sooo what fresco welcome to New York mizerock a dinner my sauce and now I’m going to tell you what happened to get to them yesterday I woke up and I thought that I don’t I’m crackin your construction on top of the global thing so I probably another pillow hey guys come to the front wheel with this now I don’t I’m not oh my goodness episode nice I’m not filming with my face right now because I love – good morning this whipped cream we need to go now early ok bye say bye MA all right my face thank you why what they did yeah she failed so you can’t prank me in the car yet here still baby yeah okay I’m just gonna just a bike and after that we went to the mall don’t but some do this bathroom yes clue greetings hey guys so now return shop on the roads for the premiere yeah what do you think [Music] and we don’t shopping now climb to go to has been the premier yup and then we went to the descendants to screening part we so now we’re here Wendy boy are they’re here for the Senate to block ceaselessly special as I love okay [Applause] [Music] right now [Music] of course like all picnic day with the past you know sundaattam day [Music] okay guys I’m off on the truck now so that I can keep them secret it’s okay I’m here [Music] just as our bodies libras are bad yo I know what we’re gonna do today something related on what we’re doing now what are we eating I think I know it is what it’s down here oh yeah yeah yesterday not today so yeah we’re here to continue the vlog and the idea that we do today is we’re going to make some Street food and make a challenge with it a while ago we went to the grocery store yeah well now we are at the grocery fair to buy the stuff that we need yeah we’re going to buy corn starch quail eggs flour salt pepper and a powder Kiki on speed both cooking all fish balls for the three foods we’re gonna cook so yeah let’s go buy stuff so we need [Applause] [Music] keep and how he’s on he’s on here you go it was subdued just that be good why not be a later mouth on the pillow so now miss your bow and now it’s time to go a speaker we are going to make the orange I swear [Music] now it’s our pride the street food dish balls three ball lobster ball and IKEA and of course orange ball [Music] describe sighs try this thing [Music] mmm [Music] by a mother nor track [Applause] whoa you’re now not looking up top sweet foods and now we’re gonna Google before big challenge pepper original calzones got a good player for you yeah first of all 1.3 ball oh boy our three points take him for point and then not for ball by boy so the people that have the lowest count up the highest point so let’s see yo each tier will have 20 seconds play to the challenge so the first let’s put all the seafood here okay transition this is a big transition happening okay three two one so guys look at uh-oh ready yeah okay out of court yeah it was over [Music] okay now the timer start next 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 okay exactly 31 look at the is yours ah okay what is there look on it later and now it’s my turn let’s go you guys now my turn [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] we would like eternal genome ooh yeah [Music] okay so guys here’s the seafood that we got valid five accounts to your right fashion will just count our point oh so guys we’re done computing and now we know who the winner who’s the winner jana you seafood baby hit it so because we had a lot he has a punishment a savage punishment yeah okay let’s go do this punishments on three two one okay ed time I’m sorry Jana oh boy oh one two three oh okay so that the block I can see okay so guys the Rockets here meet your life oh my okay so guys what did you end here alright so that give this is your like share subscribe to certain or possibly take a super shot up okay you can you can shout out all going down at the bottom now by Llosa’s so shadow – oh wait I’m a check shadow – Angelica Cruz for turning on a faucet if acacia no not sometimes no no coming up there fighting ended yes tuning video when you go to hello beautiful that’s not Lisa and that big ass here I need to bring up by [Music]

100 Replies to “100+ STREET FOOD STICK CHALLENGE | Ranz and Niana

  1. Im sorry but sometimes niana is very OA but niana is my favorite girl vlogger. Luv u😘😘😘

  2. Ang cuteeeeeee ni Kuya Ranz huhu. Hala bida to o. Hahahahaha. sinabi niya kau niana 13:15

  3. Sana all may ganyang kuya☹️napaka blessed nyo as a family💓kinilig ako sa part na hindi nagalit si ranz sa prank😂💓💕

  4. I Love How Natural They Are As Siblings Doing Simple Things Also With Their Family. Ayan Ang Filipino <3

  5. Pili kyo ano gusto nyo kainin:

    1.Qwek qwek
    6.Inihaw na Hotdog

    6.Bato bato

  6. Please watch my B-day Vlog:
    StreetFoods Party (adik sa streetfoods ei) 🥰🥰🥰

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