4th Generation Braised Goose in Bangkok: LEGENDARY Thai Chinese Food | ห่านพะโล้ ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง

4th Generation Braised Goose in Bangkok: LEGENDARY Thai Chinese Food | ห่านพะโล้ ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง

(chopping) – [Mark] That is a beauty. A side of a goose here in, just, that pool of flavorful juices. (uplifting music) Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with Migrationology.com
in Bangkok, Thailand. Gonna pick up Dwight, my buddy Dwight, and we are driving over
to a restaurant called Chua Kim Heng, which is very famous. Oh hold on. There’s Dwight right now. – Did I just interrupt? (both laugh) – It’s very famous for
serving braised goose. So we’re on our way to go eat some braised goose today for lunch. (uplifting music) The drive didn’t take too long, we just arrived at the restaurant, and this is a fourth generation braised goose restaurant, and
it’s one of these restaurants that’s just sort of expanded as it’s grown throughout the years and so
it’s underneath the highway. And, you actually have to drive through the middle of the restaurant,
which I think is pretty cool, and they have a dining room
on both sides of the street. You arrive to this restaurant, and what’s really cool about it is that there’s a driveway, kind
of like a little road, right in the middle of this restaurant, and so you’ll see some cars pulling up and people getting out and just entering the restaurant immediately. It reminds me of, like, an
emission or like a mechanic, or an emissions testing mechanic place where you
just drive in your car, and then they check your car,
that’s what it reminds me of. (chopping) A couple of the dishes have just arrived, but what’s really awesome
looking is the sauce. Which, I think this is
the braised goose sauce. You can see, just full of
garlic and some yellow chilies, and probably vinegar is what I’m guessing. I just gotta taste a little
piece of that garlic. Dwight is filming a video
too, so we’ve got two cameras rolling, and we’re both eating. – We’re definitely the
most annoying people in the restaurant, confirmed. – Oh! But what’s really good about that sauce is that they’re using the Thai garlic. It’s strong, but it’s
mild at the same time. That’s basically a vinegar-based sauce, which is gonna go really well
together with the salty goose. We ordered a couple of different dishes, and the most famous thing this restaurant is known for is their braised goose, but the braised goose
is only served at lunch. They are also open at dinner, but they serve more stir-fried
Chinese style dishes. So we got some braised goose, and then we also got another dish that you absolutely have to get. But I’m gonna start
with that braised goose. That is a beauty, just
a side of a goose here. You can see that, like,
marbling of the skin, and just that pool of flavorful juices. And there’s some cilantro
on the top as well. And they do have the sauce,
but since I’ve already tasted the sauce, I think
I’m just gonna go ahead and just taste the straight
piece of the goose, without anything and really, really let it absorb those juices. – [Dwight] It’s just
extra fatty, extra juicy. Even when they’re hanging in the window, you can see them just
dripping with this juice. (laughs) – Oh yeah! That’s insane. It’s on the salty side for flavor, but you can taste the undertone
of the star anise in there. And then what I really
love about the goose is that it has a little bit
of a muscular texture to it, which is completely contrasted by that gelatinous-y skin on the top. This time I have to submerge
it into that garlic-y goodness, and I actually wanna take the chopsticks and actually put some of
that garlic on top of it. It’s awesomely good.
– [Dwight] Confirmed? – Oh man, yeah, confirmed delicious. It’s like at that stage
just before it’s too salty to the point where it’s so addictive and so good and so salty. Not over salty, but perfect. The next dish we got is Pad Mee Ka Han, and it comes in its own
little baking pot here, and there’s Pad Mee, which
are egg noodles on the top, and then on the bottom
are braised goose feet plus some garlic. This is one of their
signature dishes here. I wanna see what’s underneath all this. So first, maybe take some of the noodles? And I’m just assuming that these noodles have just been saturated
with goose juices. Oh, and there’s mushrooms
down here, there’s ginger. – [Dwight] So, they’ve got all the spices and everything at the bottom. So I think the way they do
it is they cook all of that, and then they throw the soaked noodles on top. So, once we get down to the bottom, everybody will be able to
see a little bit better that all the flavor from
that garlic and the spices and those giant mushrooms
and everything has just been absorbed by these goose feet. They’re not like duck feet. They’re webbed, right,
and they’re extra big. So if you love feet at all,
if you love chicken feet, or duck feet, or anything,
this is like the ultimate. – [Mark] Looks like there’s
some pork fat down there too. For extra flavor.
– [Dwight] Yeah. Oh. – [Mark] They know what
they’re doing here. – [Dwight] I don’t even
think you’re supposed to eat all of that stuff,
that’s just there… – [Mark] Here’s a goose foot. – [Dwight] To be absorbed. – [Mark] There’s a lot of
delicious things going on in that pot, but I gotta start with this. This webbed foot. Rather than a chicken foot,
this has a lot more meat, or a lot more material
that you can gnaw on. You do wanna take out
all the little bones. – (laughs) Come again? (laughs) – Yeah, that is very gelatinous. You can really taste, like,
a black pepper flavor to it. And I still got one more bone in my mouth. Unlike chicken feet, which I wouldn’t say are my favorite because
they basically just offer a couple bites of, like,
that padding material, goose feet, on the other hand, and these particularly, are awesome. You do have to really
like the kinda, like, the gelatinous-y, gooey textures. But if you can enjoy
that kind of a texture, the flavor on them and just that fattiness and that gnawing on the little bones, and digging off that
little bits of the web, it’s really really good. And that, like, spice
profile that they’re using in their braised juices and sauce is just absolutely awesome. Now I gotta taste some of those noodles. And the noodles not only
have the goose juices, but also that pork at
the bottom of the pot, as well as ginger and
garlic, and some other, probably secret, ingredients. Woah. Those noodles are amazing. – [Dwight] Mm-hmm. – They’re so soft, you can actually feel, like, the oils and flavors just filled into the noodles. We also got a big soup
here which is, I think, a steamed soup with bitter
melon and See Khrong Muu, which is pork ribs, I think. And I love bitter melon,
especially when they’re like these tender piece of bitter melon. I’m gonna put this on to my rice. Okay, and then maybe add a
pork rib in there as well. Is this supposed to be eaten
with any sauce, you think? Okay, and I will reach in for that. (Mark gasps) – [Mark] Oh! That just completely falls off the bone. Oh, that’s beautiful. And then, take it with
some of that bitter melon. (Dwight laughs) That bitter melon just
disintegrates in your mouth. And it’s just so soft and tender, and it’s not really that bitter, but it definitely has a
very porky flavor to it. That is very porky, and that just was a very pleasant bitterness to it. We’ve eaten all the noodles
and most of the feet, but there’s some goodies down below here. I’m gonna grab one of those mushrooms. Oh, and I got a noodle
attached to this mushroom. Those mushrooms are ridiculous. It almost has the same
texture as the feet. It’s gelatinous, and it’s
just filled with the flavor. I can really taste
ginger in that mushroom. We just finished with this meal. That was fantastically good. What I really liked about the goose is that it’s on a saltier side
rather than the sweet side. Actually, I don’t even know if it really has any sweetness to it. But you can really taste the undertone of secret herbs and spices
that they’ve braised, that juice that they braised the goose in. Really, really good. And then also the
highlight of any meal here is that goose feet, kinda hot pot pan, all in one pan. Even if feet don’t sound that good to you, you should definitely try
it because they are amazing. And what I didn’t notice at
the beginning of eating it is that they included
a lot of cilantro roots which in Thai are called Rak Pak Chee, and that was giving a lot
of flavor to this dish. There’s a lot of black pepper corns. There were some pork fat flavoring it, as well as a lot of ginger. And then this is just a classic place. I love how the master is up there, just slicing and dicing that goose up just remarkably well. He’s a true expert, and
he just de-bones it! He de-bones it all within, like, just not, like, really
fast, but just graceful. He’s very graceful at chopping up geese. For fantastic and legendary
braised goose in Bangkok, this is a great restaurant. And they even have some snack stalls right outside the restaurant. Ying is now buying some Makam, or some Khanoms over here. – [Mark] Which one is this Ying? Khanom
– [Ying] Khanom Tian Khanom Tian.
– [Mark] Khanom Tian. In a little pyramid shape, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. Oh yeah, that’s gooey. And you can feel the
oils coming out of this. You can really smell the banana leaf, which has been embedded into this. Mm, okay, I have had this before. It has kind of like a grainy, bean-y texture on the inside, and then on the outside
it is, like, very sticky. And then also, I forgot
that there is a little bit of black pepper in here. So you can taste a little bit
of a pepper flavor as well. That is a very interesting snack because it’s a little bit sweet, but then that contrasts
with the black pepper. And now that I keep on eating it, you can actually taste
the black pepper sort of numbing the tongue. What’d you think of that goose, Dwight? – Oh man, I loved it, as always. This is a great place. If you’re in Bangkok,
it’s worth coming over to Chua Kim Heng. This is not the only
thing to eat over here. There’s a great set of
restaurants in this area, so you can really just
come over here and explore. – Thank you all very much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Also Dwight is making a video as well. – Maybe. (laughs) – I think. I will link it below if he does, and thank you all very much for watching, and I will see you on the next video. (uplifting music)

