologizes to him. So Mr. Arun,
why don’t you do something? What?
– Apologize on behalf of your mother? Why? I didn’t slap him
on behalf of my mother.. ..so he will acquiesce if
I apologize on behalf of my mother. Why not? He is your
business partner, isn’t he? Who told you that? Hello. Yes sir. No sir. We don’t know
the whereabouts as yet. Okay, sir. I’m immediately reporting
to control room. Okay, sir. Yeah. Inspector!
– That was a call from my senior. Inform me if you receive
a ransom call for Ayush. And Mr. Arun,
bases on your advice.. ..we have taken steps
to get to Raju Rakamdar. Thank you, sir.
– Don’t worry. The police department
will do everything it can. Don’t cry, my girl. Don’t cry. Get that, Arun.
Hurry up. If it is Raju then.. Arun, answer the phone.
– Answer the phone! Hello.
– Raju? Yes, you are? Yes, one minute. Shiela.
– Your mother-in-law. Yes, Mrs. Shiela, Avni is busy.
What do you want? A tube of Colgate.
Who wants to brush afternoon? She wants to polish silver.
What does one say to her? Yes, mummy. Yes, it’s in Ayush’s bathroom. Mummy, I’ve come to stay
at my mother’s house with Ayush. I won’t be back today.
I’ll return tomorrow. Yes. You mean you haven’t told
your mother-in-law? – I haven’t. And your husband?
– I haven’t told him too. What shall I say, mummy?
My mother slapped a punk.. ..and he abducted my son. Mummy, I want my Ayush back.
You call him. Call him, mummy! I would call him.
Except my conscience forbids me. Enough, mummy. All your talk about
conscience is outdated. Arun is right.
These are evil times. Only people who commit bad
deeds and illegal business enjoy.. ..nobody appreciates good
Samaritans like you, mummy. Even God no longer rewards virtue. Mummy, if my Ayush
comes to any harm.. ..I won’t forgive you all my life.
Please call him. Please. Okay, my dear. She will stand by watching
but she won’t call. She is a 5 star aunty,
not our mother. – Arun! Her values and her
principles will obstruct her. I earned less marks
in the twelfth grade. I wanted to go into engineering. One call from you and
I would’ve got me admitted.. ..to the best college.
Oh no. Principle! Learn engineering where you
can get admitted with your marks. I used to travel three
hours to learn engineering. Thanks to your values
and principles.. ..Raju Rakamdar gained
entry into this house. Had you not helped him,
he would not recover.. ..he would not gain
entry into this house.. ..nor would Ayush
be kidnapped, mummy. See? She’ll wait there but
she won’t make the call. Look. Give me the phone number.
– Mummy. I’ll call and apologize.
– Thank you. 9920215822. The full number..
-Yes, I remember the full number. Is it my fault if I remember? Mother! I am imagining Raju’s voice. May I come in, mother?
-Where is my son? Where did you take my son? Look, mummy was
making a call to you. I apologize on behalf of her.
Everybody will apologize. Even mummy will apologize
to you but please return my son. What are you saying?
– Where is my grandson? Bring him back right
now wherever he might be. I am your culprit. What has
my little child ever done to you? Enough, mother! Enough!
There’s some misunderstanding. I haven’t kidnapped your son. And why should mother
apologize to me? I came here to
apologize to her myself. Your son isn’t with me. So where has Ayush gone? Mummy! Who abducted Ayush? My Ayush!
– Don’t worry. I’ll find him wherever he might be. Don’t you have my number, mister? 9920215822. Even I don’t remember it that well. I have information of all
gangs from Mumbai to Delhi.. ..and from Delhi to Chennai. I’ll present your son
within one hour. Hello.. Don’t make the call.
I don’t want you doing me a favour. But mummy, what’s the problem?
– Mummy! -I trust the police. What will the police do here,
mother? Twiddle their thumbs! Not our thumbs,
the police will twiddle you. You’re here like the police
arrive in the climax of the film. Mother, you think the
arm of the law is very long. But these people on stretch
their arms to accept bribes. Their arms fall
short for such duties. In short,
tell mother you can’t do this job. I will have to carry out this job. You are underestimating the police. The day you see what the
police is capable of doing.. ..you will salute them. I hope god takes you
away before that day dawns. Raju! Don’t argue with me..
– Please, please, please! There’s no point of this
discussion at this time, inspector. He claims Ayush is not with him,
then where has he gone? Just a minute. Just one minute. Aunty, first tell me this. When
you distribute your lunch box.. ..has Ayush ever accompanied you? Many times.
