5 Best London Food Markets

5 Best London Food Markets

– The best food markets in London. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions, and in this video, I’m
gonna be telling you some of the best places to get food in outdoor or maybe indoor markets and
food halls across London, and the first market I’m gonna be starting with is this one. It’s Borough Market. This market has been in London
since about the 12th century, so it’s been here for quite a long time. This is the quintessential tourist market, which means it’s really busy. You are likely to be here with two-thirds of all of the tourists in London, but it’s definitely worth a visit here. It is just on the south
bank of the London Bridge, and if you’re coming to this market, the best days are
Wednesday through Saturday. It is closed on Sundays,
Monday and Tuesday. It’s a limited market, this
market is best at lunch. So let’s check out this market and some of the other
best markets in London. Here we go. Part of the appeal of Borough Market is definitely its layout, which really encourages you to explore. Some of the stands are under the tracks, under bridges, some are outside, some are under awnings, and none of it’s really straight lines. You have to meander around corners, underneath arches, and you
can even get free samples. Don’t mind if I do. Some pay it for you. – [Man] Jesse! – Whether you’re looking
for fresh truffles or some fine aged cheese,
you’ll find it all here. You can even get illuminated cheese, so it’s quite an
impressive cheese display. The stalls here also range
from produce to prepared food that you’d cook later to food
that’s ready to eat right now. And it is London, so of course you’ll find some
fabulous loose leaf tea. Of course, you’ll find
delicious Indian food as well, since Indian food I think has become the British national cuisine. For something traditionally British, pick up a meat pie with mashed potatoes, pie and a side, 6.50. This stall is roasting up
the whole hog, literally. It’s the whole hog, roasted. First time I’ve seen
that in a street market. All the seafood you’d ever dream of, including fresh lobsters, and what’s really neat (chuckles) is a lot of these stalls have a hygiene rating, so you can tell you’re
not gonna get sick here. A selection of fresh soups (chuckles), and these two up here, this is actually hot mulled apple juice. If you don’t want apple juice, but you prefer to drink grass,
you can do that here too. I love these vendors that have their food set up in big skillets. Looks and smells delicious. You don’t just have to see
where the biggest line is, but you can smell it as you’re walking by. This stall’s grilling up some big Boston burgers,
and big sausage buns. The only real con I see in this market is there are not a lot of seats. You’ll find a few seating
area scattered around, but chances are you’ll be
standing most of the time. Oh, it is good to know
there are clean toilets, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on drinking water either, ’cause they’ve got these
water bottle fillers. If you haven’t had breakfast yet, and you are here really early, you can stop by Maria’s Market Cafe and get a whole bunch of different breakfast items pretty cheap. If you like coffee, then you’ll definitely want to stop by Monmouth, evidenced by the long line for coffee. Supposed to be one of London’s
best coffees, supposed to be. I didn’t stand in that line. For one of the market’s most iconic foods, stop by Brindisa and pick
up the double chorizo roll. It’s got two pieces of
chorizo roll arugula and some spicy peppers in
there all for six pounds. It is the only prepared
food this stall sells. It’s right on the outer market, just left of the big
Borough Market awning. Well, let’s dive into this, check it out. And for dessert, I picked up
some goat’s milk ice cream, salted caramel and strawberries and cream, five pounds for this little
scoop of deliciousness, but it’s a good way to mellow, help the spices of the chorizo. It actually got pretty spicy in the end. It’s one of those that builds on you. And this goat’s milk ice cream, pretty smooth, and doesn’t
have some of the lactose things that milk’s milk would
have, cow milk would have. Well, not quite no
lactose, but less lactose. You know how I know? The cup told me so. Don’t miss the second part of the market under the
Green Market archway, it’s right across the street. Also make sure to explore
the surrounding alleys. There is really a lot of
food vendors around here. You won’t be hungry. Another great place for street food in London is at Camden Market. Can the market has a lot of food vendors, but the biggest collective
of them is at KERB. KERB at Camden, they’ve
got 34 different vendors that sell street food
ranging from Thai noodle to mac and cheese to buns, to ribs, lot of delicious stuff here. Best part about this street food market is they are open 364 days a year. They start cooking for lunch at 11 a.m., and then they’re open till six or 7 p.m. every night, and to find the KERB, well, if you go to the
Camden Town tube station, just walk until you get to the canal, which is right here behind me, and you just go past the lock, the Camden lock, and then you’ll find these 34
delicious food vendors. What I love about this market, like a lot of London markets, is the vendors put out samples of their food in not plastic wrap, because like Japan, but
