10 McDonald’s Menu Items That Even The Staff WON’T EAT (Part 2)

10 McDonald’s Menu Items That Even The Staff WON’T EAT (Part 2)

Several McDonald’s staff members have taken
to Reddit to share all the dirty little secrets from behind the scenes of their restaurant. It’s said that ignorance is bliss and, in
this case, that seems to be true. The inside scoop these employees provide could
very well ruin your favorite fast food joint forever. If you’re feeling brave, prepare yourself
to learn about 10 McDonald’s menu items that even the staff won’t eat – part 2. Smoothies and Milkshakes Hopefully you’re not in the process of drinking
a McDonald’s smoothie or milkshake while watching this. If you are, you’re in for a bit of a shock,
because we’re kicking things off with a rough one. Apparently, the machines that make smoothies
and milkshakes can get pretty disgusting. In fact, one Redditor commented that, as an
employee at McDonald’s, there were times when the machines got so gross that they would
actually tell customers that it had broken and required maintenance because they felt
guilty about serving them drinks from it. The residue left behind by previously made
drinks can build up and get pretty nasty. The milkshake machines in particular have
been said to get quite “crusty” if they’re not cleaned often enough. Which, allegedly, they aren’t. This all sounds pretty bad, but, one staff
member reported that the McDonald’s where they work, they do in fact clean the smoothie
machines. And it was somehow so much worse, because
they claimed that glass-cleaner was used to wipe it down. That’s probably not what you want to use
to clean things that hold your food. We’re not doctors here, but it doesn’t
sound like something you want to be ingesting. Onions Have Layers You’d think that, at the very least, the
vegetables at McDonald’s would be fresh. The lesson here is that it’s best to never
assume things. Onions are a staple hamburger topping. Many of McDonald’s best burgers have them. Turns out that, instead of getting their onions
fresh from the supermarket, McDonald’s buys them dehydrated. To get them looking the way they do on your
burger, they first have to be submerged in water. Just like onions themselves have layers, so
does the process through which they’re prepared at McDonald’s. This is one fact that can easily get blown
out of proportion, as one McDonald’s employee was quoted as saying that the onions used
in your favorite burger are actually made from powder, which sounds a lot sketchier
than the truth. Learning they’re just dehydrated is boring
when compared to the rumor that they’re made from some weird, genetically modified,
powdered concoction. The reasoning behind using dehydrated onions
instead of fresh ones is quite simple. McDonald’s chooses to use dehydrated onions
because it means that they don’t have to worry about them rotting. That also means that you don’t have to worry
about not getting a fresh onion on your burger. Well, technically it’s not fresh-fresh,
but… well, you get the point. Size Matters You know those small burger patties? The ones in Big Macs and Double Cheeseburgers? Well… if you’re a burger fan and prefer
to remain in blissful ignorance, maybe skip this entry. Because, odds are, you’re not going to like
what we have to say. Before we get into the meat of it (pun intended),
take note of the fact that some McDonald’s employees on Reddit claimed that this isn’t
something that applies to their restaurants. So, it’s not necessarily a widespread thing. But, according to one employee, there’s
a possibility that the patties you’re served are undercooked. Allegedly, they’re tossed on the grill,
then quickly pulled off, still bloody. Afterwards, they sit around for ages waiting
to be served. Even though this is an issue that probably
doesn’t occur at most McDonald’s locations, if you find yourself wanting to avoid the
smaller hamburger patties as a precaution, you might be out of luck. Most of McDonald’s burgers are prepared with
the smaller 1.6-ounce patties. Although you could kick it Pulp Fiction style
and order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which uses a 4.25-ounce patty. Just don’t try to order it in France. Skip the Sodas You’ve probably heard the horror stories
about the ice in McDonald’s fountain drinks. If you haven’t, apparently the ice machines
can get pretty nasty, thanks to the fact that they’re not cleaned nearly as frequently as
they should be. If you’re familiar with that particular
rumor, you probably thought you were playing it safe by drinking your sodas at room temperature. We’re sorry to break this to you: skipping
the ice still isn’t enough. Like the milkshake and smoothie machines,
the soda machines don’t seem to be getting the tender love and care they need. A McDonald’s employee claimed that running
cleaning cycles on the beverage machines every two weeks is technically allowed. That’s a pretty big window of opportunity
for bacteria and who knows what else to accumulate. Reportedly, if you were to disassemble a McDonald’s
fountain drink machine and take a look inside, you’d be greeted with a buildup of old,
partially solidified syrup. Don’t Look Inside You probably thought that condiments would
be safe. Getting ketchup from a McDonald’s dispenser
isn’t something anyone ever really thinks about, it’s just something they do automatically. However, this is a habit we could all probably
do with breaking. It’s not so much the condiment you have
to worry about, but the dispenser itself. McDonald’s employees have admitted to not
cleaning ketchup dispensers as regularly or as thoroughly as they should. Additionally, there’s no knowing how long
it’s been since the bag of ketchup has been changed. Typically, you can expect the ketchup supply
to be replenished only when it’s been emptied to the point that it won’t dispense anymore. Considering how much ketchup those things
hold, chances are that’s not nearly as often as you’d want. While the outside of the dispenser gets wiped
down enough to keep it looking presentable, what’s going on inside might be enough to
curb even the strongest appetite. We’ll leave that up to your imaginations,
though. Instead of using the dispenser, grab some
ketchup packets on your way out of the store. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. America’s Favorite Dessert McFlurries aside, no one has ever gone to