When he comes here to stay.. ..Ayush accompanied
me several times. What about that? Sister Avni,
Ayush was really kidnapped. But the gang that
kidnapped him is arrested.. ..thanks to 5 star aunty. When the goons making
a getaway with Ayush in a car.. ..some windshield cleaners
next to a Vashi signal.. ..boys who receive your
lunch box recognized Ayush. They informed the police
in time and without wasting time.. ..the police found
5 star aunty’s grandson. Sister Avni,
the police is due to arrive.. ..at the police station with Ayush. Arun, light a lamp
and offer it to god. Thank god, Ayush is found. Not god. Thank your mummy,
5 star aunty, not god. The seeds of the
good deeds sown by her.. ..has grown into a tree
today to provide shade for you. I’m sorry, mummy. I’m really sorry. I was so rude to you. Even during these evil times.. ..you have shown people
the righteous path, mummy. I promise you, mummy,
hereafter I will live the life.. ..of 5 star aunty’s daughter,
not just my mother’s. Hereafter I too will ensure
I send five lunch boxes, mummy. Perhaps just as your
good deeds bore fruit for me.. ..my Ayush might reap the
rewards of my good deeds, mummy. Go bring him. Bring Ayush. Go. Mummy.
– Go. Inspector, please take me to Ayush.
– Sure. Shinde, start the car!
– I’ll go with you, Avni. Apologize.
– Yes, yes. Sorry. Not to me. To mummy. Mummy. Arun!
– Arun! What are you doing, son? Offer the lamp to god. Mummy. Mummy.
– Yes, I received it. What?
– I received your sorry. Enough, mummy. Smile, so he’ll stop
his prattle. Smile. There, I’m smiling.
Happy. Now go get him quickly. Mother, forgive me just
like you forgave brother Arun. I understand I have
committed a blunder. But when my head flares
up I turn into an animal. Since two days I’ve been
my conscience has been cursing. “What sort of a
beast are you, Raju?” “You pointed a gun at the mother.. ..who patted you on the head.” Fie on me! Fie on me, mother!
Please forgive me. Please just forgive me. How does it matter
if I forgive you? You are a culprit
to thousands like Mitali. I know, mother. I know. Your parents I personally.. You can punish me
for my deeds right now.. ..if mother is
willing to forgive me. Here. Take this and
execute me right now. Mitali! I feel like shooting you. This way only I
will have my revenge. But what about all the others? On judgement day your
sentence will be one.. ..you could never imagine. And I will make efforts
to get you that sentence. Don’t forgive him.
Don’t ever forgive him! Listen! I need respite
from this pain. Keshu, tell her. Tell mother what I’ve suffered
for the past two days. Forgive him, mother. That night he left from here
he bobbed all through the night. That’s sobbed, not bobbed Keshu. Exactly, mother.
Brother hasn’t eaten for two days. I’m starving for the same reason.
I’ve only had drinks. 18 milkshakes and 22 juices.
I have. Go stand outside or mother
will never forgive me. Brother is habituated
to going hungry during lent. But I have a problem.
I get the runs when I fast. Please leave! Mother, please forgive brother. Brother,
I’ll go out the window now. You are starving for
the past two days. Come, sit. No, no, no, mother. Don’t
speak to this beast so kindly. I told you to sit, didn’t I? I am habituated to going hungry. And I am habituated
to feeding the hungry. Sit, sit. Take this. Eat some biscuits.
– No. No, mother. Open your mouth. Eat. Eat something. Mother! Punish me for my bad deeds, mother. Will you accept my punishment? Just try me, mother. Then starting today quit all this. What? – Criminal activities
and hooliganism. Quit all of it and surrender. Surrender?
– Surrender! Go to the police and
confess to all your crimes. Committing crimes is a sin. But confession is the
first step towards integrity. Take that first step.. ..and you’ll automatically find
the ladder to humanity. Tell me. Can you do that? Mother, you are placing
me in a predicament. Why? – Doing this is
not easy for me, mother. He’s right. And anyway
what will he do if he quits? Sing carols! You? Greetings. Have you lost your mind? Your phone is switched
off for the past two days. You’re not to be found
at home or the den. I came here for propaganda
and Keshu told me you’re here. And he also told you come
here frequently these days.. ..to speak to her. She has no job to do.. ..besides peddling her lunch boxes. But carrying out
my business is your job. The elections are just
round the corner, Raju. You know there’s lots of
work to be done. Come with me. Yes boss. This is your boss?
-Yes, mother. Now I get it.
