🇲🇽CRAZY CHEAP FOOD in POLANCO, Mexico City’s ‘RICHEST’ NEIGHBOURHOOD! 🌮🌮**con Subtítulos**

🇲🇽CRAZY CHEAP FOOD in POLANCO, Mexico City’s ‘RICHEST’ NEIGHBOURHOOD! 🌮🌮**con Subtítulos**

awesome! It’s not all about those, you know,
high-end Michelin star restaurants, no way! we do it on the cheap! Oh my god, my
voice has gone all sexy! The main thing about coming to Mexico when it comes to
food is that you try as much as possible, you try as much as your stomach can fit
physically, and you enjoy it! Hola Buenas tardes and welcome back to
Mexico City, today I am in Polanco, arguably one of the richest areas in the
city. Now, if you’ve been planning your Mexico City trip you might have seen
many YouTube channels where YouTubers describe Polanco as the ‘richest area’ in
the city, including my videos, however if you’re a Chilango or a resident of
Mexico City you’re likely to disagree because there are many other areas in
this city that are considered affluent or rich for example Santa Fe, Lomas de
chapultepec, to name but a few but despite that there’s no denying that
Polanco is affluent and if you’re coming here potentially you might have a bit of
money and you might be interested in visiting some of the amazing huge
shopping malls in the area and some of the high-end restaurants some of which
require a number of weeks and months potentially in terms of reservations.
However if you’re someone like me that’s living and working in Mexico City on a
budget, can you eat in Polanco on the cheap? That’s what we’re gonna find out
in this video. Now if you enjoy Mexican food just as much as I do I suggest you
keep watching because today we’re heading to two spots in Polanco for some
amazing, tasty and most importantly budget Mexican food. Firstly we’ll be
going to El Rey de Suadero which offers some Mexican food that I have
never had before, and secondly we’ll be going to El Turix which offers one of my
favorite dishes that I’ve had in the entire time I’ve been in Mexico. But
first let’s have a look around Polanco! Now we’re approaching our first stop for food,
I’m so starving I literally might collapse any moment! Now, oh my god my
voice has gone all sexy, but anyway my thoughts on Polanco – I did a video here
last year which you can check out up above which goes into it in a bit more
detail but I actually really like Polanco, a lot of people can be quite
negative because of the whole affluent thing and everything but I
like it it’s my kind of area, and also one thing I just want to point out is
that there’s these things now these scooters and in Polanco, Narvarte, Napoles, I think various areas of thh city so if you’re tired of walking
like I am right now potentially you can use one of them as
well as one of the bikes. The food place up there! Let’s eat! So I have Tacos de Suadero
apologies for the butchered pronunciation I know it’s just a taco, however basically
Suadero as far as I understand is a part of a cow or pig basically between
the belly and the leg and it’s commonly also used in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
Beautiful I have it with cilantro, salsa and plenty of meat. Let’s see what it’s like! Oh my god, beautiful, I haven’t had beef in a taco literally ever. Cilantro – perfect. Amazing, take a look at that baby!
So my plate is empty. So the beef – exceptional. I’ve never had beef in a
taco before. I’ll be coming here again! But do you think this is all Im eating here? You’d be wrong, because I have another one! Quite cimply, pollo, beautiful. Let’s add some salsa! right it’s time for close up food moment, look at all the chicken! Oh my god the salsa is dripping everywhere.
It’s literally just chicken in a taco. Delicious! So these tacos cost me 16 pesos each, Suadero, they also have various other varieties well, Bistek, Tripe even, I’m
not gonna have tripe. And as you can see there’s other dishes as well quesadillas
Chiccaron de Queso, Tortas, Birria, I can’t do the R sound yet, and various
other things so yeah eating cheap in Polanco seems to be possible so far! So that was just a bit of a warm-up okay
because I have the stomach the size of a pea!
The next place I’m going to eat some more food that place was great – El Rey de Suadero, but it was beautiful, it was good to line my stomach and the
gorditas that the guy was cooking or preparing looked beautiful, absolutely
massive so much beef unbelievable, let’s head to the next place we’re gonna fill
up with some food from the Yucatan! One of the great things about Mexico City is
that it is so big and you can walk everywhere so if you eat like me and you
want to walk that fatness off before you get to your next port of call
then Mexico City is ideal but about halfway there, what’s your
opinion on Mexican food? Do you prefer tex-mex?
No way! Or do you prefer authentic Mexican food? Why don’t you put it down
in the comments below what your favorite Mexican dish is not tex-mex Thanks!
So as you’ll know when you’re hunting for inexpensive food places you do have
to come away from like, the main streets which I have done, El Turix, from what I
understand it’s quite well-known in terms of budget food in Polanco and they
do Yucatan food so you might remember last year I went to Merida I’ll put some
shots over the top and I’ll link the video up the top and I had some amazing
food there, Panuchos & Salbutes, they’re quite similar from what I
understand El Turix sells Panuchos! And I’m so happy because I have not had
Panuchos since I was in Merida. Let’s go! So here we are at El Turix in
Polanco, as you can see this place is absolutely
tiny and there’s literally nowhere to sit inside so as you can see these guys
here are sitting outside I’m assuming they’ve been eating, there’s lots of
things you can eat here tacos tortas panuchos, tamales, there’s drinks, cervesa, that sort of thing. The price list I will show you now, 30 pesos for a
Panucho, it is a little bit expensive I guess, more expensive than the tacos I
had but you know, who cares! okay so this is not Panuchos as I
remember, so panochas effectively is like a tostada on the bottom
so these sort of tacos are not soft they’re crispy I believe they’ve been like
refried, normally with a Panucho you get frijoles on the bottom, some kind of
chicken or turkey that’s like pulled chicken or pulled turkey that I’ve had
before and normally on top of that you have avocado, obviously this
is a different version. So as you can see I’m sitting outside because there’s literally no room in there, they have a little table in the middle where you can put your salsa and lime on it. it’s time for the Panuchos! I believe
like underneath the chicken is frijoles. oh my god it’s hot oh my god that is
really spicy it is chicken, it’s very juicy, lovely look at that, amazing! okay, it’s pretty good!
it’s not what I expected if I’m honest but it’s good, wonderful!
Now that I’ve bitten into it, actually there’s so much frijoles under
the chicken. It’s like a two-layer tortilla if you like and it’s like black
bean frijoles which is literally my favorite. It’s absolutely beautiful, so
yeah my initial thoughts might not have been fantastic but actually once I’ve started eating it, my opinion has massively changed. this is beautiful!
I’ve overdone it on the salsa, my fingers are covered in food and I’m stuffed and
my mouth is on fire that’s a good thing because that food was epic, okay for 30
pesos you know two of them 60 beautiful, for
some taste of Merida which is lovely! you know, I would recommend this place
totally you know, I think this video has shown that you can definitely get budget
food in Polanco it’s not all about those you know high-end Michelin star
restaurants we do it on the cheap you know! I’ve spent just over a hundred
pesos today which is beautiful you know so if you’re living on a budget you can
come to Polanco and have some amazing food.
The frijoles, oh my god, that was the best part of the of the meal you know, look at
this shot you can see all the Panuchos laying on the top and it’s like in two
layers like I said to you the black bean frijoles underneath and oh
my god to the best frijoles I’ve ever had in my life!
Polanco you’ve been wonderful as always I really like Polanco as I said before,
you know, notice I’m showing you Polanco right now, people riding past on
bikes, on scooters, restaurants, high-end retailers, lovely, rather than just
showing in my face which let’s face it you don’t want to see that! Let me know in the
comments what you think about that issue because something that’s coming up a lot
in comments to other people’s videos recently, you know, would you rather see
my face me talking or would you rather me actually show you what I’m looking at
let me know in the comments! Okay as you could probably tell from
behind me the Sun is starting to go down which means it’s time for me to go home
I think we’ve enjoyed having a look around
Polanco once again and some of the budget food options I think we’ve
clarified that you can eat on a budget when you’re in Polanco now I know it you
can say some of the food hasn’t particularly looked extravagant or
anything like that but you get what you pay for
you know and I think one thing to clarify is that you know I’m not saying
that people that go to high-end restaurants are snobs or anything right,
if you enjoy that that’s great, if you enjoy budget food that’s great, the
main thing about coming to Mexico when it comes to food is that you try as much
as possible, you try as much as your stomach could fit physically and you
enjoy it quite simply because Mexican food is amazing
whether it’s expensive you know or whether its budget Street food so enjoy
food when we’re in Mexico! If you’ve enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit
the like leave a comment as well tell me all your favorite Mexican dishes and
don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching and I’ll catch you

