10 Taco Bell Items You Can’t Get In America

10 Taco Bell Items You Can’t Get In America

you’ll Kittel Taco Bell Taco Bell is a beloved late-night food destination in the States known for shaking up the fast-food industry with unique offerings like Doritos Locos Tacos alongside more pedestrian standbys like the cheese and bean burritos however if you are in the USA you may be missing out here are 10 Taco Bell items you can’t get in America Oh Mexican food the Taco Bell choco Marsh rap what did you do to the marshmallows Alan Taco Bell aficionados in Spain and the UK are lucky to have access to this unique fusion dessert which combines a standard tortilla shell with a chocolate and marshmallow filling the limited dessert menu in the u.s. leaves plenty of room for innovative desserts overseas to join the ensemble and the international options sound pretty great I know Guatemala has dessert taquitos stuffed with dulce de leche Cyprus has the banner eat Oh a dessert burrito filled with bananas and praline and topped with Nutella and sprinkles and UK locations also have churros the choco dia is a similar mashup of a traditional Taco Bell format with decadent dessert flavors and it’s available across the globe in countries including Guatemala Costa Rica Colombia Spain and the UK and travel too well to the to undreamed-of kimchi quesadillas at Taco Bell Korea how come they never make quesadillas with sausage Taco Bell Korea offers a chicken quesadilla with locally made kimchi a traditional Korean fermented cabbage dish the unique mix of tex-mex and Korean cuisine has been incredibly successful in Taco Bell’s Korean locations comprising 10 percent of total sales in the country it incorporates the fermented cabbage with taco bells usual formula of cheese and seasoned chicken however Taco Bell executives have been clear that despite its success the dish isn’t hitting the states anytime soon Korea did it it’s part of Taco Bell’s international attempt to localize menus in new countries the chain is expanding to the chain has aspirations to open more than 1,000 locations outside the US in more than 40 countries by 2022 No popularity is rising in the States thanks to fusion restaurants and mounting consumer interest in international cuisines kimchi remains strongly symbolic of Korean cuisine and culture you ignore me because I’m Korean you’re Chinese so there’s a difference shrimp and avocado Taco Bell burrito if you’re stopping by Taco Bell in Japan check out this unique offering a sushi influenced burrito stuffed with shrimp and avocado this seafood theme extends beyond their offbeat fusion menu items since the Japanese word for octopus is taco pronounced like taco behold taco corpse latest venture Taco Bell Japan abbreviates its name on social media – the octopus emoji followed by the bell emoji the shrimp and avocado burrito takes advantage of the island nations reputation for great quality fresh seafood by using a base of marinated shrimp and adding classic burrito ingredients like lettuce salsa and guacamole from fresh avocados to add extra local Flair the burrito incorporates a familiar Japanese ingredient wasabi in the mayonnaise this green paste is made from Japanese horseradish wasabi is a pungent spicy condiment that is typically associated with sushi but is used extensively in Japanese and fusion cooking no sabe Oh what’s up with you Cheetos Crunchwrap slider at Taco Bell in Canada cheetah Cheetos though this menu item sounds quintessentially American it’s only offered in Canada the Taco Bell and Cheetos collaboration follows in the footsteps of the wildly successful Doritos Locos Tacos and rings out a cheesier sign of the chains collaborations with crunchy snacks bigger than aliens the Cheetos crunch wrap slider comes in beefy cheddar spicy chicken and supreme the slider is a hexagonal shape much like the crunch wrap available in the US and is filled with Cheetos cheddar jalapeno cheese snacks if you’re wondering why the chain opted for the cheddar jalapeno flavor instead of the flamin hot variety to bring a hint of spice to the Canadian menu item you’re not alone but you’d also be opening a can of worms that is the jalapeno versus flame and hot to be fans of the jalapeno version right that they have a more real tasting pepper flavor as opposed to the one note spice of flamin hot in any event the reason behind the choice may simply be that flamin hot cheetos are in sold as widely in canada canada you shut your goddamn trash mouth Taco Bell sweet nachos sweet Taco Bell in Spain offers a much more robust dessert menu than in US locations with multiple ice cream options and sweet nachos crunchy taco bell sundaes combined dulce de leche with Magic Shell drizzled chocolate while these sweet nachos consist of cinnamon sugar dusted chips and a sweet dulce de leche dipping sauce to finish off your meal just right spain’s sweet nachos echo the cinnamon dusted theme of the chains to dessert options in the u.s. cinnamon twists and Cinnabon delights and while we’re at it how about we take this cinnamon challenge their offerings are often influenced by Mexican flavors incorporating dulce de leche and cinnamon in the future the chain could take inspiration from the full range of sweet flavors Mexico has to offer like flan tres leches cake so poppy s or horchata flan is a custard dessert topped with a layer of liquid caramel that hails from Spain France and Portugal tres leches cake is a similarly simple dessert of sponge cake soaked with evaporated milk condensed milk and heavy cream so poppy s are fried pastries that are often dusted with cinnamon sugar and could be the inspiration behind Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists finally horchata is a spiced rice milk drink that originated in the Mediterranean and spread to West Africa and Spain Taco Bell’s fries though you won’t find fries on Taco Bell menus in the US they’re a fixture at many international locations including those in the UK Japan and Chile you can order