– What? Why you’re the way you are. A man is known by
the company he keeps. No, mother, no! My boss is
a very good man. I owe him a lot. I furnished him a life of possessions
instead of a life of despair. He changed me from Raju,
the patsy to Raju the don. Not Raju the don,
I changed you into a king. Tell her how terrified
people of your name. People wet their
pants when he bellows. He is my right hand. Right hand. You aren’t his hand,
Raju, you are his tool. A tool he uses for his bad deeds. Yesterday it was someone else. Tomorrow he will dump
you and get another. Change your hands before
he changes his tool, Raju. I gave you a life. How much money did you
have when you came to this city? 4Rs. And how much do you have today?
– Millions, sir. Thanks to whom?
– Thanks to you, sir. Enough said. Come. Come with me. We have lots to accomplish today. Raju, you aren’t swayed by her.. ..into planning to surrender,
are you? You fool! You want to give
up the joys of power and riches? He made the mistake of
calling it power and riches. You better not do the same, Raju. Else your happiness
will turn into hell. Then you’ll run after
happiness all your life.. ..but you will not be able
to get hold of that happiness. Quit all this! Quitting isn’t so easy.
You are riding a lion. And getting off a lion isn’t
so simple. You cannot get off. You get off the very lion
will rip you apart and devour you. Even your mother
Jagdamba rides the lion. And the lion is her power. Don’t ride the lion
and cause destruction, Raju. Be a saviour! I am your power, Raju.
I turned around your life. Sure, he might have
turned your life around.. ..but I have spared you your life. He turned you from man to monster. But the man inside
you is still breathing. And the evidence is,
the tears in your eyes. I am looking into your eyes. You want to go from
being a monster into a man. Tell her you cremated
the man inside you long ago. And I personally
scattered the ashes. Let’s go, Raju! No, Raju.
– You don’t want to come? Okay. No, no, no, sir! I’m coming. Raju..
– Bravo, tiger! Today we have to settle the score.. ..with Vasant from
Gurudev builders. Here. Grab the gun
and blow him apart. That man will be
blown into two, Raju.. ..but the man inside you
will split into thousand fragments. That fragmentation
took place long ago, Raju. It is immoral for you
not to commit crime now. Renounce immorality and
head towards morality, Raju. Pick up the gun, Raju! Give up treachery and
head for trustworthiness. Raju, pick up the gun! Take the path of god, Raju.
The path of god. Only the courageous
take the path of god. The coward has no business. “The path to the Lord is for the
brave, it is not for the coward..” “First you bow your head
and take his name.” Brother Khimji. Brother Khimji. We have greater twists
and turns in our house.. ..more than the soaps. Sometimes my mother’s sermons.. ..and Raju’s crime is
telecast at concurrently. It has caused my
life’s TRP to drop. So what will become
of the redevelopment? You’re talking about redevelopment? My mummy is busy trying
to redevelop Raju. She is determined to mend his ways. Either you drink
your tea or you talk. Tell me. The punk isn’t going
to mend his ways. A punk will remain a punk.
– Yes. Your mummy’s theory didn’t
mend your ways all these years. How will the punk mend his ways? Brother Khimji,
don’t compare the punk with me. Why do you keep
calling him the punk? The punk you’re referring
to is in the kitchen. In the kitchen?
Did you hear that, brother Khimji? People hide in their
kitchens on hearing his name.. ..and he’s hiding in my
kitchen from fear of my mummy. Think about it. It makes
my mummy the greatest punk. Arun!
– I’m stuck. I’m wondering what
he’s doing in the kitchen. He came here this morning.. ..and told mummy
he wishes to surrender. And he wanted to do a
good deed before surrendering. And mummy told him to personally
pack ten lunch boxes.. ..and deliver to small children. Why is mummy getting
him to go against the tide? Where has mummy gone? Mitali and mummy have
gone to the police station. I’m waiting for them. Mitali has gone
to the police station? Is she also going to surrender? She isn’t going to surrender,
you’re taking a trip inside. Why? Why? Why will I go inside? Raju will confess and
name you as his partner. You got him to sign the papers,
didn’t you? A punk’s partner is a punk. He will surrender and
even you will go in. – Yes! What do you mean, “Yes”?
What do you mean, “Yes”? Is it that easy? Yes. Here’s some steaming
hot pounded rice. Eat it. I don’t want to eat pounded rice. Eat it. Who knows whether
you’ll get any in prison tomorrow? Yes! Again? I enjoyed that. Listen! Sister Avni!
– Yes. Has brother Khimji come? If he’s here, ask him to sit.
