16 Unusual Restaurants From Countries Around The World

16 Unusual Restaurants From Countries Around The World

16 Unusual Restaurants From Countries Around
the World Ever wonder what the most bizarre and craziest
restaurants are in countries around the globe? Cultures around the world have very different
ideas of what a casual dining experience should be. From the burger joints of the United States,
to the bistros of France, people experience delicious food in very different ways. Some things that wouldn’t be on Mom and
Pop’s menu here in America would be: Haggis – The Scottish delicacy of organs cooked
inside a sheep’s stomach, Tuna eyeball – The Japanese separate the fish organ to serve
on its own., or Hákarl – Anthony Bourdain once called the Icelandic dish of rotting
shark meat the most disgusting thing he’s ever eaten. It doesn’t stop at just delicious foods
though, restaurant culture is much different around the world. It does however lead to some excellent tourism,
as people travel just to visit these odd culinary landmarks. Now, keep watching for some of the craziest,
bizzare, and unusual restaurants around the world, that will provide some definitely unique
experiences. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
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you never miss our new videos! 16. Ancient Ram Inn, England: The legendary inn
has been listed as one of the most haunted places in the world for centuries, with daily
paranormal activities being reported. Built on a pagan burial ground, it’s said
to have been a place of child sacrifice before the inn was constructed in 1145. 15. Cabbages & Condoms, Thailand: An odd combination
of vegetarianism and safe-sex, this Bangkok restaurant gives out condoms at the end of
every meal, and even has their wait staff wear them—on their heads that is. The restaurant’s slogan is “Our food is
guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” Speaking of unusual restaurants and the unusual
but tasty food served in them, did you know that there are certain food products that
have been banned because of the ingredients in them? Yep, that’s right! Wonder if any of the restaurants in this video
serve them. Make sure you stick around till the end of
the video to find out what those products are! 14. Modern Toilet, Taiwan: Food is served to you
out of a toilet, while you sit on a toilet, and drink out of a toilet-mug. Now the only question is what do their bathrooms
look like? Bizarre, right? 13. Snow Village, Finland: An entire village built
out of ice, you can dine in a frozen palace lit by dim LED lighting. Make sure you get there in the right season. Otherwise, you may just find a puddle. 12. Dinner In The Sky: Any location in the world
is more beautiful from 150 in the air, and that’s what this novelty service is betting
on. Dinner in the sky is available in more than
15 countries, if you’re willing to fork out $40,000 you can have a gourmet dinner
above your favorite city. Would you have a dinner in the sky? 11. Heart Attack Grill, Nevada: The infamous restaurant
whose spokesperson died in 2011 at the young age of 29, the Heart Attack Grill is known
for its intentionally high-caloric meals. They’re famous policy of “350+ eat free”
has caused quite a controversy over the years as they promote obesity and overeating. If you like heart attacks and delicious food,
well this might just be the place for you! 10. Funny Sex, Taiwan: If you’ve ever wanted
to dine with a blow-up doll and drink out of a breast-mug, this restaurant is the one
for you. They’ve assembled an entire menu of genitalia-shaped
foods, and handy charts that compare average sizes around the world. 9. Robot Restaurant, Japan: A comic-book come
to life, this restaurant features robot fights, robot theater, half-naked waitresses and more
neon lights and lasers than your cornea can handle. 8. Disaster Cafe, Spain: Unfortunately, the Disaster
Cafe closed in 2015. Before its demise, it had tourists shaking
to get inside. The entire restaurant would rumble during
dinner at random intervals, allegedly simulating a 7.8 earthquake. 7. Mars 2112, New York: A staple of Times Square
in New York City, Mars 2112 has been serving out-of-this-world meals for almost twenty
years. As we get closer to travel to commercial space
travel, it might have to re-think its interior. 6. O.NOIR, Canada: With its two locations in
Montreal and Toronto, O.NOIR has given a new meaning to the term blind date. Diners will experience what it’s like to
eat completely blind, as there is no light—including phones, flashlights or watches—inside the
dining area. They even have a “surprise me” menu, which