a McDonald’s for the explicit purpose of ordering dessert. Honestly, you might even have been surprised
to learn that McDs even sells other desserts. Well, they do. In fact, they have an entire “bakery”
line, including items like apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. After finishing your nuggets and fries, you
might find yourself with room for dessert and, upon seeing America’s favorite dessert
listed on the menu, you just might order yourself a nice, single-serving, apple pie. And that would be a mistake. You see, not very many people order apple
pie from McDonald’s, so they end up sitting on the shelf all day long, just waiting to
be eaten. The updated version of McDonald’s apple pie
isn’t even supposed to be that good to begin with, so it’s probably inedible after sitting
out for hours. The McRib The McRib is an iconic sandwich. A cult-classic, a thing of legend. After a short run as an official menu item
in the early eighties, it was pulled due to poor sales. Since then it’s had several short rereleases
that’ve occurred periodically over the years. Its return to the menu is usually determined
by lower pork prices and its removal by increasing prices. The McRib is something McDonald’s employees
cringe at the thought of. They implore you to stay far, far away at
all costs. They say that before the sandwich is prepared,
a sauce-free McRib couldn’t look less like meat. Someone actually went as far as to compare
it to a “scab”. The McRib gets a lot of hype, but it’s all
talk. Everyone’s heard of it and, yet, no one
orders it. This makes the McRib situation very similar
to the apple pie conundrum. It’s prepared at the start of the day, hot,
fresh and ready to be purchased. But, since so few people order the McRib,
it waits around for hours before it’s sold. By that point, it’s no longer hot and no
longer fresh. It’s Not Decaf You might have already been warned off of
McDonald’s coffee because they don’t clean the machines properly. That’s a whole other issue that we’re
not going to get into today. This entry goes out to all of you who love
the taste of coffee but who find yourself wanting to avoid the caffeine rush that comes
with it. If you’ve ever ordered decaf at McDonald’s
to bypass the coffee jitters, you might be in for a nasty surprise. At fast food restaurants, the supply of filtered
coffee tends to be refreshed every few hours. During the morning rush, there’s no problem. Pots of both regular and decaf coffee are
made fresh, just like clockwork. As the day goes on, less and less coffee is
ordered. Decaf, which was already in much lower demand
during the busy morning hours, is hardly ever asked for. As a result, it’s made far less often than
regular coffee. This means that, if you happen to go into
McDs and order a decaf coffee at the wrong time, they might not have anything to give
you. It depends on the restaurant you’re at,
but it’s happened that, instead of informing the customer that they’re out of decaf,
the employee has simply given them a cup of regular instead. So, while there’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s
decaf coffee, employees know better than to order it, as they can’t be sure that that’s
what they’ll actually be getting. New or Limited-Edition Items Like many other fast food chains, McDonald’s
is always coming out with new or limited-edition items. People go crazy over new food items, especially
when they’re only going to be around for a short period of time. Oftentimes, they end up disappointed with
these new products, not because they’re inherently bad, but because they’re not
made well, or are lacking certain ingredients. This is because there’s a learning-curve
that comes with adding new items to the menu and, unfortunately, McDonald’s employees aren’t
always given the time they need to learn how to make them. The kitchens are fast-paced, stressful environments,
and they don’t have the opportunity to slow down and try to perfect the procedure. It’s not fun for the employees, as trying
to put together a burger they have no idea how to make adds extra stress to their already
hectic day. Furthermore, it’s not fun for you. Few things are worse than the sinking feeling
of disappointment that comes from getting back to your desk at work and pulling out
the lunch you’ve been dreaming of since nine in the morning, only to realize that
it’s made completely wrong. Make the lives of fast food workers easier
and save yourself the sadness of having to pay for and eat a meal you didn’t order
and pass on the limited-edition items. Mickey D Freshness Hack On Reddit, several people who’ve worked
at McDonald’s posted about how food is left out much longer than it should be. Timers are set to signify that the food has
been sitting out too long and needs to me replaced. Allegedly, employees just reset the timer
when it goes off, instead of throwing out the food like they’re supposed to. That’s why the McDonald’s employees on Reddit
don’t recommend ordering from their restaurant unless you can guarantee that the food you
get is fresh. However, they’ve got something to say about
how you go about making sure of that. “Life hacks” to help guarantee that your
McDonald’s order will be fresh can be found all over the Internet. The most popular is probably to order your
fries without salt, since they’re usually salted as soon as they come out of the deep
fryer. Other people will claim they have allergies,
so their food has to be prepared fresh and in a freshly cleaned area to avoid cross-contamination. If you try out the former, the McDonald’s
employee serving you will likely know exactly what you’re doing and probably be pretty
annoyed that you couldn’t just be upfront about what you want. If you do the latter, you’re making a ton
of extra work for the staff, because employees take allergies very seriously. You want to know the real life-hack for getting
fresh food at McDonald’s? Just ask! And then don’t complain about the long wait
time. The employees get it. They know exactly how long the food sits out
and are well aware that it tastes much better when it’s fresh. They’d just rather you ask them straight
up than try to trick them into giving you fresh food. You’ll find more great videos right here. Just tap on that screen. And if you haven’t joined our notification
squad yet, show us some love and slam that subscribe button and click that bell.