I have some business with him. Yes! Raju has business with me? I enjoyed that now. Your enjoyment will prove
to be a sentence for me. See you. Give me the cup before you leave. I’ll return it when
I’ve finished the tea. Brother Arun.
– Yes. Sister Avni.
Did brother Khimji leave? Why are you crying
if brother Khimji left? Don’t be funny!
Chopping onions caused these tears. This is mother’s first
task for me before surrendering. She said, “You’ve made many cry,
Raju. You should cry too.” A tiny onion caused
this giant of a man to cry. Wipe your tears.
– Give me. Take it. Take it.
– Keep it as a gift. Thank you very much.
I too have prepared a gift for you. Look Avni, I prepared
it especially for you two. Thank you. Have some.
– No, I don’t want to, Raju. Take it.
I prepared it with a lot of love. Don’t draw your gun.
I’ll have some. I’m not drawing a gun.
I’m getting this spoon out. I forgot to stir the sugar. I surrendered the gun
at mother’s feet the other day. How about it? The tea is delicious.
– That’s coffee. Is that so? – Mother mentioned
you like coffee very much. It’s very nice. Did you like it? It is good.. coffee. That is tea. Mother said coffee
gives you indigestion.. ..and you disrupt everyone’s sleep. That is true. Avni! Tell me, did you like it? Shall I really truthfully lie
to you or falsely tell the truth? Just tell the truth.
– It tastes like urine. Mother! Mother! Monk, ma’am isn’t at home now.
Come later. Brother! He is one of your kind. Keshu, why are
you dressed this way? Brother, hereafter
I shall become a gentleman. Be a gentleman, not a monk. Brother, ever since I was young.. ..being a gentleman
meant being a monk. You aren’t going to the Himalayas,
you’re going to jail. I know, 5 star junior. I’ll go to hell, not just
jail if brother gives the word. But why is your
cheek swollen, Keshu. You said we should do one
good deed before surrendering.. ..so this morning I helped
a blind man cross the street. He slapped me, brother. What? But you did a good
deed helping a blind man.. ..cross the street.
Why did he slap you? He didn’t want to cross the street. When do we go to the
police station, brother? You are not to surrender, Keshu. Why, brother? I told you,
you committed these crimes for me.. ..so I shall endure the punishment. But we split the spoils
of our crime together. Hence we shall split
the punishment too. We are friends, brother. What was that song Amitabh
sang on the scooter in Sholay? “We won’t break our friendship
we’d die before we split.” No brother,
Potya will go where Mahadev goes. And junior will
go where brother goes. Keshu. Come here, man. See you again. Oh look, this is the
first time since the Ramayan.. ..that Ram and Bharat
will come together. What did you say!
– Keshu! What did you say, brother? Mitali. Mother. Are all your arrangements in order? Yes mummy,
all the arrangements are in order. Avni, didn’t you offer
grain to the monk? – Mummy. Mother! Sharif?
Why are you dressed this way? Mother, starting today I
will truly be a decent human being. That’s right, mother?
Even he has blown a fuse. He too wishes to surrender. It’s the scheme for the day.
Buy one get one free. “Saibaba from Shirdi,
an appellant has approached you.” Who is it?
– It’s my wife calling, brother. Yes, sister. Mother, I’ve decided
to go straight hereafter.. ..so starting today
every lady is a mother.. ..and every girl is a sister to me.
– Okay, okay. Brother, may I say something? In my opinion we should refer
to our wives as Don, not sisters. Why? – Because not only is
it difficult to please the wife.. ..it is impossible. I’m on my way, mother. Listen! Don’t trip again. Mother, for the first time in my
life I’ve considered standing up.. ..I won’t let myself
trip so easily. Hail the don! Brother! I didn’t trip today. Oh Mitali, did you speak
to all the news channels? Yes sister Avni,
I’ve spoken to all the channels. Raju Rakamdar will announce
his surrender to the media first.. ..and then he will go surrender
himself to the police. And his surrender
will be covered live. Wow! You are going to
become famous on television.. ..as 5 star aunty’s companion. Even you will become famous
as Raju Rakamdar’s partner. Don’t make fun of me. If I go to
prison I’ll return after 5 years. The minimal sentence
for such cases is ten years. Really?
– Yes! The three of them will only
rest after sending me to jail. Yes. Raju, have you informed
the minister of your surrender? No mother. I haven’t spoken to him personally. I didn’t have the guts to face
him so I left a letter for him. No matter what he might be,
mother.. ..when I came to this city
he offered me bread and shelter. Sure, he offered it to
you for his own selfish reasons. Even he deserves
some of your punishment. He will pay his share, mother. I have a list of names
here of amounts people owe me. Hand it to Avni.
