20 CENT (6 Baht) Meal in Thailand – Cheap Thai Food

20 CENT (6 Baht) Meal in Thailand – Cheap Thai Food

looks like we got six Baht here I’m
gonna grab this up and we’re gonna see if we can’t get a meal with this at
7-eleven it’s late at night it’s midnight so let’s head out we are making
our way over to the 7-eleven here a lot of you guys might be fun to live in
Thailand cheap and a lot of you guys might be just I don’t know you know it
ran out of money so we’re gonna get any Rhino sometimes I want to eat cheap so
we’re gonna head on in there get the satellite for and there we go I know a lot of
these flavors but I’m telling you the best one is this one right here and you
can see the price there and we got a lot of other variants down
here but I mean come on that thing’s 12 baht that’s expensive
all right we got we wanted let’s get out of here
for those of you who don’t know you can find a 7/11 anywhere in Tyler if you
can’t find a 7/11 here in Thailand you know there’s something wrong some shoot
you and the wrong you’re in the wrong country or something so you can always
find at 7-eleven so you can count on that a hundred percent one of the other
things I recommend picking our blue booties look at these the good hoodlums
here look at good one of the other things I recommend picking up is about
limes if you’re if you’re in Thailand and you hear a tourist or whatever pick
up some limes because they’re really good to put in soup can put them in beer
of course and you know guess what this is sort of doesn’t go with a food blog
very well but one of the things I noticed in Thailand if you have limes
you tend to get a lot sweaty ER here and it’s I know it’s gross but your armpits
tend to get a little bit just the bacteria builds up in there and it stays
moist you can sort of disinfect here your armpits with limes I’m telling you
sounds gross but I’m telling you keep some limes if you’re a tourist in
Bangkok it’s a great idea so while we’re at the little tips section here this is
a little box you see this little box in front of me right here this is a police
box and if you ever see these on sue convent Road there’s a police gonna be
sitting in there pretty much not all night but all day and I’ll get another
shot of this from the other side but if you do something illegal in this
intersection he’s gonna jump out of there and get you okay so that’s one of
the things about driving in Thailand you see one of those boxes or you know
have one in front of your hotel or wherever you’re saying just do not do
anything illegal or any type of u-turns because they will jump out and they’ll
get you we’re back in the safety of our own home think you see those hooligans
out there it’s always dangerous going out at night in Bangkok so we’re gonna
get right in here and jump in there they are again if you need a better shot of
them there’s the ones so burn that in your memory if you’re coming to Thailand
so we’re gonna get this on high here and you’re obviously gonna need something in
your hotel something for hot water usually they’ll have it at the desk if
it’s not in your room right and I’m gonna go ahead and use some some bottled
water for this one although I’ve many times have used the tap water here and
is usually fine but we’ll put some of that in there and the one thing that
I’ve said to my wife before about this you know she always uses bottled water
to cook and I’m not a big fan of that but I always tell her well what do you
think we’ll eat and when we eat this the street food you think we’re eating
turned on the wrong burner what do you think we’re drinking won’t
eat that street food it’s not bottle right so we’re usually finally the
street food so we figure the tap water is pretty good for cooking as that water
heats up over there we’re gonna get the inside as to what differentiates this
from the US Top Ramen we should just bring it to a boil as soon as it comes
to a boil we’ll be fine and the big thing in this thing do you
think oh this is just like top ramen right and we even get tougher oh and
cheap or sometimes for a 10-4 dog but this thing right here totally
differentiates it from our top ramen you actually see these noodles you’ll
actually go out on street food stalls and I’ll have these noodles in the
window so of course they’ll doctor it up a little bit and put some tomatoes and
hot dogs type stuff in there whatever but the point is you’re actually these
are actually really really good noodles even noodles you can eat on the street
and especially you’re gonna see me empty this sauce and there’s this just sort of
a flavor sauce kind of like you see has chilies and stuff but kind of similar to
our top ramen noodles but this is the real one the real deal all right here
those look like they’re looking good there so the next step is just gonna be
to get these stuff this stuff in into the bowl and here it is this is the one
we’re gonna put this one in first so you can get it get a good look at it and
look at that texture that’s just sort of oils and it’s the chili and a paste and
the oils I’d say and it’s just great you’re gonna see that when you go to a
Thai restaurant in the States you can even see oils like this in the soup just
sort of seeping off to the on the top of the dish and this is the other one the
the one that just sort of kind of like our little powdered sauce that comes
with our top ramen in the States you can see there’s even some little
onions in there and stuff the thing is like I was saying this is so much more
flavorful than one in the States it’s just you’re gonna be able to see just by
the sight of it and there’s a close-up of that magic sauce that really does
make this dish more special so I’ll go ahead and pour the the noodles are done
in there just get that in there yeah we’ll give the lemon in there sure
you get this is the head this is the key really hopefully you guys got some
lemons get as much as you can of that in there and something we have here we also
put in I figure a lot of you guys might have this but maybe not that I just
usual and next we never stirred this up yet so that autos are just sitting down
there waiting for us and you can see how that just sort of this is almost like
I’m telling you you have bowls of soup Thai soup in the US and you see those
oils sort of flow over to those side they’re just kind of chili oils and this
dish just blows our Top Ramen away so I’m gonna leave it at that usually we
might soup this up a little bit more in terms of putting some whatever and there
may be some fish balls or some shrimp balls or anything you can put anything
in here vegetables but we’re doing the six by me home for backpackers today and
people trying to travel cheap so we’re just gonna eat this just how it is and
see how how it goes here we go the moment of truth
first thing I’ll do is get in there and I’m oh and I know it might seem a little
pretentious but we’re gonna just test that broth I’m telling you that will
they put in there that oil just Thais have a much more sophisticated sense of
Top Ramen like we do in the state that broth is just absolutely out of this
world I mean those oils it’s spicy I did get that lemon in there which really
gives it that extra really zest and sort of tanging this at zest but yeah let’s
get in here and get a real full-blown bite you can see some of those like
little onions and stuff in there that come with that powder that powder pack
so I’ll go ahead and try and get a good bite here always having trouble eating
eating eating noodles in Thailand most of us aren’t didn’t grow up eating
noodles it’s not that easy all right there we go there looks money
I’ll get a big buy usually if you start off with a lot you end up with about
half of it let me get that hmm you can get some of that broth in that
so you want to eat this one in your air-conditioned to a tub room right but
six BOTS cannot beat it absolutely amazing tile and you know anywhere in
time you can find this at a 7-eleven there’s no place in Thailand my
girlfriend sent over don’t miss it it’s amazing it’s really
tasty good fits any budget

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  1. Great you are adding things no other vlog talks about……………. good.. for example……….. hooligans, lime, beating the heat more more please!!

  2. I think the best favor is the duck noodles. Buy the pack of a dozen at Lotus even cheaper. Not something to survive on but not bad a few days a week on a rainy day to eat. Also you can add your own vegetables or fried the noodles with the powder also.

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