allows you to try and guess the meal with just your taste buds. 5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives: Located
16 feet below sea level and covered with a transparent dome, diners watch as schools
of fish and other aquatic animals live just outside the restaurant. 4. Safe House, Milwaukee: The spy-styled restaurant
on a nondescript corner in Milwaukee works exactly as planned. There isn’t any advertising outside, and
you need a password to get in, but tourists flock to the location to see inside the private
dining experience. 3. Ninja New York, New York: If you’ve ever
wanted to dine in feudal Japan, now you can in the middle of New York City. The entire wait staff are trained acrobats,
that jump and roll around the restaurant as they serve you. 2. Cat Cafe, Japan: This coffee shop is known
for its frequent feline guests. You can enjoy your coffee or tea while surrounded
by some furry friends. At dinner time, the cats all feast together
in circles, an odd sight to be sure. 1. Fortezza Medicea, Italy – Would you be able
to survive in jail? Well, at this themed restaurant in Italy you
can at least try eating like a prisoner. At the Fortezza, you’re served by actual
inmates in a cell and eat with plastic sporks. Now that you’ve seen 16 of the craziest
unusual restaurants that actually exist, here are some ingredients that have been banned
around the world! People across the world are becoming more
aware of what they eat and what goes into their food. Several countries have banned food products
that do not meet a required standard for consumption. This may be because of a controversial ingredient
or additive, but mainly these banned foods have been forbidden due to public health concerns. A banned food product may be forbidden due
to the manufacturing or farming process. It may also be banned because one of its ingredients
has been found to make people sick. Other foods have been banned due to the addition
of inedible parts, such as the Kinder Surprise Egg in the United States. There is some debate as to whether or not
some of these banned food products are actually dangerous. However, each country that has issued a ban
has done so in the best interest of its citizens. Whether it is disallowing a controversial
ingredient or regulating how food is grown, each banned food product has a reason for
being forbidden in the respective nation. Well, here they are! American poultry: In some cases, chicken raised
in the United States has been found to contain antibiotics, and it is also typically cleaned
with chlorine. This is why American poultry is a banned food
product in the EU and Britain. Red Dye No. 40 and Yellow Dye No. 5 and No.
6: These artificial colors have been banned in the UK. Other European countries place warning labels
on foods containing these dyes. Bread containing potassium bromate: potassium
bromate is an ingredient that strengthens dough and increases elasticity. Due to its negative health effects, the controversial
ingredient is banned in several countries, including Canada and Australia. Drinks containing brominated vegetable oil
(BVO): BVO is one of the most controversial banned food products, as high consumption
of the substance has been found to cause serious health issues related to bromism. The fat substitute Olestra: Olestra became
popular as a fat substitute in the United States, but its unpleasant side effects made
it a banned food product in Canada and Europe. GMO crops: A majority of EU nations have banned
the cultivation of genetically modified crops. However, some nations still allow GMO imports
such as animal feed. Kinder Surprise: The popular chocolate egg
containing a toy prize was a banned food product in the USA. However, Ferrero announced a variation that
complies with American safety standards. It will go on sale starting 2018. American milk: The sale of American Milk is
banned in a number of European countries due to the addition of a bovine growth hormone,
which is banned in 101 countries worldwide. Did any of the foods or unusual restaurants
mentioned in this video surprise you? What kind of tasty food have you eaten in
unusual restaurants before? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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  2. I went to a fancy restaurant in Punta Carna. Could not eat anything. They served squid with blank ink surrounding it. I left there and ordered a burger in my room! I know why rich people drink a lot. Every plate served you got wine red or white. Then brandy then champagne. We were served at least 8 different plates not including desert!

  3. More about why Milk is banned in many Countries yet the US continues to sell it. What is
    It? Braum? I drink Almond Milk

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