– Take this, sister Avni. Good gracious!
This is a very large amount. How much is it?
– Arun! Who cares how much it is!
None of my business. Mummy, what will be done
with this large sum of money? I’ve spoken to a
gentleman called Harendra. He will use all this
money for good deeds. Mother, you must tell him
to build a school in my village. And ask him to make organize
free education over there. Frankly speaking sister Avni,
had I gone to school.. ..and learned to write then
I might have become a good man. I would have learned to
keep score of good and bad deeds. As a kid I crushed ants in fun. Someone told him it
was a sin to crush an ant. He didn’t even realise.. ..when he went from crushing
ants to crushing man. It takes ages to evolve
into man from a beast.. ..but it takes only one moment
to change from man to beast. If the truth be told,
brother Arun if I were educated.. ..I would become an engineer
like you or a doctor. You are very lucky. You’re lucky you
have her for a mother.. ..who inculcated values into you. My luck is lost. But you please follow her example,
brother Arun. Follow her example. Wonderful, Raju. You think from your heart. Today an uneducated man.. ..has taught a lesson
to an engineer, Raju. I too would like to surrender
a dream of mine today. But only partially. I still want to be a builder.. ..but I will begin
my career as builder.. ..by building your school,
brother Raju. Your school. Being a Gujarati,
I won’t do it for free.. ..but I will build
it at minimal profit. But I will be the one to
build the school, brother Raju. That’s if I have
everyone’s permission. Don’t look for ways
not to go to jail, Arun. I shall build the school
when I get out of jail. Happy, Raju. You will not go to jail, Arun. I will relinquish my life
if I am unable to fly out of the grime of crime I created. I was only teasing you for a while. I ripped the papers and
disposed of them long ago. Teasing! Oh mummy! What can I say? We were teasing. Arun, you’re not going to jail. Will you build a school or a tower?
– Tower! No! Come on now, it will be evening.. ..before we’re through
with all this business. Arun, take Raju to meet Harendra. He will give you the
accounts for all your money. Okay, mother.
-And Avni.. Mummy, do not worry. Mitali and I will approach
all the news channels. Let’s go, Mitali.
-And after speaking with them.. ..we shall meet you at
the police station at 7:00, okay? Mummy, we will pick
you up on the way. Just a minute, Avni. Get the car out, Raju.
We’ll drop them off on the way. I gave away the car, sister. You gave away the BMW? To whom? On my way here this morning.. ..a family was asleep on the road. I told them to keep the car.
Go for drives in the car.. ..and also go to school in it. If you’d told me before I
would have slept on the footpath. Hey!
– Arun! I’ve only just started mending
my ways. Give me a little time. Let’s go. Oh, Raju! You gave the BMW just like that. Well, I’ll hail a rickshaw.
Let’s go. You go ahead and I’ll follow. Mother, I put one 5 star
in each of the lunch boxes.. ..just as you said. And I think sister Avni
put ten lunch boxes are in here. There are eleven. What? Distribute ten lunches to them.. ..and share the eleventh
lunch with them. You put one 5 star in each of them. And here’s the extra one. This is your reward from 5 star
aunty for taking the right path. Goodbye, mother.
– Goodbye. May you triumph! God! God, give him the strength. What can god give him?
You gave him the strength. Wonderful, 5 star aunty.
Wonderful! You’re amazing! You turned the
impossible into possible. Your touch of your
philosopher’s stone.. ..will turn a metal
like Raju into pure gold. He was pure gold
in the first place. You put a coat of metal on him. And you wasted all the
hard work I put into coating him. Years ago in a
village in Kathiavad.. ..a five year old boy
worked with a farmer there. I starved him of food and drink. I beat him up so he
would be left his fear. So all his values
would burn to ashes. So his blood becomes toxic. Then I brought him to Mumbai
and fattened him like a bull. A beast with no hint of humanity. So he became a useful for politics.
That boy is Raju. I’m not the least bit interested
in knowing his history. Listen! Because his history
is directly connected.. ..to the event you
mentioned in your interview. What? What are you implying? The event was your five
year old son Vikram’s abduction. What?! And I.. I kidnapped him
and left him with the farmer. Your son Vikram who you
lost in the past is today’s Raju. That cultured mothers
corrupt blood is Raju Rakamdar! You mean..
You mean Raju is my son? Mine? Yes, Raju is your son. And you..