100 Replies to “10 McDonald’s Menu Items That Even The Staff WON’T EAT (Part 2)

  1. 📺10 McDonald's Menu Items That Even The Staff Won't Eat (Part 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQRQLTXMJdc
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  2. The quarter pounders have sliced onions that are real. The smaller burgers and Big Macs get the dehydrated onions. They look like dried oatmeal before they get water added.

  3. You just ruined my day! I've been craving a Chocolate Milk Shake for days and now I can't have one until I forget about all the mold and germs. I, of course, also like my meat bloody. If it wasn't for all the E-Coli I would probably eat it that way now. I used to all the time until the 80s when the Government put a stop to it after so many people got sick. I consider myself lucky I haven't died yet from some of the things I've eaten over the past 60 years. Seems like McDonald's needs to be shut down. It might just be the cause of the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

  4. Better idea…just don't go to these shitty fast food chains. From fake food to inhumane treatment of animals, these so called "restaurants" shouldn't even be allowed to exist. There are much better ways to get affordable food that will actually be healthy.

  5. Shake machine doesnt get that gross. The smoothie machine howerever gets roaches all throughout the machine though its nasty.
    Dehyrdated onions are simply understandable.
    If your meat is undercooked and served that way thats an employee issue not a mcdonalds issue same as everywhere else.
    Yeah not sure if I've ever seen an ice machine get cleaned.
    The pressurized dispenser gets bleach water ran through it on nights where they are empty or unhooked and cleaned.
    No pies dont sit all day. They get timer stickers put on them and get tossed regularly.
    Mcrib is garbage and cant believe people clammer for them. And yeah people order them alot. I would say the longest ive seen a mcrib stat in a warmer was 30 minutes and im in a small town.
    If employees are using timers coffee is replaced every 30 minutes. And recently decaf is made fresh through a machine instead of kept in a pot.
    Miss training happens everywhere. Passing in items because someone "may" not knownhow to make them. There are recipes pics all over the kitchen.
    Resetting timers do happen but typically its only to add a few minutes.
    And yeah tons of people order "no salt" fries just to get fresh fries. Just order fresh fries.

  6. Grilled chicken is just bad, we use the same spatula to take it out as we do to flip it when it's still raw, plus it can sit for 6+ hours, just for the love of God don't eat it. When it's slow get a quarter pounder because is guaranteed fresh and delicious.

  7. I'm a former McDonalds employee the McDonalds I worked at dont treat the disabled well at all I was promised a prep job instead I had to be a janitor i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

  8. 1.Machines are disassembled and cleaned nightly by the night crew. They disassemble the machines and drop the parts in cleaner. Then the parts are rinsed and reinstalled and flushed.

    2. Re-hydrated onions are called "recons" and are used on "reg" patty sandwiches. Other patties are used with fresh onions and you can't just use fresh onions because the burger will taste different.

    3. If you fully cook all the burgers, they will taste like sawdust if they are burned by the holding drawer.

    4. The ice machine is included in the nightly cleaning regimen of disassembling. soaking and flushing. Skip the ice if they are filled by an employee because the cup is filled 70% with ice to save money.