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  1. Hola amigos! What's your favourite budget food in Polanco? I'm aware of the issue of calling Polanco the 'richest' area in CDMX, hence why it's in quote marks! Don't forget to like and leave a comment! Have you got any friends who'd enjoy this video? If so, share it!

    You can watch this video in multiple languages, just hit captions! (They will not be 100% accurate!) 🇲🇽❤🇲🇽❤

    ¡Hola amigos! ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita en Polanco? Soy consciente del problema de llamar a Polanco el área 'más rica' de CDMX, ¡por lo tanto, es por eso que está entre comillas! No te olvides de gustar y deja un comentario! ¿Tienes algún amigo que disfrute de este video? Si es así, ¡compártelo!

    Puedes ver este video en varios idiomas, solo pulsa en los subtítulos! (¡No serán 100% exactos!) 🇲🇽❤🇲🇽❤

  2. Lol, food is amazing even if its from other country you need to go to bukhara in insurgentes sur, thats why mexicans are fat, lol

  3. My favorite Mexican food is Tortas! Yes, just simple Tortas any kind any day😋.

    I have to blame Tortas and all the pastry shops for my recent weight gain though😞. I'm on a protein drink diet with low carbs for the next 3 months to get back on track. Even though I walk around every day for hours I still gained weight😏

    The only thing I've recalled eating in Polanco are churros from El Moro😁
    As always, thank you for your videos!