– I kidnapped him. After our last meeting
I lived with two deep desires. For one, I wanted revenge
because you condemned me. And second, you abused my blood. I wanted to settle that score,
and I did. I got retribution by corrupting
your moral offspring. But that score was
between the two of us. Why did you sacrifice my son?
He never harmed you. I had no alternative at the time. I even kidnapped your
grandson to remind that day. ..but it was my misfortune.. ..he escaped thanks
to your good deeds. You believe in the power of karma.. ..and I believe
in the karma of power. And look at the irony of nature. Due to your good deeds
you found your son. And you will lose him today
thanks to your good deeds. You have no idea of
the strength of power. The commissioner called
me just this morning. At 7:00 PM, this evening
Raju is going to surrender.. ..in the presence of media. But 7:00 PM will be too late. You spoke to me about
Raju Rakamdar, right? I want the police to take
action against him. Ten minutes. If you don’t receive a
call from me in ten minutes.. ..then close the
file on Raju Rakamdar! Hail India! Hail Maharashtra! And because I loved
you in the past.. ..I will give you
a piece of advice. You have ten minutes
to save your son. Call and tell him
if he wants to live.. ..he must live a corrupt
life and under my refuge. Tell him not to surrender.. ..and spend the rest
of his life as my pet dog. Today I wish to see whether
corrupt blood defeats you.. ..or your values
will make you triumph! You have only ten minutes
if you wish to save him. Call him! Raju. Raju is my son. My Vikram. “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one
who knows the pain of others” “Who does good to those
who are in misery..” “..and does not let pride
enter his mind.” What have you done? ‘Mummy!
Mummy, I’m back from school.’ ‘I’m hungry, mummy.’ Yes Vikram, I’ll give you
something to eat right away. Mother, I owe you. ‘You didn’t know me and yet
you ran around to save my life.’ ‘Lord knows what our
connection is, mother.. ..but I am your debtor.’ ‘As a kid I crushed ants in fun.’ ‘Someone told him it
was a sin to crush an ant.’ ‘He didn’t even realise.. ..when he went from crushing
ants to crushing man.’ No. No, I cannot make the call. Man must pay for his sins.
Must pay. Must pay. I can’t make the call. ‘ETV Gujarati, breaking news.’ ‘There was news of prominent
gangster Raju Rakamdar.. ..surrendering today.
But at the last minute.. ..he changed his mind and
assaulted minister Waghela.’ ‘How long will Raju
Rakamdar escape the law?’ ‘He has evaded the police
for the past five hours.. ..but the police is certain
Raju Rakamdar will be arrested.’ ‘News Aaj Tak.’ Mother! The police
is chasing me, mother! They’ve been chasing
me for the past five hours. Raju! Raju, you.. My boss foxed me, mother.
I didn’t assault him. The police won’t listen to me. Raju!
– I am not afraid of death. But I want to surrender
and die as a decent man, mother! Mother, don’t turn away from me.
I need your help. There’s only one thing I regret.
Why did I meet you so late? Yes, that’s exactly
what I’m saying. Why did we meet so late? I’d been waiting for you for years.
For years. Mother.. why are you crying for me?
I deserve this. My mother is to blame for all this. If she were with me she
would never let this happen to me. No, she wouldn’t. She would
never let this happen to you. ‘Rane! Shinde!
Cordon the house from the back.’ ‘He must not escape.’ They’re here, mother. I told you they
won’t let me get away. Raju! Stand still, Raju!
You’ve evaded the police enough. I was certain you’d
run to this house. Come out! Come out! Mr. Desai, he wants to surrender. No aunty, it is too late.
I have orders to close his file. If I perform my
duty by killing him.. ..it will be an
honour to my uniform. Desai..
– Aunty, please let me perform my duty. Please don’t say a word today. Let me perform my duty today.
-Okay, perform your duty. Raju..
– Mother! Your wish is my command. Inspector! Tell Waghela
Raju is a man, not a mouse. Shoot me in the chest,
not in my back. Shoot! Shoot already! I don’t want to spill your
blood in this sacred place. Come out! Come out!
– No! Raju, let go off my gun. Raju! Raju, you can’t do this.
Give me the gun, I say. Let go off my gun, Raju! Mother!
– Raju! Mother look me last time.. Raju! Hail Goddess! Aunty. Aunty, he snatched
my gun and shot himself. Desai, Desai, he’s the one
we’ve searched all these years. This is my son Vikram. This is Vikram?
– Yes. Mother, I am your son? Yes, my boy, you are my son.
You are my Vikram. I have found heaven
during my life, mother. I found heaven. Raju! Raju! Move it! Move it!
