24 Hour Triathlon Nutrition Plan for Beginners

24 Hour Triathlon Nutrition Plan for Beginners

Hey What’s up guys Taren here if you’re getting
ready for your first triathlon you’re not sure how to approach the nutrition aspect
of it as far as what you should eat the day before and the day of the race stick around
because we’re going to go through at the 24 hours leading up to and getting it through
your first triathlon now addressing what beginner triathletes should be eating the day before
and the day of their first triathlon we’re going to assume that you’re starting with
a Sprint or an Olympic distance even a super sprint the people would start off with Ironmans
and half-ironmans there are a whole different bunch of business so what you should be eating
the day before the race is this not a whole heck of a lot more a lot of people think that
they need to carb load a huge amount the day before a race and that’s not the case only
eat about 10 to 15% more than you normally would make it carb-based as opposed to protein
or fat based because you need to replenish your glycogen stores get them pumped up before
the race stay away from things like fiber, dairy, greasey foods, anything new, basically
you don’t want to be *fart sounds* yeah you doing that the next day so eat a little bit
more focusing on carbs that you normally eat day to day as far as hydration goes definitely
drink a little bit more water and you can even add a little bit of a light electrolyte
powder but you don’t need to go crazy the morning of the triathlon do not I repeat do
not eat a big breakfast all of your carb and your electrolyte and water loading should
happen the day before so your body has time to soak it in and get rid of what it doesn’t
need if you have a big breakfast the morning of your first triathlon you’re gonna be making
a lot of porta potty stops to have a light carb-based carb-based is very tough to say
carb base breakfast with foods that you normally eat about 4 hours before the start of your
racethat’ll give your body enough time to get it out of your stomach so that breakfast
isn’t sloshing around when you’re starting the triathlon if it’s a really hot day something
that I’ve had a lot of success with is something called hyper-hydrator and what that is is
a really densely packed electrolyte drink that you can sip on during breakfast and I
found that takes a lot of the aches and pains away during those hot days were sweating really
hard so you can give that a try but I certainly wouldn’t try that for the first time in the
morning of your race give it a try in the weeks leading up to it to see how your stomach
handles now leading up to your race what I like to do is get one of those super cheap
500 milliliter bottles that you don’t mind tossing away fill it up with a really light
electrolyte drink I often don’t even drink the whole thing that I just sip on it in between
that 4 hours between breakfast and the start of the race if you down a whole bunch of water
before the race again you’re going to be making a whole lot of porta potty stops about 15
minutes before the race you want to eat something that’s very easy for your body to digest and
for this I’d recommend either gels or chews these are things that your body is going to
be able to start breaking down in just 15 minutes before you start the race at this
point I probably wouldn’t be getting into bars because they’re little denser and tougher
for your body to digest I love my coffee I love my coffee so every single race without
question I make sure that I have some caffeine you can have a little bit of coffee it’s not
going to kill you you can have some caffeine in your gels or your chews or what I like
to actually use as a natural caffeine Source this is something that I reviewed last year
these are Voke Tabs and this is natural caffeine that gives you the same sort of energy is
caffeine but it doesn’t give you that jitteriness so I really like that now during your race
if you’re going any longer than about an hour and 15 minutes you’re probably going to want
to take in a little bit of calories even if you’re going faster than that you should probably
just a few sips of at least some light electrolyte fluid because they going to be sweating a
lot you obviously can’t have anything during the swim so don’t worry about once you hop
on the bike give your body about 5 to 10 minutes before you start taking on calories this allow
your legs to get into a nice Rhythm and allow your body to Route all the blood flow where
it needs to go and settle down during the bike definitely have a little bit of electrolyte
fluid you can sip on that probably once every 5 to 10 minutes make sure that you take it
on even if it doesn’t feel like you need to and then what you want to do is take on anywhere
between 90 and 120 calories every 30 minutes or so how you can monitor that really easily
is that the serving sizes of gels and things like chews are often portioned out in that
exact calorie dose so for every half hour you might take one serving of gel and one
serving of chew again I would probably stay away from bars if it’s just a Sprint or an
olympic distance because it takes a long time for your body to break these down in the last
5 minutes of the bike you don’t want to take on too much you want to let everything just
kind of settle down in your stomach and digest so that you don’t have a bunch of things sloshing
around in your stomach as you start the run and then for the first five minutes or so
of the run again let your blood flow figure out where it needs to be in your body let
your body get into a rhythm before you start taking on calories so about 5 to 10 minutes
into the start of the run you can start taking on calories and if it’s just a sprint or an
Olympic distance you can probably get away with just stopping at every aid station to
take on some Gatorade and unless you’re taking an hour or an hour and a half for the run
you probably don’t need to take on much more than whatever drinks are available at the
aid stations and like I said with the entire plan leading up to this point you don’t need
to overdo it you can just sip on a little bit of electrolyte fluid you don’t even need
to finish the whole cup after the race is over it as much as you friggin want stuff
your face and be proud that you got yourself through it there’s obviously a lot of little
nuances with the nutritional aspects of triathlon training the best thing that you can do for
yourself is try out a lot of things in your training see what products work see what a
timing works for you See how many calories you can consume work on all that figure it
out in the weeks leading up to the race but this should get you started as always happy
and hard training go out there and kill your next A-race

13 Replies to “24 Hour Triathlon Nutrition Plan for Beginners

  1. Basically the name of the game is "what goes in, must come out" and you don't want it coming out during your race.

  2. Awesome video! I've watched most of your videos you have released this year and they are all helping me tons. Can't believe you don't have more subscribers.

  3. Fairly big update for anyone new to seeing this YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci5DrmUXEFo

  4. Here's who I think will win and who I think will be on the podium in the Rio Olympics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbP1mFesMP0

  5. I am training for my very first triathlon coming up in September. I went from couch potato to triathlete Yikes. Your Videos have helped me a ton. Thank you!

  6. Could you please do another nutrition plan, aimed at a half/full ironman distance? I'm doing my first full ironman in three months, and in my half ironman yesterday, the nutrition didn't work at all…

  7. Hi Taren, I'm training for my first half iron distance event (July 9th in Saint Andrews, NB WOO!) and am having a tough time eating enough throughout the day. I usually have a calorie deficit of between 1000-1400 at the end of each day and am only having about 300g of carbs per day from the books I've read this is way too low! Do you have any tips to get the proper amount of food during training?

    Thanks for the awesome videos!

  8. thanks Taren, i've noticed in my bike experience that caffeine in carbogel makes me a sort of down when the exciting effects starts to fade away, i don't know if other people had the same feeling, and is also at a mental level, i start to feel worried and tired..i will avoid caffeine gel in a race

  9. Hi Taren, I'm new to tri, having done a couple sprints 4-5 years ago. I have two sprints scheduled this summer and a full ironman in Nov (IMAZ). I have friends from Winnipeg from attending UND in early 80s. Anyway, I've bing-watched many of your vlogs the past 2-3 weeks. Bravo to your format and vlog prowess. I've referred them to a couple training buddies here in Phoenix too, as I think they're relevant, very helpful and certainly funny (in a 'real' sort of way). Keep it up. I too would like a nutrition tips for 1/2 and full IM event.

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