  4. Hi, I am Mexican, I live in the USA, there is Tex -Mexican food that I like and others I do not. For example, I do not like that they put lettuce in a flour tortilla. or a lot of melted cheeses. I do like lettuce on corn tortillas.

  5. Thanks David. I want to go there. I like your videos with a mix of you and then scenery. I would really miss seeing your lovely expressions if you didn’t ever video yourself. Rock on!

  6. Hola Dave! The food looked great. You must try barbacoa (not to be confused with American BBQ) and tripitas tacos…the barbacoa tacos are my fave! I like shots of you and your POV.

  7. How come all the YouTubers that are in Mexico that are from the U.S & from over seas always say it’s time to get back home once the sun starts to go down. 😂 Mexico don’t be that bad at night is it. 🤔 😂 just asking.

  8. I think there was a major issue with the chicken on top of those panuchos… and the issue is that I am pretty sure it was pork lol. That is the thing… once we cook things and add our flavors, they no longer taste like they are supposed to lol. Mexican alchemy. Jesus turned water into wine and we turn pork into chicken lol.

  9. 2 thumbs up David; Now i'm going to visit this neighborhood more often, now that I know i can find this prices; because everytime i go there i have to spend a considerable amount of money in a restaurant; i've seen this type of business before, but it's better to hear some suggestion

  10. I like watching your reactions David. Your face-language speaks volumes. NOW! A challenge for you next time you go to Polanco: Find the clock tower they use for the Polanco METRO station icon… Great weekend street market very close to it btw. Could be a good video.

  11. 🤤 I once had someone comment on a video asking me why YouTubers make such a big deal about Mexican food. BECAUSE IT’S FRICKIN’ DELICIOUS THAT’S WHY. Sit down.

  12. Sicilians cook with that section too ! YUM …….omg i so wish i was there to eat with you the food was absolutely delicious looking ……

  13. Polanco used to be a residential area. Then offices moved in. Then some they moved away. It is still a great area. You should consider learning Spanish. It will make a better English teacher as you go through the process. Saludos.

  14. Awesome video David! I love tex mex food and the normal mexican food, specially the first tacos you had.
    Isn’t it a bit disgusting that the guy served you chicken with his hands ? I had bad experiences when they do that 😂 it’s a directly visit to the toilet. I hope you are doing well mi amigo. Hope to see more foodporn videos 😍! Cheers mate

  15. Awesome video David! We loved our long stroll through Polanco. Of course, we were on our way to Pujol! 😉 Anyway, the main thing here is that it's really about enjoying the full breadth of Mexican food. From street food to high end, it's all amazing.

  16. Hola David.So much beef in those gorditas, beautiful, I agree with you 💯! Got ya! 😜😜….. Great places in Polanco 👍

  17. Oops, I wasn't ready to post, this damn laptop! Anyway, this is a really good video and great editing. I think I like the first place the best. Great information for those visiting Polanco!

  18. I don't like "Panuchos" here in México because it doesn't have the flavor typically from Yucatan. I suppose the panucho you ate was of "cochinita" or maybe "tinga de pollo"

  19. It's quite expensive, but I really recommend Pujol, at least once, they have Mole Madre of 1000 days (currently I'm sure is older hohoho) it's delicious!!

  20. Hola! Wow, we made a Cheap San Francisco food video, but it does not compare to Mexico … Well done! Bravo! Looks like you made Mexico home. Muy Bien!

  21. So I finally got some students! Can you do "zoom" instead of "skype" for class? Thanks. Btw, did you ever eat barbacoa? I had tripitas yesterday…your fault. 😉

  22. Yes, you're right David. Polanco used to be a rich neighborhood, Ther s a long story behind. It used to be a jewish area. That community have emigrated to Bosques de las lomas and so on… In the 80-90s some of their childs returned to that area and then, when they had kids they re-emigrated, now to interlomas or Santa Fe. Nowadays Polanco is a nice quartier mostly full of company-offices because it is quite near to Reforma Bussines corridor… But it is not difficult as you show to see some very nice and good restaurants aside of "fondas" (typical "hommie" food restaurants, not expensive). It is obvious because there is a great "godinez" community ji ji (lol)… the typical office workers (white collar workers) (not saying that in a discriminatory way!).

  23. It is not the richest neighborhood. Not even close. Never has been. Why does everyone keep saying that on YouTube?
    The Richest neighborhood is Lomas de Chapultepec. Herradura, Pedregal, Sur, Perisur, etc. The rich neighborhoods are hidden… But they are seriously vast.
    If thats whats gets ppl off.

  24. Hi David! About what you asked, if you are walking we can see the places where you spend and when you are sitting we can see you while you talk. Kisses 😘❤️

  25. I went full on bonkers for the food when I visited Mexico City. All of it was top notch from street food to nicer restaurants. I did have trouble finding good coffee but that was no huge deal because I only drink a small cup in the mornings. Yes, I like your face and your humor.

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