Guests are due to arrive now. This is not a wedding reception,
it is Raju’s wake. Hurry. Brother Khimji,
have I come to your house? Oh no, this is your own house.
– You should keep that in mind. Oh Arun! Where is she? Where is Avni? Mummy, mummy, mummy! You’ve been to my mother’s
house a million times.. ..so why are you
asking me the address? What? She’s gossiping again. Why is my mummy
hosting Raju’s wake? It’s like this.
My mummy is very kind. She does things for
anyone and gives away stuff. She very kindly gave
you her daughter, right? And bring Ayush with you. And don’t wear a sleeveless
blouse or apply dark lipstick. It is a wake. Hang up now. Your mother-in-law? And she’s going to apply
dark lipstick to the wake? She is a specimen. It is the trademark of a Gujarati. Don’t be silly, brother Khimji. I’m not being silly.
Our Gujjus are something. They have to apply dark
lipstick and wear perfume.. ..even at the wake. And whatever the occasion,
brother Arun.. Whatever the occasion,
they must dance. I get it, brother Khimji, I get it. No matter what the occasion
Gujarati’s must dance. And Gujarati’s begin
bargaining with ten rupees.. ..for an item that
costs one hundred rupees. The vendor trembles but
the Gujarati doesn’t flinch. Yes. And they gossip
about someone for hours. They even condemn
generations of people. And what do they finally say? Forget it, Manjula.
What do we care? If the Gujaratis go to the moon.. ..they will take
three rockets with them. The Gujarati will
go in the first rocket. Snacks will follow
in the second rocket. And bedding will follow
suit in the third. They will eat in after noon,
grab the sheet and go to sleep. And a Gujarati will be the
first to open shop on the moon. Brother Khimji. Brother Khimji.
Stop the tomfoolery. This is Raju’s wake.
Go check the food arrangements. Yes, yes, I shall taste
everything that’s cooked. I am hungry, sister Avni. Arun, the media
has arrived outside. And mummy has invited the minister,
but will he come? He will come.
He will come. He will surely come. Raju Rakamdar won’t rest
in peace until he arrives. And he will have to come
to settle our unfinished business. Not will have to come,
he’s here already. Welcome, welcome, Mr. minister, come.
How are you? Very well. And obviously I too am very well. Everyday we get news
of this politician. Gulp half a billion, gulped
one billion, gulped five billion. If you polish off so much money,
when do you eat? See you. I’m doomed. Mummy, I’ll check on
the arrangements outside. Rahul, I’m coming. Mummy, I’ll go pack
the lunch boxes.. ..meanwhile you finish your
discussion with the minister. And you.. – I won’t stand
around like a show piece. I don’t need to freshen
up but I will. Happy? Time passes very fast, doesn’t it?
– Yes. Look, it’s been three
months since your son died. And his month’s mind is held today. I am very thankful to you for
inviting me to his month’s mind. I wish to thank you. Why? Because I got your
son killed in an encounter.. ..or because I kidnapped him. I wish to thank you
for this very reason. If you hadn’t kidnapped my son.. ..I wouldn’t wonder
if my son is starving.. ..or if he has a place to stay. And I wouldn’t think about
distributing lunch boxes. And you would not be 5 star aunty. And so many hungry
children wouldn’t get fed. Oftentimes even evil people
show you the right path. Well, I’m glad this
way I too did one good deed. Yes, but I regret
your plan went askew. You sheltered my offspring
with you for twenty years.. ..and corrupted him.. ..but he spent twenty days
with me and became untainted. He went from being
Raju the punk into a man. And the moment he became a man,
he kicked the bucket. Raju mending his way
spelled disaster for me. And I warned you I would
get him killed in an encounter.. ..but you didn’t heed.
I still maintain you pay heed. You have no clue of
the strength of power. Look at the number of media
reporters gathered outside.. ..when they heard
I was coming here. Just for two words from me. Yes, I too have a few
pieces of paper for you. This diary. This contains entries.. ..of everything you have
done everything you got Raju to do. Entries? What entries?
– Entries of your crimes. What? -Those you accomplished
through Raju, Mr. Minister. It also contains your
younger brother’s confession. The same brother who
was going to go to prison.. ..for fraud and cheating. You commissioned Raju.. ..to get murder the complainant. Those complainants were my parents. So you’re..?
– Crime reporter Mitali Nanavati. If you are a crime reporter
then you would know. This is a photocopy. Xerox. You need original documents
to prove a crime. And those documents
are with me, sir. What? – You don’t get it.
