10 DIY Weird Summer School Supplies You Need To Try / Funny Pranks!

10 DIY Weird Summer School Supplies You Need To Try / Funny Pranks!

everything seems to be different in summer a globe appears to contain a cocktail a pencil turns into a flamingo glue transforms into a palm tree and a pen looks like a banana make your summer school full of summer vibes with our new bright school supplies Miss Smith is having a siesta a cooling cocktail is just what she needs no orange juice is not the right thing she is not going to drink this blue something still we do know what to offer a globe cocktail teachers world cut a hole in a globe using a heated knife pour in the cocktail decorate it with a strawberry and add a drinking straw Miss Smith is amazed she is drinking right from the globe ocean this is what quenches her thirst the teacher can dry out the entire planet in a few minutes but she forgets about the most important thing while enjoying the cocktail there are extra classes she should run today run teacher run the students grinned and the bashful girl have come to class everyone is present except for the teacher at last Miss Smith dashes into the classroom it's crystal clear that the girls are ready for summer school grinned has a squared beach towel and the bashful girl has a flamingo pencil draw squares like the ones in a notebook on a white towel using a special fabric marker make margins with a red fabric marker grinned unfolds her summer notebook you never know maybe you will have to take a test right on the beach you have to be ready for everything and the bashful girl is fascinated with her flamingo it can turn studying into a summer festival bend a wire to get an S letter shape and hot glue it to a big Kinder Surprise container attach a pencil leg and cover the construction with pink light clay define the bird's head with acrylic paint attach pieces of pink feathers to the birds neck using white glue cover the flamingos body with whole feathers make wings out of a few white feathers let's make a stand for it paint a foam plastic semi-sphere green when dry apply white glue and sprinkle with glitter stick the pencil into the stands the girls are deep into summer studying but Miss Smith kills all the Beach vibes writing with a bird on a towel well girls your ideas are pretty crazy don't hurt my pink pet the teacher needs to fasten a note into her notebook but unfortunately she is out of glue it's great that grinned is hurrying up to share her glue with the teacher why are you giving me this palm tree take a label off a clear liquid glue pen and paint it in brown cut a brown foam rubber sheet into ROMs and attach them to the glue pen cut off the excess cover the top of the cap with a foam rubber sheet circle cut halves of palm tree leaves out of a green foam rubber sheet hot glue them at an angle and attach to the palm tree cover the joining on the leaves with a strip of the green foam rubber and attach a small toy monkey cut down the rubber coat near the cap to let it open Miss Smith doesn't figure out at once what she should do with this palm tree it's easy you can glue paper with it but the teacher comes up with a brilliant idea when she sees the palm tree the next class will be run outdoors excellent idea but why does the bashful girl alone have to drag that heavy blackboard to the park it's a real challenge to be a student sometimes the bashful girl knows that Miss Smith loves fruit this is why she prepared something special she combined two things in one pineapple plus school supplies I bet Miss Smith falls for the trick wrap thick thread around a pencil Cup make it thicker in the middle so that the stand looks like a barrel spray paint it draw a pineapple peel on a yellow textured foam rubber sheet cut out the details attach them to the pencil cup color the peel with acrylic paint cut long triangular Leafs out of a green foam rubber sheet and hot glue them to the neck of the cup hot glue a few leaves to felt-tip pens and put them in the cup Miss Smith doesn't notice the weird stationery holder at first she is way too busy she is picking out a photo for her profile finally she takes a look at the pineapple a real hunt begins Miss Smith approaches her prey graciously has an iguana she is near the target the precious pineapple is in her hands except that it's a trick she takes pens out instead of a sweet fruit a total disappointment the sun is shining right into my eyes I can't bear this light of knowledge it's time to put on sunglasses but not regular ones I've got special training sunglasses cut out a printed text to be of the same shape as the lenses attach the text to black cardboard put it on the lenses Miss Smith sees grinned lays away the class no way I am reading a book by Shakespeare the text is just before my eyes Miss Smith believes it but she doesn't take into account one thing it is impossible to read something that closely the teacher falls for it and grinned we'll have a rest for a while the bashful girl takes a banana out of her pencil case well but the lunch is over no food is allowed in class grinned hurries up to tell the teacher about the banana take it easy it's just a pen shape yellow light clay into a banana define the shape insert a ballpoint pen refill into the clay well it is still soft color the banana with acrylic paint when it hardens Miss Smith raises the alarm but this is not a real banana it's just a pen I'm going to take notes as an obedient student instead of eating in class Miss Smith is puzzled she has never seen someone writing with a banana but her neighbor is jealous grin keeps all the important notes I bet she has notes left after her first year at school now she needs to attach a new topic paper into her notebook okay take this watermelon it will help you draw a circle on thick cardboard cut it out in half put a tape dispenser on a semi-circle and trace it define to imitate a bitten piece and cut it out repeat for the other detail trace the details with allowances on red felt and cut them out make cuts across the edges cut off the corners hot glue the felt to the cardboard cover the entire surface fasten the tape dispenser between the halves attach parallel light green felt strips to a wide strip of dark green felt make it look like a watermelon peel mark the cardboard strip on the felt the strip is of the watermelon piece size cut it across the edge and hot glue to the cardboard cover the rest with red felt and hot glue the peel to the watermelon cover the top with felt coated cardboard add details at first grinned refuses watermelon is not her cup of tea but I show her is that there is tape hidden inside the fruit it's so handy now all the notes are at their places and the watermelon is so sweet you can't resist biting it be sure not to tape your tea grinned has a sweet peach in her hand miss Smith is wondering why the girl doesn't eat it cut a fake faux plastic peach in half scratch out some of the foam plastic from one half color it to be of the same color as peach flesh put paper clips in the deep and ink and cover it with the second true half Miss Smith snatches up the peach oops paper clips are scattering from the fruit what did you expect this is Griggs peach but the teacher is feeling awkward now and grin has to pick up her paper clips all over the desk the bashful girl knows how to make her friend happy she's prepared an evergreen baby cactus it's such a cutie draw vertical lines using black and white markers on an elongated green eraser add spines on top draw spines with a black center on a smaller eraser put white dots on another eraser attach a small pom-pom this is a cactus flower and insert the decorative cactus into a pot with soil a small cactus on the desk is eye candy but the bashful girl needs to erase her notes she quickly takes the cactus out of the soil with her bare hands Keep Calm it's just an eraser grinned is disappointed she hoped that the cacti are real did you like our summer school supplies then write in your comments into what weird thing you are going to turn your favorite school supply this 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  2. The only supplies I need are a pack of reverse uno cards so every day I give the teacher the card so they do the work and I go home

  3. Wow troom troom you always came with New ideas keep it upπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— but don't waste globes

  4. This is a awesome Video groom groom I am one of the fire twins!!! And I have a challenge for you! Make a video with a unicorn in it but you add it with other people thanks!😊😊😊

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