    5. Ketchup dispenser work like bag in a box wine from a good restaurant. So long as there is no air in the bag, the ketchup will be fine for many years. Taking packets is the same thing. Open them and it dries out due to oxidation from the air. No air in the bag in the dispenser is the same as no air in the packets.

    6. Pies are tossed after 4 hours.

    7. The Mc Rib is made from mechanically separated meat that is pressed into it's shape. In Canada they are made by Maple Leaf foods, not Mc Donalds. All foods are thrown out unless an employee ignores protocol.

    8. All coffee is fresh and as described unless employees do not follow protocol. Their coffee used to really suck, but they fixed it.

    9.Specialty products usually suck. You cannot perfect something that is made with weird stuff.

    10. All food is fresh and described if the McDonald's employees follow protocol.

    I did, but DO NOT work at Mc Donalds.

  9. Any meat you get at the market or when you go out to eat HAS NO BLOOD. All the blood is drained during the butchering process. The red liquid is called myoglobin

  10. Let be be honest most of these are coming from disgruntled employees and they're voicing your opinions on Reddit. I read it is not known for fact-checking what's published on their site.

  11. Look I have a full Prof way of not having problems at McDonald's. I DON'T EAT THERE!!!🤯🤯 I haven't eaten there in 7 years, and I didn't need a video to tell me that the food was no good. I was sick enough to know first hand. McDonald's is nothing but processed garbage made to look like American food.

  12. I like the fillet o fish, which is single handedly the most grotesque thing on the menu. Therefore I have nothing to worry about.

  13. The milk shake machine is a cleaned rather often. No manager would let it go dirty. I worked there for as few months. They did in fact soak the dirty ones while they use the clean ones. There is always at least one dirt one and one clean one, and they patties are cooked in a double sided timer based flat grill not ine is bloody, and they only sit for at at the most 10 minutes before being thrown out

  14. Every restaurant I have worked in the fountain drink tubes do not get cleaned or replaced on a regular base. We might clean the machine from the basement to the unit who knows how much mold is in those tubes. Just buy a bottled soda water something much safer.

  15. Blah, blah, blah. You keep a bottle of ketchup in your fridge for months but because they dont clean a dispenser out daily, we have to have a case of the ickies. Ketchup is filled with preservatives. Who ever heard of someone getting sick from ketchup?

    Ill still watch you BabbleTop!!!

  16. In FRANCE 🇲🇫 The Quarter Pounder isn't called that because of the METRIC SYSTEM…It's called.. "LE CROWN ROYALE"

  17. Most McDonald's burgers are cooked on 1 side for a minute to a minute 30 then put in the hot box to finish cooking. I was told that multiple times. However they are thoroughly cooked.

  18. I used to like McDonald's a long time ago, but in recent years it's one of those places where bad food, bad management, bad employees, and even bad customers are rampant! I recommend you go to Burger King, Dairy Queen, or Denny's.

  19. Timers being reset is a neck yes that always happens. We get into trouble if we discard items as timers go off after 30mins I worked there as a youngkin.. Safe to say I no longer eat or work there. In say8ng that it all comes down to management. Trying to make the most money and have the absolutely least loss of profits. Each store has a computer system to see what each store makes and loses and it's a big competition amounts each store to be the best and make the most.

  20. Nobody orders the McRib??? Are you people nuts? I know a lot of people that eat the McRib. Now, should they, maybe not, but they do. Not to mention it's not brought back a couple of times periodically…. it's brought back every single year now around the end of October. Get your facts straight.

  21. I don't eat at McDonald's because their burgers never look like the menu. I only go to mom & pop cafe's, were real food is served.

  22. Urnie was in my God father's drink 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  23. I can tell the writers of these episodes have never worked anywhere than behind a keyboard. If any of them have they would know 90% of what they pull off Reddit for these so called "facts" are BS

  24. I worked at one McDonald's before and if people ask for no salt fries, they just throw them back in the hot grease for 20-30 secs.

  25. People still eat what they love❗❤
    Very fascinating

    This video was a bit funny to! Ill give it 💯 ❗

    But good thing is that there are no big cockroaches,flys/larva, and rats and mice. 🙂

  26. Only the small onions are dehydrated. The ones that are on the standard small cheese burger. If you get a quarter pounder they are regular onions.

  27. the mcdonald's restaurants I've been to always make me wait when i order an apple pie cuz they are made to order so they don't sit all day. That's how they do the hashbrowns too. you wait an extra few minutes cuz they only make them to order too.

  28. You know they served millions of meals a day. So no one dies..

    People poison themselves by the hundreds every day eating at home.