Let me explain in Gujarati. I have all those documents. Raju handed them
to me before dying. Who are you? Who are you? He’s my brother, Vikram Parekh.
Saroj’s oldest son. No! You wouldn’t recognize him,
Mr. minister. Every time you came here
you only met Arun and me. You never met him. Brother, minister Waghela
is a man worth knowing. Hello. Pleasure to meet you, sir. Who is this?
– He is Vikram, my son. No, this is not Vikram,
this is Raju Rakamdar. Is that so?
Then who is that gentleman? You will know in a minute. Desai! Yes sir. You had orders to close
Raju Rakamdar’s file, didn’t you? Yes sir. What did you do? I killed him in an encounter, sir. You are telling lies.
You let him get away with his life. No sir!
– What, no sir? Then who is this? This is Vikram, sister Saroj’s son. Desai, you are
in cahoots with them. What are you saying, sir? Look here.
Raju Rakamdar’s file is closed. It has been recorded
at every police station. He was killed in
the police encounter. This is signed by the
commissioner at the bottom. It is written that
the case is closed. To hell with all this! Raju, I shall personally
close your case now. Two days. Within two days I’ll
deliver your body to this house. And Saroj Parekh, I shall
wipe off your entire family. I guarantee you nobody will
remain to host your month’s mind. Sir, being a minister and
in the presence of a policeman.. ..you are threatening
to kill a senior citizen. I am threatening
you as well, Desai. I shall have you
suspended by this evening. And your murders will
also be entered in this diary.. ..along with the rest
of my innumerable crimes. And I will not come to any harm. You are mistaken, Mr. minister. You have confessed
to all your crimes. What?!
– Rahul, sting operation over. Stop all the recording. What do you mean
by sting operation? I mean CCTV cameras
have been set up all around. They are all connected
to the news channel vans outside. Everyone will watch the live
relay of our family episode, sir. Sir, from your entry
into this house.. ..to you exit from the police
station will be telecast live. Raju’s soul will rest in
peace today. He is delivered. Goodbye, Raju.
– Goodbye, Raju. Did you see him as well?
– Yes. Goodbye.
– Shut up! What do you think you are up to? And what do you
people think anyway? Your antics won’t
make any difference to.. We have done nothing.
The one up there runs everything. He is the salvager
and he is the destroyer. And.. ..in the presence of
the one with thousands hands.. ..even ministers like you
can’t have your way, Mr. Waghela. Raju!
– Raju Rakamdar. Good day! I was meant to live
despite being shot.. ..thanks to my mother’s good deeds. Let’s settle our score now. How will you prove
I am Raju Rakamdar? You are seated in my lap, sir. You rose. I pray god makes
you rise up there this way. He won’t take him away so soon. It’s like this. Your quota
of crimes isn’t up as yet. Tell me how you will prove it. Because when Raju died
you announced to the media.. ..the police have done a
good job killing a punk like Raju. Now if you go to the police
and tell them Raju is alive.. ..who will believe you? Because Raju’s case is closed. And you have attended
his month’s mind today, sir. Valia didn’t get his family’s
support in the ancient times.. ..that’s why he became the Valmiki. But in the present age this
Valia got his family’s support. That’s why he became Valmiki. In the holy book Gita,
Krishna gave a message. “You have the right
to perform your actions.. ..but you are not entitled
to the fruits of the actions.” But you added one word
to it and changed the meaning. “You have the right to
perform your evil actions.. ..but you are not entitled
to the fruits of the actions.” But you forgot man
must pay for his actions. Come along, sir. Let’s go. Just a minute.
I want to reward you. Reward?
– Take these fennel seeds with you. When you’re in prison
and you think of us.. ..and you get furious with us,
take two spoons. It will automatically calm you! Sir, you’re still here? People are standing outside.. ..with slipper garlands
in their hands waiting for you. What?! – Shoes have been
donated from every street. Khimji alone brought
eight hundred pairs. Will you come willingly,
sir, or do you want me to drag you? I pushed you.
– Move it! Brother, the lunch boxes are ready. Very good, Keshu. Did you put a five star
in all the lunch boxes? Yes, brother. I have two things to say to you. One: Store fennel
seeds in your house. Two: If you feed a hungry
child even once a month. The efforts we put in
making this play will triumph! “If we look at a woman
with good intent..” “If we look at a woman with good
intent she will seem like a mother.” “Never utter anything incorrect.”

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  1. Realy Realy……… Very nice….. Joi ne aakh bharai gai…. Ame chookas lunch box valo idea apnavsu

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