quintessentially American loaded fries at Taco Bell Japan with cheddar and nacho cheese beef sour cream and green meanwhile Taco Bell Guatemala boasts cheesy fries and plain fries Chilean and Costa Rican Taco Bell locations have a fry stuffed burrito this menu item was temporarily tested in the States under the title California fries loaded burrito I’ll have fries with that but it seems not to have stuck with American consumers it received initial backlash for strain from the California burrito formula of shredded cheddar in favor of Taco Bell’s staple nacho cheese Taco Bell Canada also gets fries on the menu with fries supreme cheesy fries and chili cheese fries of course loaded fries in the form of the decadent Quebec Waze dish poutine are a national staple doused in gravy and cheese curds chicken tikka masala burrito damn foursome tikka masala advertised as the rebel side of tikka masala this offering was part of an effort to adapt the Taco Bell menu for an Indian audience the dish consists of grilled chicken Mexican rice onion cilantro mix and tandoori mayo sauce wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla Taco Bell has been in India since 2010 and the novelty of southwestern fast food to a population who largely had never tasted a taco previously has served them well you’ve never had tacos the Taco Bell India menu also boasts a cachito and even spicier hot sauce Taco Bell’s success in India is surprising due to the chains dependence on beef in the Americas in contrast with India’s largely vegetarian population over half of Taco Bell India’s menu is vegetarian and the menu also omits beef entirely in favor of seasoned chicken beans fried potatoes vegetables and paneer don’t have a cow man beer at Taco Bell this is the first time that going to Taco Bell will lead to getting drunk and not the other way around though select Taco Bell locations in the states have liquor licenses Spain was the first Taco Bell market worldwide to offer beer alongside the chains typical Mexican offerings and Spanish taco bells are now well-known for tapas style happy hour promotions that effectively cater to the desires of the local market the chains Tuesday Taco Happy Day has become a fixture for Spanish fans and has been effective in increasing customer loyalty to the American chain the promotion boasts a reasonable price of 3 euros for beer plus nachos a quesadilla or another item Taco Bell has been experimenting with alcoholic options on this side of the pond as well rolling out its own branded beer a Mexican style amber lager in collaboration with California craft brewery for Sons brewing the Bell’s beer is currently only available at the cantina location in Newport Beach but the chain has been serving alcohol at its new more upscale Cantina locations since 2015 so more collaborations with local breweries may be and the works yet fried chicken and rice at Taco Bell I’ve never had Fried Chicken in my life while the Cantina burrito bowl which consists of chicken sour cream cheese guacamole black beans pico de gallo and avocado ranch over seasoned rice is readily available in the u.s. you can only get this simple combination of fried chicken and rice in the chains Saudi Arabia locations Taco Bell has experimented with Fried Chicken on their u.s. menu as well having unveiled the naked chicken chalupa in 2017 which added a fried chicken shell to its existing taco offerings you don’t fold you double down the tex-mex chains decision to serve a simple meal of fried chicken and rice in Saudi Arabia might be a nod to the traditional Saudi dish Copsey a mixed rice dish of spices and a meat often chicken the dish originated in Saudi Arabia but is considered a national dish in many other Arab states though the meat in caps is not necessarily fried chicken fried chicken is present in many modern renditions even as many foreigners in Saudi Arabia patronize fast-food restaurants there is a preference among locals for traditional fare like kabsa so Taco Bell’s fried chicken and rice is a fitting answer to this local craving for familiarity I’m craving salty but Jerry likes gordita with fries and Satsuki sauce Viva gorditas this unique take on the classic Taco Bell gordita looks a lot like a gyro with grilled chicken tzatziki sauce fries lettuce and Fiesta salsa raft in a flatbread the dish only available in Taco Bell in Cyprus draws inspiration from the Mediterranean island country’s local cuisine which is influenced by the country’s proximity to the Middle East as well as its ties to Greece the influence of Greek flavors is prominent in cypresses most popular foods which include halloumi ko papaya and souvlaki the pita bread in Cyprus is Tsubaki tends to be thinner than that of the Greek version which lends itself to Taco Bell’s thin flatbread Taco Bell’s Fiesta salsa brings a Southwestern kick to the Mediterranean staple and tzatziki is a familiar answer to the variety of yogurt sauces found on euros and Tsubaki Oh Birdman your attitude Zeki order up more by staying right here just happen our next great 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  2. Did you know the wasabi you get in restaurants is not real wasabi??? It just dyed green regular horseradish!! "REAL WASABI" is not cheap! but if you do get a chance to try real fresh wasabi it's really good & sooo worth it the heat & flavor are soo different than what you are used to!! It's like getting your crap generic "MAPLE SYRUP" & then trying real "MAPLE SYRUP" it's like night and day! I never like maple syrup until I started to buy the real stuff!! it's so much lighter and not as sweet and the flavor is not as pungent to me as corn syrup "MAPLE SYRUP"! & In my experience seafood from taco Bell is not good at least out here in this States it's not!! Wish they would bring back the "BELL BEEFER" (horrible name but a good sammy!😊)& Believe it or not in very small spots in INDIA they do eat beef i just can't remember what part!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😠🤬🤪🤢🤮🤣😂