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  18. Chua Kim Heng

    Address :

    81-83 Pattanakarn rd. Suangluang Bangkok

    How to get there

    By Car :

    Drive from Soi Sukhumvit71 to Klongton crossroad. Then, turn right to Pattanakarn road. Chua Kim Heng restaurant locate at your left side apart around 80 meters from Klongton crossroad.

    By Bus :

    Use bus number 92, 11, 517, 206 to Klongton junction and get down after 80 meters apart from the junction on Pattanakarn road. Chua Kim Heng restaurant located on 81 Pattanakarn road Suangluang Bangkok.

    by_pane :

    Use Airport Link to Ramkhamheng station. Afterthat, take a walk about 5 minutes to Pattanakarn road. Chua Kim Heng restaurant located on 81 Pattanakarn road Suangluang Bangkok.

    By BTS :

    Go to Phaya Thai Station. Then, use Airport Link to Ramkhamheng station. Afterthat, take a walk about 5 minutes to Pattanakarn road. Chua Kim Heng restaurant located on 81 Pattanakarn road Suangluang Bangkok.

    By MRT :

    Go to Phetchaburi Station. Then, use Airport Link to Ramkhamheng station. Afterthat, take a walk about 5 minutes to Pattanakarn road. Chua Kim Heng restaurant located on 81 Pattanakarn road Suangluang Bangkok.

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