5 Easy Superfood Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

5 Easy Superfood Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Smoothies are my favorite way to eat nutrient-rich
foods like fruits and greens. They’re quick, easy, and only require a
good blender. Today I’m sharing 5 easy superfood smoothies
that make for a great breakfast, especially when you’re in a pinch. First, I’d like to thank Thrive Market for
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trial. Alright, let’s start with our first superfood
smoothie: The Red This one’s on the sweeter side, so it’s
really easy to enjoy. I’d say this is a beginner smoothie. Here are the ingredients you’ll need: A banana – You can add another if you like
your smoothies creamier and sweeter. Strawberries, of course. And yes, you can blend them with the stems
in. I was so stoked when I found that out on Google. Goji berries, which are an amazing superfood. Go easy on this if you’re new to the taste,
though. Almond milk – Or, technically, any other liquid
of your choice. And lastly: ice. This one’s optional, but add it if you like
your smoothies cold. I usually don’t add ice, but I know most
people like it. Next, add all the ingredients into your blender
cup. Side note: I’m not including exact measurements
for the recipes because I personally never measure when making
smoothies. I just eyeball everything and learn what I like over time. I want to be here to share the ingredients but give you freedom to explore what ratios
you like best, since we all have different tastes anyway. Feel free to experiment and adjust these recipes
to your liking. Alright, it’s time to blend! Next up: we have the Green smoothie. This one’s packed with nutrients but the green taste can take some time to
get used to if you’re still a beginner to these types
of smoothies. So here are the ingredients that you’ll
need. First: Greens of your choice – I have spinach,
kale, and chard. You can add more greens for more nutrients,
or less greens if you’re not used to the taste yet. Next: wheat grass powder. This is optional, but sometimes, if I don’t have fresh greens, I’ll use
this instead. A banana, or maybe two if you want. Some chia seed and flaxseed. And, optional: Another fruit of your choice. I had papaya in the fridge, so why not? And lastly: coconut water. It’s like water, but better. Add everything into the blender. Here, I kind of messed up because I put bananas first but I actually
recommend adding the greens first so you can smush them down and pack some more
in there, but it’s okay. Then blend! Following the green smoothie, we have the
Purple smoothie. This one also tastes pretty good because it’s
so simple. It reminds me of blueberry yogurt. Here are the ingredients for this smoothie.. We have: A banana. We have our main star of the show: blueberries,
which are my favorite berries at the moment. Chia seed and hemp seed, which is another
superfood I’ve recently just started to explore. And almond milk, or coconut milk could work
too! Add all the ingredients into the blender cup. I felt like adding more blueberries. And then blend until you’re happy with the
consistency! Alright, next up we have the most adventurous
smoothie of the bunch, the yellow smoothie. This one’s adventurous because it includes
a spice called turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
usually used in Indian curries. It has a more earthy taste that you might
not be used to, but surprisingly this was my favorite smoothie
of the bunch. Here are the ingredients we’ll be using: A banana, as usual. Frozen mangoes, or fresh – whatever you’ve
got. Turmeric, our star spice. Black pepper – just a dash! Yes, it sounds weird, but black pepper is
proven to dramatically increase the absorption and
effects of Turmeric, that’s why you’ll always see them used
together in recipes. And almond milk, or any other type of milk
will work. First, add the almond milk into your cup. Then add a teaspoon or less of turmeric. Then add a dash of black pepper. A small amount is already enough to reap the
benefits. Then add all the fruit, and then blend! Look at that color! I love it so much. Alright, this last smoothie is the quickest
and easiest of them all. I call this the “Lazy Superfood Shake”
because it can’t get easier than this, seriously. Here are the three ingredients needed: First, bananas, and I’d definitely add two
for this one. This Green Superfood powder mix, which is
kind of like a multivitamin, antioxidant supplement made from superfood
ingredients. And coconut water. Add the bananas into the cup, then add a scoop
of the superfood mix. And then the coconut water. Blend, and you’re done! I feel like this you could literally make
this in one minute. Maybe two minutes, if you take your time peeling
bananas. Anyway, like with all other smoothies, you
can add more ingredients if you’d like. In general, take some time to explore what
fruits and greens you like best. And remember to add superfood boosts – Like goji berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds,
or flaxseed, because why not? You’re getting so many more nutrients, and
you don’t even notice they’re there. That’s why I love smoothies so much. Thanks again to Thrive Market for sponsoring
this video. If you want to get a free $60 in organic groceries
from Thrive Market, free shipping, and a 30 day trial – Go to thrivemarket.com/lavendaire
or click the link in the description below. Thanks so much for watching! Stay healthy, stay fresh. Love you all so much. Bye!

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    Also goji berries go great with cherries and they are so good for the skin!🍒

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  8. Thanks for the vid!
    Actually for those who have a more delicate stomach and feel like they are prone to acidity or cramps after downing a smoothie, try 'eating your smoothie' as your saliva will help dilute and process the smoothie before it drops to your stomach (much more scientific than that, can't find the words :p). I personally like to either make smoothie bowls and really take my time with each mouthful or if I'm in a rush I'll just pour the smoothie over some cereal/granola and chew well. Hope this helps!

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  22. Thank you for these great smoothie tips!! When I go to a smoothie shop I say I want a "crunchy" then tell them that I don't like the ice completely blended in. I sometimes get strange looks from the employee but they make them just right. 🙂

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  24. If you like your smoothies cold, you can also freeze your bananas and then you also don't have to worry about them going bad either. Just peel and put them in a bag in the freezer and reuse the bag.

    An afforable way to drinking smoothies everyday and in abundance are frozen fruits and vegetables. A big bad of mixed fruit goes for about $2-3. Will save you and reduce less waste, unless your market has unpackaged fresh produce. Then they are cold and ready for smoothies and you can use the bag for freezing bananas once you run out.

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