  3. Most of the menu items on this list NEED! to come to The US! Also, I don't know why I watch these videos when I'm hungry, because I want tacos or burritos now 🌮 🌯 🤣

  4. Now that TB took away the wonderful caramel apple empanada, we are stuck with the greasy cinnabon balls and boring cinnamon twists! Yippee- Lol Ugh!

  5. How come other taco Bells in other countries get better suff on the thier menu liemts than we do here in the unted states, the way with McDonald's and Wendy's and other fast change it seems like other countries more variety of food liemts than we do here I'm unitde States, why is that ???

  6. 3:20 incorrect. 90% of wasabi is just reglar horseradish. Very rare places use REAL wasabi because of price. Tacobell uses the generic.

  7. One thing I miss from Taco Bell: the spicy chicken Crunchwrap. It’s been gone from the menu for around a decade (i think) now. It’s sad.

  8. Being in america and knowing these interesting desserts will not be served in our TB's is sad but i can live with just cinnabon delights they're quite great 😎

  9. I wonder why the U.S. is cut off from so many of the Taco Bell food items offered in other countries? We like variety. I get tired of the continual cheesy/greasy/salty items offered. I also get bored with the same standard hot sauces.

  10. Good video!! It’s crazy to see what Taco Bell have around the world , they need to stars a monthly international menu that features foreign items for period time in the states!!! Taco Bell if your are watching this is a bill$$ idea 💡

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