    This is just fear mongering…

  29. regarding to fries i don't recommend to order fries every early morning because newly cooked fries mixed with old ones.

  30. I ordered a big mac, original style…with quarter pounder meat….man those uneducated stupid motherfuckers didn't even know how to understand my order….how hard is it…a big mac with MAN size hamburger not children size

  31. Replace fountain drinks with bottled beverages. Say no more proves Babbletop promotes Waste. Do you clean your sinks Nozzle every time you use it? No I thought not. Most McD's I've been too tear down the machines at night and sterilize them. Guess you get your information from Failed angry teenage vegan employees who get squeamish anytime they see burger that's oily thinking its blood when its just grease.

  32. As a manager at one of the highest grossing McDonalds in the country I want you to know that this isn’t true for all McDonalds. We do our absolute best to keep everything as clean and fresh and food safe as possible. If there’s even a hint of anything otherwise we get chewed out and forced to do better. Last year I personally put in 125 hours of overtime just to make sure we put out the best possible product we could because my team understands the stigma and stereotypes that comes along with McDonalds and the negative press it receives due to this. I’m not bashing this video or saying these things don’t happen at other locations but I don’t want all negative thoughts towards the thing I put so much effort into

  33. Clearly health inspectors don't ever randomly visit these McDonalds cause if they did they wouldn't allow these violations!! I worked at a movie theatre and we made sure that everything was cleaned and sanitized!! We had a health inspector show up one day and we got busted for saving the hotdogs from the night before and the bags that popcorn leftover from the night before!! So maybe people should call health inspectors on these restaurants if they suspenct something is wrong!! People that drink coffee know when they are or aren't getting decaf coffee!!

  34. 12:42 So when the snoody cat, and the courageous dog, with the celebrity voices meet for the first time in reel three, that's when you'll catch a flash of Tyler's contribution to the film.

  35. Like I said I stopped eating McDonald’s when I was 10. My parents only buy it when it’s the only restaurant on the HIGHWAY

  36. Mcdonalds apple pies used to be the shit back in the day when they were fried with french fries in lard

    that "baked" pie is hot garbage. them dumbasses even resorted to putting "beef flavoring" in the pie to similate the old taste, smh

  37. So much shock value, so little truth.

    I am thinking many of these redditors need to be coached and counseled as they are the ones not following procedures and policies. Everything has a cleaning cycle and partial cleaning cycle that should be followed to maintain sanitization. Everything has a hold time and the food will be fresh if served within that time. That goes for prepared items, individual ingredients, and stuff like the ketchup in the dispenser. Speaking of that ketchup, the store I worked at went through a bag or two a day. While the bag may look large, people use a lot if ketchup at McDonald's.

    Also.. lots of people go to McDs for just dessert. The memory of all the two pies and a coffee orders stays with me 20 years later.

    When someone ordered decaf we always let them know it would be fresh, please give us a few minutes to brew some, when it was ordered after the breakfast hours.

  38. I don't get sodas or coffee so I can't comment on those, but I've never had freshness be an issue with a breakfast item or cheeseburgers and Big Macs. They always seem fresh enough.

  39. All these YouTube channels are anti fast food I'm going to McDonald's now and I might stop at Burger King on way home from McDonald's

  40. My favorite part about these lists shows how lazy the employees are and they blame McDonald’s but really it shitty managers and those same lazy employees complaining about it. Do your job it’s what there paying you for.

  41. You cant be so stupid as to believe any of this, if any of this was legit mcdonalds would be closed down period do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars, you people will believe anything you see on the internet

  42. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 actually the changing frequency of the bag of ketchup doesn’t bother me, the acidic nature of ketchup is a bacteria preventer. McRib patties bathing i. A double boiler filled with bbq sauce.

  43. Anyone else get the feeling an increasing number of these videos are these health food people trying to force their lifestyle on the rest of us? My McDonalds can actually say their food looks like the picture and are clean…I should know, I had to listen to endless bitching from an employee about how anal they are about keeping things clean. I'' be eating Big Macs and McGriddles until I see an issue…same goes for the shakes.

  44. Everything, EVERYTHING written/talked about in this video has been mentioned and talked about in 1000's of YouTube videos and written articles previously.
    And NOTHING referenced in regards to McDonald's nasty food servicing habits isn't done by 99.99% of EVERY other fast-food, sit-down, and many luxury restaurants.
    And if your solution is to go to the store, buy your ingredients, & cook it yourself… …the products are handled in similar (or worse) manners, & the "best buy" dates (ESPECIALLY raw meat products) are constantly changed there as well.
    There's nothing that can be avoided in our present, sick, nasty, "modern" world.

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