actual things they cooked when the morning starts so you can see exactly
what you’re gonna get. So what did I get? I got a kati roll. What’s a kati roll? It’s kind of like a
northern Indian burrito. It’s made with some flatbread, with some egg on it, some
house-made chutneys that would include some tamarind sauce, with a squeeze of lime, pickled onions all rolled up pretty delicious. It’s a very intricate flavor. The tamarind, the yogurt, and the slightly spicy chicken and the hot flatbread with
the egg, super delicious. Check that out seven pound 50p. For dessert, I got some Dutch pancakes. 10 pancakes, white chocolate
strawberries, five pounds. Did I mention you’ll find everything here? You’ll find everything, even New York style pizza at Voodoo Ray’s. When most of the other markets are closed on Sunday, this one’s hopping. This is Brick Lane. It’s so busy on Sundays 10 to 5 p.m., they actually
close off the street to cars, ’cause there’re so many
people walking up on it. The food vendors, they just set up on the side of the street. You’ll find some of
them inside a building, there’s a Brick Lane food hall as well, but I thought one of
the coolest food vendors was right behind me, it’s
that black taxi right there. The street’s closed off, but that’s the black taxi coffee company. Dude is making coffee out
of a London black cab. That is pretty neat. Lots of great food here, Chinese food, Japanese food, even Mexican food, so
let’s take a look at some of the other tasty things
on offer at this market. I was particularly impressed
by the streetside ramen bar. These places have full on gas grills, big pots, I mean, they go all
out at these street markets. This stand’s grilling up
some really big sausages. You can get the big one with cheese and drink for six pounds. Some more Indian food on display, along with some really
delicious looking Mexican food, given samples of those fajitas. Here’s some Chinese food. Fried rice and noodles. And this one says authentic Japanese food, but taking a closer look, this is definitely Korean
inspired Japanese food. And there’s also real Korean
food at the Korean Rice Bowl, Italian pasta, pesto and Alfredo sauces. Chinese steamed and panfried dumplings. And I think one of the
most unusual stalls, this one selling Lithuanian food. They’ve got lots of meatballs for sure. For dessert, there are most of
those little Dutch pancakes, and this guy’s got a cool wooden windmill. To wash it all down, you can get some fresh squeezed sugar cane juice or this stand sells their
drinks from a bicycle, either mulled wine or apple cider. Just a couple blocks from Brick Lane, also in Shoreditch, is
this two-story thing of shipping containers. It’s called Boxpark. It has 60 different vendors in it, about half of them are food stalls, particularly up on the second floor. They’re interconnected one by one. They’ve also got bars and things like that interspersed between
the shipping containers where they’ve created some open space. Voodoo Ray’s definitely
seems to be biggest one, that’s New York pizza place. It takes up three shipping containers, but there’s little shipping
containers of donuts, little shipping containers of ice cream, little shipping containers of curry, so if you want to be really cool, this place looks hip and trendy, Boxpark is definitely the place to go to cram into a shipping container and get some noodles. This next one, it’s in
the same neighborhood as the last two, it’s
Old Spitalfields Market, it’s about a seven minute
walk from the Boxpark. Here it’s a regular flea market. They’ve got some permanent
stalls, the indoor stalls. I mean, technically, it’s
all covered and under roof, so maybe this is more of a
food hall than street food, but it’s worth mentioning anyway, because there’s tons of tasty food here. And while there are permanent things like Wondermama and more restaurants, there is also a lot of little things like what have I got behind me? Yum Bun, Mounty’s Deli,
there’s Indian street food. I really liked it there was a pizza place that brought in a big pizza
oven on kind of a truck. There’s also a guy cooking up pasta. He says it’s Italian pasta, pasta carbonara, no cream,
just like it is in Italy. So scour out this market
for some tasty eats and there’s a whole
flea market section too, so you can pick up some cheap
stuff while you’re here too, or some expensive stuff, depending upon what kind of things you buy from those stalls, but hopefully good food. So what did I get to eat here? I got the pasta carbonara from the guy in a little truck back there. The pasta truck, and yes the
pasta carbonara with no cream, just like it’s made in Italy. It was pretty good, seven pounds,
big filling, a bowl of it. Only thing that makes
it not quite Italian, they used Italian ham
pancetta instead of guanciale. That’s how it’d served in Rome. And then to wash it all down, I got some Taiwanese fruit tea. When I eat all this highly fattening food, amazing I don’t gain 1000 pounds, but I gotta have my fruit in
here, so I like to drink it. This tea is quite fruity, four pounds 75 pence, definitely not cheap for this drink, but it is lovely and refreshing, particularly after the slightly
salty but really good pasta. Thanks for watching, if
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from our London series. All right, bye-bye.

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